10th August 2000 Archive

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  • Sun helps AMD to Hammer Intel

    64-bit software guide released

    Channel 10 Aug 08:30

  • AMD takes axe to Athlon, Duron prices

    Hammer, axe, what next - ICBM?

    Channel 10 Aug 09:00

  • Pentium 4 Willamette may be delayed

    We cannot comment on unannounced announcements

    Channel 10 Aug 09:22

  • Telcos push for high-speed DSL standard

    Six month study kicks it off

    Data Networking 10 Aug 10:01

  • AltaVista: the farce continues

    Unconfirmed sightings leads to unbridled joy

    Media 10 Aug 10:07

  • Eight years in slammer for playboy DRAM VAT scamster

    Arrested half-naked with mistress in Park Lane

    Business 10 Aug 11:15

  • Visa to demand e-tailers install basic security systems

    You mean e-merchants don't have this stuff already?!?

    Media 10 Aug 11:29

  • Firefly reckons it's the number one PR firm

    Firefly demonstrates why it's the journalists' favourite

    Bootnotes 10 Aug 11:40

  • Cracker education site ICE resists IBILL pressure

    Should CERT be shut down too?

    Media 10 Aug 11:56

  • QXL buyout of Ricardo gets delayed

    There's fresh info on Ricardo's performance

    Business 10 Aug 12:06

  • HW Roundup Abit's SE6 i815e gets the onceover

    Dr Tom ponders atomic tweezers

    Hardware Roundup 10 Aug 12:10

  • Net access in Britain is a shambles

    FRIACO fiasco damaging market, claims PlusNet

    Media 10 Aug 12:11

  • eMachines turns up in Europe with Dixons

    What does this mean for Packard Bell?

    Business 10 Aug 13:10

  • Oh no! Not another property site

    MOVE.com to launch in UK

    Media 10 Aug 13:50

  • Reg gags on hardcore porn

    I-lay, U-lay, O-lay.. .whale oil beef hooked

    Media 10 Aug 14:25

  • Boo.com creditors are owed £49 million

    Company raced through £178m

    Business 10 Aug 14:57

  • Boxed 1GHz Intel Cumines ready to go

    But puzzle remains over mobo support

    Channel 10 Aug 14:58

  • US Judge backs porn

    Everyone should be allowed to catch a bit of flesh

    Media 10 Aug 15:05

  • M$ shunned by British ISPs

    What - even more unpopular than Caroline off Big Brother?

    Media 10 Aug 15:52

  • Mercata wins group-buying Net patent

    But it doesn't look as though it will hurt competitors

    Media 10 Aug 16:18

  • Farmyard and teen hardcore porn found on White House system

    Suicide threat if names leaked

    Media 10 Aug 17:19

  • Intel and Microsoft join Dell in Web threesome

    While world holds breath for Dell results

    Business 10 Aug 17:24