3rd August 2000 Archive

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  • Double-spinning Caldera faces open source backlash

    "We don't have to give everything back in a free fashion." Oops.

    Software 03 07:58

  • MS doubles prices for enterprise customers

    Pay up, lose OEM support... then buy your support from us

    Software 03 08:50

  • Keith goes on his Todd as ICL cancels IPO (again)

    CEO resigns

    Business 03 09:51

  • MS edutainment CD in milkshake mix-up

    Additional query words: Brain jar left in jar br

    Bootnotes 03 09:51

  • My head hurts and I want $800 million

    Motorola fried my brain, claims US doctor

    Data Networking 03 10:02

  • LeisurePlanet torpedoes UK sub

    Little local difficulty for online retailer

    Business 03 10:48

  • Beatle juices Magex

    Money can't buy you love, but it can you get a stake in the digital music biz

    Media 03 11:04

  • Sony ships 3m PlayStation 2s in five months

    Warning: smashed sales targets ahead

    Business 03 11:19

  • MS co-founder coughs up £8.6 million for alien hunt

    Paul Allen buys telescopes for SETI

    Business 03 11:28

  • Lastminute posts improved losses

    Registered users break 2 million

    Business 03 11:45

  • Energis tunes into digital TV

    It's unique! It's multi-channel! It's not here yet!

    Data Networking 03 11:47

  • Barclays cock-up the tip of an ugly, secret iceberg

    UK financial sector should follow US lead

    Media 03 12:02

  • Saucy Sis Athlon mobo pics on show

    And learn to overclock with a pencil

    Hardware Roundup 03 12:07

  • EU goes legal against MS – company should open up Windows

    The condensed version of the antitrust trial, evidently...

    Software 03 13:16

  • Disney buys out rest of Soccernet

    Revamp sites for next season

    Business 03 13:53

  • Microsoft unveils Christmas box

    New games, software and hardware for Brits

    Software 03 13:53

  • Now Demon loses credit card details

    But this time it's old skool robbery

    Media 03 13:54

  • Sony delays Euro PlayStation launch?

    Holds back shipments to satisfy US demand, apparently

    Business 03 14:51

  • Europe braces itself for broadband explosion

    Analysts say it could mean the end for independent ISP's

    Data Networking 03 14:53

  • Digital shopping fraud was a fluke, claims crook

    He didn't nick a credit card, honest

    Media 03 15:20

  • MS mullahs warez pirates

    Web piracy campaign kicks off

    Business 03 16:22

  • Click here for naked fun

    William Hague uncovered. Literally. But not

    Election 2001 03 16:32

  • MS tells EU it's always pushed standards, interoperability

    Like it ain't done till Lotus won't run?

    Software 03 16:39

  • Server shipments shoot up but below forecasts

    Dell makes ground on Compaq

    Business 03 16:48

  • Telewest ‘underestimated’ Net demand

    Quote Unquote - No: 162 in an occasional series

    Media 03 17:14

  • Hacktivists own Myanmar govt. site

    Burmese Daze

    Media 03 18:27

  • Judge yanks a few of Carnivore's teeth

    Will the annoying little beast be muzzled?

    Media 03 23:00