8th August 2000 Archive

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  • Straight outta Seattle: Redmond Linux

    Cheeky distro not quite what you might think...

    Software 08 05:40

  • Intel engineers AMD's success, Dham it

    It woz Vin Dham, Atiq Raza, Dana Krelle wot dunnit

    Channel 08 08:12

  • Intel, Panasonic set music security standard

    More secure than an Intel roadmap, anyway

    Business 08 09:10

  • IBM boffins put Linux on very large wrist watch

    But what's it for?

    Software 08 09:33

  • UK retailer exposes M$ subliminal ad plan

    Buy WinME by hypnosis. Apparently...

    Bootnotes 08 10:54

  • High prices, false steps help Windows lose to Linux in China

    It's looking increasingly like a downhill struggle...

    Software 08 11:22

  • Java flaws bust Navigator security

    Hundreds may soon be poking through the Brown Orifice

    Media 08 11:25

  • AltaVista spooked by ghost service

    ISP fails to answer vital questions

    Media 08 11:27

  • HW Roundup Gladiac compatibility nightmare continues

    Athlon KV200-R KT133 also proving troublesome

    Hardware Roundup 08 11:57

  • Software Warehouse's old retail chain shuts doors

    30 stores and 150 staff affected

    Business 08 12:34

  • Penguin sticks head in the sand

    Publisher muscles in on katie.com

    Media 08 12:37

  • Chinese government shuts down dissident site

    Wok's going on here? More counter-revolutionary content

    Media 08 12:40

  • Merrill Lynch top nob on dotcom downer

    Our regular look at the dotcom cash thrash

    Business 08 12:53

  • DTI and Which? at odds over phone safety

    The Reg wonders who to trust

    Data Networking 08 14:50

  • Martha Lane Fox dating Neil Morrissey?

    She likes a bit of bad behaviour

    Media 08 15:18

  • AltaVista in missing persons manhunt

    They're out there... somewhere

    Media 08 15:50

  • IBM claims AIX 5L is proof of Monterey concept

    Inspirational name for next Unix flavour

    Software 08 16:12

  • eBay, Yahoo pull spam auction

    It's all about privacy. Well, it ain't about money

    Media 08 16:46

  • CD replicator busted in $1.2m MP3 piracy case

    Thank you for the (counterfeit) music...

    Media 08 22:22