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Yes, we'll IPO – Symbian

Symbian officially declared that it intends to IPO next year. This has been something of an open secret even before Psion's David Levin - Psion is the biggest shareholder in the private company - broached the subject in February.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Aug 2000

Amazon goes URL crazy

"It was the biggest aspidistra in the world" - Gracie Fields
Mike Magee, 09 Aug 2000

AMD still fab despite analyst downgrade

Financial analyst Ashok Kumar, of USB Piper Jaffray, downgraded AMD shares from buy status to neutral yesterday, while the firm's share price sank a few dollars more on Wall Street.
Mike Magee, 09 Aug 2000

ShopSmart swaps shares for AOL, Wal-Mart thump

ShopSmart, a British-based comparison shopping engine is poised (the FT says) to sell 20 per cent of the company's equity to AOL and Wal-Mart for - nothing!
Drew Cullen, 09 Aug 2000

Users come last in ICANN elections scramble

Defending the English monarchy in the 19th Century, the social historian Walter Bagehot argued that for the general good, its mechanics should be kept incomprehensible and largely invisible.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Aug 2000

Intel confirms server support prog

Chip giant Intel has now formally introduced its server support strategy, as predicted here at the end of March.
Mike Magee, 09 Aug 2000

Click here to save Reg hack's job

Kieren McCarthy, 09 Aug 2000

SiS airs Athlon integrated chip in public

SiS has supplied the world with a fresh viewing of the SiS730s, an integrated single chip for the AMD Athlon and Duron platforms, in the run-up to launch day.
Drew Cullen, 09 Aug 2000

CMGI to buy ISP for AltaVista

CMGI - the company that owns AltaVista - says that it is looking to buy an ISP or telco to help generate more traffic for its portal.
Tim Richardson, 09 Aug 2000

EXCLUSIVE AltaVista user sighted

In a shock overnight development a reader has contacted The Register to say she has received a password and user ID from British-based unmetered ISP, AltaVista.
Tim Richardson, 09 Aug 2000

Swedish King loses out on dotcom white-knuckle ride

Dressmart.com has gone into administration with debts of £2m. The upmarket European clothes etailer is reported to be facing bankruptcy and its 60 staff the sack. A plan has been approved to sell much of Dressmart's business to fellow Swedish business New Wave. According to today's Times newspaper, New Wave could snap up the assets it is interested in - it wants its trading system but is not bothered about its Internet focus - for around £1m. The King of Sweden and a former Swedish prime minister are both believed to have lost money from the venture. (See also: Boxman cancels IPO, Dressmart ponders existence
Team Register, 09 Aug 2000

BBC drugs site stoned by reactionists

Tired of trying to get innocent people lynched by crazed paedophile-hunting gangs, The Daily Mail has turned on the BBC with a front-page rant at its Radio 1 Web site.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Aug 2000

FRIACO hit by telco stalemate

Plans for a wholesale unmetered Net access package that would let providers compete directly with BT's SurfTime product have been watered down - for the time being at least.
Tim Richardson, 09 Aug 2000

How to overclock the Asus A7V for $3

It is a bit thin on the ground in hardware land today. We think everyone has gone on holiday.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Aug 2000

Women on top in Web usage

Women have topped men on the Web for the first time.
Linda Harrison, 09 Aug 2000

Pentagon pleas for cyber peace fall on deaf ears

Hackers probing the Pentagon's cyber defences have taken no heed of the ministry's pleas for them to stop their incursions.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Aug 2000

‘Hacktivist’ bail reduced, finally

A so-called hacker arrested during the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia last week and slapped with a whopping $500,000 bail requirement is about to be released after a local judge reduced his burden to a more manageable $100,000 during a hearing Tuesday afternoon.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Aug 2000

Korea to crack down on obscene Webcasting

Officials in Seoul are to crack down on obscene Webcasting services after fears they are polluting the minds of Korean teens.
Linda Harrison, 09 Aug 2000

Inter-mediates' sites hacked and down

2nd UpdateWe received word that Inter-mediates' vast network of sites had been hacked and were down. The company, most commonly known for its Special Reserve discount store network confirmed there had been "external interference" but declined to comment on whether it was a denial of service attack or a hack.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Aug 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

DoCoMo crash knocks media back towards WAP

Is it just us or have the media become more and more unstable in the last year? WAP and DoCoMo's i-Mode are a prime case in point. WAP of course was initially greeted with the kind of frenzied excitement normally reserved for royal marriages or plane crashes.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Aug 2000

English country furniture fanatic starts PC seller ‘hit parade’

An English country furniture fanatic has taken it upon himself to start a "hit parade" of the best and worst computer sellers in the land.
Linda Harrison, 09 Aug 2000

China and the running dog lackeys of Net democracy

We ran a story yesterday on the government's closure of the only pro-democracy Web site based in China. The closure was roundly condemned by many human rights organisations but they all of knew their complaints would have no effect on the policy, either now or in the future.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Aug 2000

The trouble with LearnHowTospeak Korean

Lernout & Hauspie (L&H) stock fell 19 per cent on Tuesday (Aug 8, 2000) following a Wall Street Journal article which questioned the veracity of sales figures claimed by the company's operation in Korea.
Graham Lea, 09 Aug 2000

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