9th August 2000 Archive

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  • Yes, we'll IPO – Symbian

    Don't know where, don't know when

    Business 09 06:09

  • Amazon goes URL crazy

    To hell with books, what about cars?

    Media 09 07:54

  • AMD still fab despite analyst downgrade

    Big Blue, Motorola unlikely to be bedmates

    Channel 09 08:17

  • ShopSmart swaps shares for AOL, Wal-Mart thump

    Wal-Mart hands over Valuemad

    Business 09 08:31

  • Users come last in ICANN elections scramble

    Stop voting: it's all a terrible misunderstanding

    Media 09 08:34

  • Intel confirms server support prog

    And so it came to pass

    Media 09 08:43

  • Click here to save Reg hack's job

    Buy a BOFH T-shirt... or else

    Bootnotes 09 09:59

  • SiS airs Athlon integrated chip in public

    Pre-production next month

    Channel 09 10:09

  • CMGI to buy ISP for AltaVista

    We thought it already had one

    Media 09 10:22

  • EXCLUSIVE AltaVista user sighted

    Well, kind of...

    Media 09 10:34

  • Swedish King loses out on dotcom white-knuckle ride

    Dressmart's assets to be sold off

    Business 09 11:53

  • BBC drugs site stoned by reactionists

    It's witch-hunt week here in the UK

    Bootnotes 09 11:53

  • FRIACO hit by telco stalemate

    Diluted offer on the table

    Media 09 11:55

  • How to overclock the Asus A7V for $3

    Dr Tom and Frank Volkel show the way

    Hardware Roundup 09 12:12

  • Women on top in Web usage

    Anti-wrinkle.com does the business

    Media 09 12:14

  • Pentagon pleas for cyber peace fall on deaf ears

    Hackers keep doing it for themselves

    Media 09 13:48

  • ‘Hacktivist’ bail reduced, finally

    Nattering Nabobs of Negativism return

    Media 09 14:23

  • Korea to crack down on obscene Webcasting

    The nations youth are being polluted

    Media 09 15:05

  • Inter-mediates' sites hacked and down

    Done and dusted

    Media 09 15:21

  • DoCoMo crash knocks media back towards WAP

    Isn't all this getting a bit tiring?

    Data Networking 09 16:44

  • English country furniture fanatic starts PC seller ‘hit parade’

    Resellerratings.com for Brits

    Business 09 18:22

  • China and the running dog lackeys of Net democracy

    New battle front for enemy forces

    Media 09 18:22

  • The trouble with LearnHowTospeak Korean

    WSJ questions L&H sales

    Business 09 21:40