2nd August 2000 Archive

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  • Linux distros revamp for summer

    No one writes to the kernel

    Software 02 10:08

  • SGI and Sony talk cubes

    It could be the missing link

    Business 02 10:18

  • Ericsson and Red Hat team to build Linux challenge to MS .NET

    There's a lot more than Linux appliances to this deal...

    Software 02 10:21

  • Cobalt still mooting anti-Apple Cube lawsuit

    Boot's on the other foot now, isn't it, Apple?

    Mac Channel 02 11:15

  • Baltimore beats analysts with Q2 salesfest

    Security scares prove good for business

    Software 02 11:16

  • BT admits SurfTime billing fiasco

    Well they had to, we had the proof

    Media 02 11:18

  • MS WinME ‘promotional’ deal is a disguised price hike

    And not a particularly well disguised one, either...

    Software 02 11:26

  • Redstone hunts ISP to get DSL skills

    Our regular Internet cash thrash

    Business 02 11:44

  • Hardware chiller thriller round-up

    We're drooling about cooling

    Hardware Roundup 02 11:49

  • Sony goes mobile crazy with DoCoMo

    It'll change the world! When it happens. Maybe... Sort of...

    Media 02 12:55

  • MSN and Freeserve in numbers squabble

    Ahhh, the sweet whiff of sour grapes

    Media 02 12:56

  • MS gives Republicans $1m, Republicans use Solaris anyway

    Some people can't even bribe straight...

    Bootnotes 02 13:46

  • ISPA stalls on Line One decision

    Oh, why are we way ting, wh-hi are we way ting, oh why..

    Business 02 13:54

  • EC raids German publishers in Net book boycott probe

    Price fixing under threat

    Media 02 15:04

  • Napster usage stats support RIAA claims

    Download numbers highlight attempts to get as much stuff for free as possible before closure

    Media 02 15:13

  • Bacteria make themselves silicon jackets

    Now there really will be a bug in the hardware

    Channel 02 15:56

  • Mobile users in love with Win2K

    It's all down to the reliability

    Software 02 15:59

  • Net exec takes lie detector test

    The things people will do to get their name in print

    Media 02 16:08

  • Universal to launch digital music trial

    You're only seven months or more late, guys...

    Media 02 16:17

  • MS starts Web hunt for pirates

    Probably using a price checking search engine

    Business 02 16:28

  • How to save your ass. By the FT

    Loopy London power outage story is turned around

    Bootnotes 02 16:48

  • Barclays crazy man loose in London

    He's really gone - screaming, running between cars, the whole biz

    Bootnotes 02 16:48

  • Caldera goes Unix with SCO acquisition

    Fascinating double-act, or Unix revolves around Ray Noorda?

    Software 02 17:39