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Cyrix Richardson site up for sale

A drive-by mole has sent us definitive evidence that the former Cyrix site in Richardson, Texas, is up for sale.
Mike Magee, 04 Aug 2000

Intel's 200MHz cunning plan to scupper AMD

Pressure from its PC customers and other partners forced Intel to decide to implement synchronous memory with its up and coming Pentium 4 ("Willamette") microprocessor, it has emerged.
Mike Magee, 04 Aug 2000

NCR buys 4Front for $250m

NCR is to buy 4Front Technologies Inc, the UK-headquartered computer maintenance/storage firm for $250 million in cash.
Drew Cullen, 04 Aug 2000

Compaq takes supercomputer lead

Forget these Willamettes and Itania, these Athlon Powers and these Durons.
Mike Magee, 04 Aug 2000

WAP Forum CEO responds to Reg

We wrote a story about the possible future of the much-maligned WAP protocol. Scott Goldman, the CEO of the body behind WAP, WAP Forum, responded in depth. The letter consisted of the Reg story in full, with comments inserted at various points. We've cut our story out of the piece to keep the size down.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

Intel files suit against Hadron

The Intel Corporation has filed a trademark case against Hadron Inc, a firm which provides information management and technical services to US federal agencies and commercial businesses.
Mike Magee, 04 Aug 2000

MAPS under fire as Harris sues MS, AOL over spam block

AnalysisAt first glance, pollster Harris International's legal action against AOL, Microsoft's Hotmail and others seems heavy-handed. Harris had been blacklisted in the Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) Realtime Blackhole List for spamming, but a dig behind the scenes shows there's much more to this one than the bare facts suggest.
Graham Lea, 04 Aug 2000

Apple anti-leak action shifts to Yahoo!

Apple's quest for the source of leaked information about upcoming products has taken it to Yahoo! The Mac maker yesterday subpeoena'd the online operation to release any information it has on the individual Apple suspects is behind the leaks.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2000

Canadians throw the book at MafiaBoy hacker

Mafiaboy, the teenage Canadian hacker, was slapped with 64 new charges, when he walked into a Montreal court yesterday.
Drew Cullen, 04 Aug 2000

HW Roundup:Is a 64MB GeForce2 worth the extra cash?

Wondering if you should fork out the extra cash for the 64MB GeForce2? Click here before you do, as Tech Review compares the 32MB and 64MB versions. And did you ever wonder what the different settings on the GTS driver build actually do? Follow this link to Planet Hardware who have explained everything.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2000

Telewest's blueyonder price to fall

Telewest is to cut the cost of its broadband cable Net access service, blueyonder.
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2000

S3 closes Diamond graphics board biz

S3's shift from chip company to a home-oriented digital media and Internet operation almost reached its conclusion yesterday when the company announced the closure of its consumer graphics card operation.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2000

Dr Spinola interviews Queen Mum

Dr Spinola, 04 Aug 2000

S3 admits Taiwan rejected chip sale to Via

S3's attempt to form a joint venture with Via and to then sell the Taiwanese mobo company its graphics chip business was initially rejected by Taiwan's government, S3 boss Ken Potashner admitted yesterday.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2000

S3 revenues rise

Digital media company S3 yesterday saw its second quarter revenues rise almost 137 per cent to $135.8 million, but experienced a widening loss of $36.3 million on the back of the spin-off and closure of two of its subsidiaries.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2000

Oracle embraces old technology

You see the funniest things from the train window.
Sean Fleming, 04 Aug 2000

Dome black hole deepens. Who's lying though?

The Millennium Dome - possibly the most criminal waste of money the world has ever seen - has been forced to start selling "surplus" equipment in a desperate bid to get some money. At least that's what The Daily Telegraph says.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

Sony admits PlayStation 2 Euro launch delay

Sony has confirmed that Europe will indeed see the PlayStation 2 later than originally scheduled.
Tony Smith, 04 Aug 2000

The day's dotcom financial news – only one dead

Online bank Egg is to build a third call centre in Derby, creating 1,500 new jobs in the Midlands. The centre is needed because of the large numbers of new customers, 600,000 a year the company claims.
Team Register, 04 Aug 2000

Securities, exam, Concentric, spam

A reader has kindly sent us a spam email from someone offering University Diplomas for a fee ("No required tests, classes, books, or interviews. Bachelors, masters, MBA, and doctorate (PhD) diplomas available in the field of your choice. No one is turned down." Hang on! This doesn't sound kosher).
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

What the Hell is… a flip-chip?

With world+dog merrily dropping terms like FC-PGA into polite conversation, here's a layperson-friendly explanation of what they're on about:
Andrew Thomas, 04 Aug 2000

Buffalo PR tells world its journalist contacts

Buffalo PR is so keen on "striving for 100 per cent client, staff and journalist satisfaction" that it has put up its journalist contact list on the Web for all to see.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

AltaVista ISP in pointless queue-jumping exercise

AltaVista has denied it is misleading people over the introduction of a new time-limited flat-fee Net access package.
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2000

VC foul-ups: the ones that were thrown away

Bessemer Venture Partners says it could well be America's oldest venture capital firm, with an unbroken history stretching all the way back to 1911.
Drew Cullen, 04 Aug 2000

RIP grants rights to spies who employ us

The DTI has given the British public until the end of the month to submit comments on the Government's plans to let bosses read staff emails without consent.
Linda Harrison, 04 Aug 2000

Virus launches DDoS for mobile phones

A cracker going by the name 'HSE' has said that he intends to bring fear and terror to the hearts of mobile phone users everywhere "come hell or high waters".
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2000

Pirates – make 'em walk the plank

[This article appeared first in Direct Access, a Microsoft UK online channel magazine.]
Sean Fleming, 04 Aug 2000

Chinese Govt backs MP3 site

The Chinese Government is just weeks away from unveiling its own MP3 music site.
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2000

DRAM sales – it's quiet out there

World DRAM prices continued to rise from mid-June to mid-July, according to research company ICIS-LOR.
Linda Harrison, 04 Aug 2000

Competition Win a bullet riddled motherboard!

Fancy getting your mitts on a unique piece of computing history? The Reg is giving away Kay Buena's old motherboard. You know, the one that got shot?
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Aug 2000
server room

Oftel tongues Welsh speakers

Oftel is to publish its documents in Welsh - as well as English - the winged watchdog announced today.
Tim Richardson, 04 Aug 2000

Double-take Demon site. Tut tut

Interesting comparison for you all.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

7.6 million PCs shipped in Europe in Q2

European PC sales grew nine per cent to 7.6 million units in the second quarter of 2000.
Linda Harrison, 04 Aug 2000

Flame pain in our brain

[We ran a computer-generated Flame of the Week. We wished we hadn't. Emails demonstrating previously unknown levels of stupidity arrived by the vanload. We decided the only thing to be done was write an apology. People then flamed us for apologising (Hint: whenever you see "An apology" on The Reg, you can be absolutely certain that it is what we like to call "sarcasm". That means we don't really mean it. We are doing it for humour alone. Here is a selection]
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

Flame of the Week: The British are scum

[Clearly deranged, this beloved reader started responding to Andrew's story where he suggested we supply a baby seal for Canadians to club, but then the switch went and suddenly we're involved in the joys of the British Empire. We started taking out the spelling mistakes, but then figured that add a certain something to the piece]
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

Canadians finish off seal and turn on Reg

[Andrew found a small disclaimer in a Microsoft competition which said if a Canadian won, he/she would have to pass a maths test before taking the prize. Apparently it's some odd Canadian law. He then made an off-colour remark about seal clubbing]
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

Oh no! Here come the statisticians

[Lucy wrote about a man who claimed to have random pressed buttons on a remote control and suddenly been able to order pizzas and limos on someone else's credit card. Hmmm. Anyway, she asked what the odds were that you could randomly get a credit card number and expiry date right. All those budding mathematicians out there saw your chance]
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

Best of the rest: a delicious assortment

Win2k successor Whistler to beta in October
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

Boxman cancels IPO, Dressmart ponders existence

Q. What do all these companies have in common: Boo.com; Letsbuyit.com; Boxman.com; Dressmart.com?
Drew Cullen, 04 Aug 2000

Amazon leaves authors open to abuse

Online retailer Amazon has come under fire for letting any old person pose as an author and submit a comment about a book they haven't written.
Robert Blincoe, 04 Aug 2000

Readers' Letters: you're either with us or you're shouting at us

Blimey! Lots of ranting this week. Most of it deranged, you'll be pleased to hear. That's all I'm saying this week, it's sunny outside and everyone but me and Rob are down the pub.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Aug 2000

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