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Sun helps AMD to Hammer Intel

AMD has released a manual in PDF format to allow software developers to migrate their code to its 64-bit Hammer microprocessor platform.
Mike Magee, 10 Aug 2000

AMD takes axe to Athlon, Duron prices

As predicted here some weeks back, AMD will take ruthless action across its range of microprocessors on 14 August.
Mike Magee, 10 Aug 2000

Pentium 4 Willamette may be delayed

Rumours that the Pentium 4 (Willamette) will be delayed appear to have the ring of truth about them, according to sources close to the action.
Mike Magee, 10 Aug 2000
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Telcos push for high-speed DSL standard

A group of 30 European telecoms and communications technology companies will form a committee to study the deployment of standardised Full Service Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines, FS-VDSL.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Aug 2000

AltaVista: the farce continues

Three people have come forward to say that they have been using AltaVista's British-based unmetered Net access service in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 10 Aug 2000

Eight years in slammer for playboy DRAM VAT scamster

A playboy who swindled the VAT man out of £20 million via a computer components scam was yesterday jailed for eight years.
Linda Harrison, 10 Aug 2000

Visa to demand e-tailers install basic security systems

Visa, the global credit card organisation, is so worried about online fraud it yesterday warned members and merchants they may be fined if they don't get their security provisions up to scratch.
Tony Smith, 10 Aug 2000

Cracker education site ICE resists IBILL pressure

Administrators of the cracker education Web site Icefortress.com have undergone a change of heart since we reported their plan to fold under pressure from Internet billing-service provider IBILL, which has threatened a copyright infringement suit under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), claiming that the Icefortress site did it harm by supplying information and tools which could enable visitors to hack its protected sites and thereby violate its copyrights.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Aug 2000

QXL buyout of Ricardo gets delayed

UpdatedQXL's buyout of German auction site Ricardo.de took a new twist today. QXL issued a statement this morning saying it had "received certain information from Ricardo.de in the period following the announcement of the proposed transaction on May 16, 2000.
Linda Harrison, 10 Aug 2000

HW Roundup Abit's SE6 i815e gets the onceover

The Abit SE6 i815e mainboard gets a once over at Planet Hardware. While it performs well the reviewer has lost his heart to the Asus CUSL2, and the Abit board just can't compete with its perfection." Want to know why? Click here for the full story.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Aug 2000

Net access in Britain is a shambles

The MD of Sheffield-based ISP PlusNet has spoken out at the confusion in the unmetered Net access market and warned that unless the issue is rectified, it could inflict long-term damage on the industry and dent consumer confidence.
Tim Richardson, 10 Aug 2000

eMachines turns up in Europe with Dixons

eMachines, the US vendor of bargain basement PCs, is turfing into Europe on the back of the Dixons retail chain.
Drew Cullen, 10 Aug 2000

Oh no! Not another property site

MOVE.com, by its own account America's second biggest property site, is launching in the UK in September.
Drew Cullen, 10 Aug 2000

Boo.com creditors are owed £49 million

The Official Receiver has completed a report on Boo.com, copies of which are in the hands of its creditors.
Drew Cullen, 10 Aug 2000

Boxed 1GHz Intel Cumines ready to go

Documents which Intel has shown its distributors and channel partners revealed that its boxed chip and motherboard strategy appears to be back on target.
Mike Magee, 10 Aug 2000

US Judge backs porn

A Virginia judge has blocked enforcement of a federal law which places restrictive Internet laws on pornography and sex-related content, saying that it breaks the US' First Amendment.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Aug 2000

M$ shunned by British ISPs

Microsoft's application to join the influential London Internet Exchange (LINX) could be in doubt, The Register has learnt.
Tim Richardson, 10 Aug 2000

Mercata wins group-buying Net patent

Online US co-op group Mercata has won an attempt to patent its group-buying e-commerce system (US Patent Office number 6101484).
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Aug 2000

Farmyard and teen hardcore porn found on White House system

Massive porn files, featuring teen and farmyard hardcore porn, have been found on the White House computer system.
Linda Harrison, 10 Aug 2000

Intel and Microsoft join Dell in Web threesome

Dell, Intel and Microsoft today revealed a menage a trois to expand Dell E Works.
Linda Harrison, 10 Aug 2000

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