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Linux distros revamp for summer

SuSE and RedHat are at it again: preparing to parachute a new drop of their distros. SuSE said yesterday it will release 7.0 this month, and RedHat has made a beta of what it calls the Pinstripe release of Red Hat Linux 7.0 available for download.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Aug 2000

SGI and Sony talk cubes

SGI and Sony are more likely to continue as partners than rivals, whatever Sony's plans are for its experimental multiprocessor machine, GScube. Or so says SGI.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Aug 2000

Ericsson and Red Hat team to build Linux challenge to MS .NET

At first it may look like just another deal to put Linux onto a screenphone, but in reality this week's Red Hat-Ericsson alliance has far broader scope and implications. Ultimately it could turn out to have been one of the pivotal breakthroughs in the implemention of a Linux-based version of .NET.
John Lettice, 02 Aug 2000

Cobalt still mooting anti-Apple Cube lawsuit

Cobalt Networks continues to mull over legal action against Apple for allegedly swiping the design of its own cube-shaped computer, the Qube.
Tony Smith, 02 Aug 2000

Baltimore beats analysts with Q2 salesfest

Computer security firm Baltimore Technologies has surpassed Q2 expectations, with revenues of £16.3 million, against £14 million forecasts.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2000

BT admits SurfTime billing fiasco

A week after BT denied it had cocked up the bills for some of its SurfTime customers, the telco has finally admitted that it made a mistake.
Tim Richardson, 02 Aug 2000

MS WinME ‘promotional’ deal is a disguised price hike

Yesterday Microsoft revealed the price of the Windows ME upgrade, happily trumpeting that its "promotional" price of $59.95 "makes it affordable for Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition customers to stay current with the latest consumer operating system." It's a great deal, said Microsoft, and by a remarkable coincidence several stories alleging that WinME had been priced low appeared across the Web.
John Lettice, 02 Aug 2000

Redstone hunts ISP to get DSL skills

Redstone Telecom has announced that it is in the market for an ISP, following its recent £40 million spend on data group Fastnet. The company said that an ISP would bring Internet skills to the company which it regards as essential for its planned DSL services. Graham Cove, the chief exec at Redstone said that it would not suffer the same fate as Thus, because it was more diversified.
Team Register, 02 Aug 2000

Hardware chiller thriller round-up

There seems to a lot of cooling going on in hardware land, so today we bring you some of the reviews we found, as well as the usual mix of reviews and other stuff - the good the bad and the really ugly.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2000

Sony goes mobile crazy with DoCoMo

That's right, folks, at some unknown time in the future you might be able to play cut-down versions of PlayStation games on a tiny screen on your mobile phone and pay through the teeth for the priviledge. Does life get any better?
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Aug 2000

MSN and Freeserve in numbers squabble

Freeserve has accused MSN of fiddling the figures in the latest batch of number crunchings from Net pollster MMXI Europe.
Tim Richardson, 02 Aug 2000

MS gives Republicans $1m, Republicans use Solaris anyway

Is just a little care and foresight too much to ask from Microsoft's PR spinmeisters? Yesterday we reported that Microsoft had given $1 million worth of software and cash each to the Republican and Democrat conventions, and it's just the shortest step from there to checking to see what the conventions' Web sites are running on, isn't it?
John Lettice, 02 Aug 2000

ISPA stalls on Line One decision

It could be weeks before the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) rules on LineOne's decision to ditch unmetered access.
Our correspondent, 02 Aug 2000

EC raids German publishers in Net book boycott probe

The European Commission has raided five German publishers, including mighty Bertelsmann, to see if they colluded in a boycott of Internet booksellers.
Drew Cullen, 02 Aug 2000

Napster usage stats support RIAA claims

The prospect that Napster might be shut down last week appears to have triggered a rash of last-minute downloads from the MP3 sharing service, according to data from Internet-oriented market researcher NetValue.
Tony Smith, 02 Aug 2000

Bacteria make themselves silicon jackets

Researchers at the State University of New York may have taken an inadvertent first step towards workable bio-transistors, taking advantage of a bacterial strain's ability to convert light into electricity to create an optoelectronic switching element.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2000

Mobile users in love with Win2K

US research outfit Sosinsky has published a report on laptop users' reactions to Windows 2000 Professional. And it all looks pretty positive for the folks at Redmond.
Andrew Thomas, 02 Aug 2000

Net exec takes lie detector test

An executive at the Mirror's ISP, ic24, has taken a lie detector test to prove that the service really is free.
Tim Richardson, 02 Aug 2000

Universal to launch digital music trial

Universal is finally set to follow Sony and EMI with the launch of a digital music download service of its own.
Tony Smith, 02 Aug 2000

MS starts Web hunt for pirates

Microsoft has gone into battle against software piracy armed with a new Web searching tool that scans sites for evidence of pirated goods being offered for sale.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Aug 2000

How to save your ass. By the FT

Yesterday we ran a story pouring cold water over an FT piece suggesting that London was in line for an electricity blackout due to the construction of power-hungry data centers in the capital.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Aug 2000

Barclays crazy man loose in London

While quietly munching on our lunch and observing the local wildlife (dontcha just love the summer?), we were extremely surprised to hear what sounded like a woman having a massive argument.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Aug 2000

Caldera goes Unix with SCO acquisition

The long-trailed deal between Caldera Systems - the Linux part of Caldera, rather than Lineo, the separate but blood-related embedded Linux company - and SCO has happened. Caldera is acquiring SCO's Server Software and Professional Services divisions, leaving SCO with Tarantella and the revenue stream from SCO OpenServer.
Graham Lea, 02 Aug 2000

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