4th August 2000 Archive

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  • Cyrix Richardson site up for sale

    Photo comes Via e-mail

    Channel 04 07:42

  • Intel's 200MHz cunning plan to scupper AMD

    And more from our mole in the Far East

    Channel 04 08:06

  • NCR buys 4Front for $250m

    And other channel mergers

    Business 04 08:17

  • Compaq takes supercomputer lead

    2,728 Alphas - whew what a scorcha

    Business 04 08:47

  • WAP Forum CEO responds to Reg

    He's not in total agreement with our synopsis

    Media 04 08:54

  • Intel files suit against Hadron

    Trademark court case, again

    Channel 04 09:25

  • MAPS under fire as Harris sues MS, AOL over spam block

    But it's not entirely clear who the good guys are

    Media 04 09:40

  • Apple anti-leak action shifts to Yahoo!

    Subpoenas Web site to demand user details

    Mac Channel 04 09:49

  • Canadians throw the book at MafiaBoy hacker

    I was a teenage DDoSser

    Media 04 09:54

  • HW Roundup:Is a 64MB GeForce2 worth the extra cash?

    And see a T'bird get terminated

    Hardware Roundup 04 10:08

  • Telewest's blueyonder price to fall

    It's just a question of when

    Media 04 10:17

  • S3 closes Diamond graphics board biz

    Operation to wither and die

    Business 04 10:20

  • Dr Spinola interviews Queen Mum

    World Exclusive as seen in every newspaper on the planet

    Bootnotes 04 10:27

  • S3 admits Taiwan rejected chip sale to Via

    Negotiations to try to rescue JV continue in earnest

    Business 04 10:42

  • S3 revenues rise

    But they're a long way off its pre-Diamond merger expectations

    Business 04 11:13

  • Oracle embraces old technology

    Must be getting board of all that gnumeedjia

    Bootnotes 04 11:26

  • Dome black hole deepens. Who's lying though?

    You know it's bad when the computers go

    Bootnotes 04 11:30

  • Sony admits PlayStation 2 Euro launch delay

    Release put back one month - official

    Business 04 11:37

  • The day's dotcom financial news – only one dead

    Egg and Autonomy doing well

    Business 04 11:55

  • Securities, exam, Concentric, spam

    Here's your Friday dose of irony

    Media 04 12:00

  • What the Hell is… a flip-chip?

    Plastic pins, anyone?

    Channel 04 12:09

  • Buffalo PR tells world its journalist contacts

    See if you can get there before you take it down

    Bootnotes 04 12:12

  • AltaVista ISP in pointless queue-jumping exercise

    Can't push in, won't push in

    Media 04 12:33

  • VC foul-ups: the ones that were thrown away

    At least Decca rejected The Beatles only the once

    Business 04 13:20

  • RIP grants rights to spies who employ us

    Govt. invites comments

    Media 04 13:20

  • Virus launches DDoS for mobile phones

    Whatever next?

    Data Networking 04 13:21

  • Pirates – make 'em walk the plank

    Software theft or redistribution of wealth?

    Business 04 14:19

  • Chinese Govt backs MP3 site

    Rock on Beijing

    Media 04 14:26

  • DRAM sales – it's quiet out there

    Maybe too quiet

    Business 04 14:52

  • Competition Win a bullet riddled motherboard!

    The Reg goes mad with generosity

    Hardware Roundup 04 15:18

  • Oftel tongues Welsh speakers

    It's all Dutch to us

    Data Networking 04 15:51

  • Double-take Demon site. Tut tut

    We know people borrow HTML, but come on

    Media 04 15:53

  • 7.6 million PCs shipped in Europe in Q2

    Not a return to the glory days of 1998

    Business 04 16:10

  • Flame pain in our brain

    What is wrong with people?

    Letters 04 16:33

  • Flame of the Week: The British are scum

    We think it was Andrew's Canadian story that lit the touch paper

    Letters 04 16:36

  • Canadians finish off seal and turn on Reg

    Actually, Canadians have a grand sense of humour. We welcome you all

    Letters 04 16:41

  • Oh no! Here come the statisticians

    What are the odds of hundreds of replies to a simple question?

    Letters 04 16:49

  • Best of the rest: a delicious assortment

    Reuterspeak, Oftel, shouting man and a train rant

    Letters 04 17:22

  • Boxman cancels IPO, Dressmart ponders existence

    So much for clever Swedes

    Business 04 17:38

  • Amazon leaves authors open to abuse

    Reg hack's brother savaged online

    Media 04 17:49

  • Readers' Letters: you're either with us or you're shouting at us

    Flames of flames, seal-murdering Canadians, crazy stats. Just a normal week

    Letters 04 17:55