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Arrow, Avnet carve up Veba

The world's two biggest electronics and computer component distributors are ganging up to buy the number three.
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2000

The gutting of Cyrix…

UpdatedThe former home of Cyrix at 2703 Northern Central Expressway in Richardson, Texas, has now been sold for a cool $30 million.
Mike Magee, 07 Aug 2000

AMD: the boyz'n'girlz done well

AnalysisThe share price of AMD closed on Wall Street at $62.75 on Friday, a pretty big drop from its $97 high just a couple of months ago, prompting the good old tabloid question, why, oh why?
Mike Magee, 07 Aug 2000

Share price gazunders online estate agent

Easier plc, an online estate agent, says it will not need to return to the stock market for further funds.
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2000

Via takes aim at AMD, Intel server chipset market

Up-and-coming firm Via said today it will introduce a high bandwidth differential interconnect technology (HDIT) for future versions of its Apollo chipsets.
Mike Magee, 07 Aug 2000

Cybersmears – another great Net tradition falls by wayside

Cybersmearing, otherwise known as online defamation, became a trickier pastime last week when a New Jersey state judge ruled that anonymous messages on Yahoo! Finance by three defendants constituted libel against Biomatrix, a bio-medical firm which previously employed two of the libellers.
Graham Lea, 07 Aug 2000

Tesco takes online shopping to ‘nearly all’ of the UK

Tesco has announced it will roll out its Internet ordering plans to cover "nearly all" of the UK by the end of the month. The company claims this puts it ahead of main rivals Sainsburys, a claim apparently backed up by the latest market share figures which show Tesco edging ahead with 15.6 per cent (up 0.4 per cent) and Sainsburys slipping to 11.8 per cent from 12.2 per cent.
Team Register, 07 Aug 2000

Lastminute is dotcom icon

The media was responsible for turning lastminute.com into an "icon of the new economy", according to a report published today.
Tim Richardson, 07 Aug 2000

MS Windows a ‘sack of bile’ – Novell

God knows people can go a bit peculiar when they get a little poorly, but identifying Microsoft Windows with your illness, that's going some.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2000

HW Roundup Asus A7V for the dipswitch devoid

The ever helpful and obviously deranged Aussies have been at it again. Go here to read about their Asus A7V. This one's been modified so that peeps without dipswitches can follow their guide and get it all working. Plus pics, so it'll be worth peeking at.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Aug 2000

Babylon 5 creator publishes novel for free on the Net

J Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5, is to publish his new novel Tribulations, in its entirety on the Web, for free. But it's not yours to keep.
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2000

Security hole in Adobe Acrobat

UpdatedAdobe has quietly released a patch for a security hole in its latest version of Acrobat, 4.05. The hole is a "buffer overrun" problem, which basically means that malicious code can get through Acrobat and run on the client machine. This, of course, means that all means of nasties can get at your PC.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Aug 2000

Telewest cuts cost of broadband Net access

Telewest has slashed the cost of its broadband service, blueyonder, The Register can confirm.
Tim Richardson, 07 Aug 2000

Reg Lonely Hearts

Shy but inquisitive journalist, GSOH, would like to meet M/F who is actually using AltaVista's heavily hyped British flat-fee unmetered Net access service. Intentions wholly dishonourable. Don't usually resort to placing a personal ad but this time I'm desperate.
Tim Richardson, 07 Aug 2000

Netscape's SmartDownload court case hots up

The complaint lodged against AOL/Netscape that its SmartDownload feature was abusing users' privacy is gathering momentum.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Aug 2000

Palm unveils Handspring hounding consumer PDA

Palm today announced its rumoured m100 consumer-oriented palmtop designed to regain the retail lead taken from it by PalmOS-licensee Handspring.
Tony Smith, 07 Aug 2000

Hackers sink Paid-to-Surf Web site

FreeWebStuff.com Inc., a Paid-to-Surf company, has put itself up for sale, after finding out that hackers had undermined its entire business model.
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2000

Teacher details exposed on Govt Web site

Personal details of hundreds of education professionals, such as teachers and governors have been available to view on a public portion of the National Grid for Learning's Web site.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Aug 2000

Reg exposes Amazon's poor security

Amazon.co.uk carries out no security checks on messages posted on its site by the authors of books it sells. So users are getting upto mischief and posing as writers of books they have nothing to do with.
Robert Blincoe, 07 Aug 2000

Journalists get PR revenge

Online humour marketing site www.e-tractions.com has come up with a journalist-friendly form of publicity: a game in which you fire press releases at your least favourite PR company (and score points doing so).
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Aug 2000

Competition Win Kay Buena's motherboard

UpdateAll you would-be heirs to the shot-up Kay Buena motherboard: listen up. If I get one more email from someone claiming to be God or the Devil I think I may cry, or join a convent or something. Please, do not drive me to this tragic end.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Aug 2000

CallNet scraps unmetered access

CallNet 0800 has become the latest British ISP to ditch unmetered Net access.
Tim Richardson, 07 Aug 2000

AMD pulls price drop forward

Sources close to AMD's plans have confirmed that we can expect big price drops on its microprocessors on the 14th of August.
Mike Magee, 07 Aug 2000

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