1st August 2000 Archive

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  • ARM and Ericsson get cuddly

    More Bluetooth wibble and a licencing agreement

    Media 01 06:46

  • Spinal Tap to fill Napster void

    New music download site offers literally one song to choose from

    Bootnotes 01 06:58

  • Beeb appoints gnumeedjia guru

    Definitey not a job only for fools and horses

    Bootnotes 01 06:58

  • Roll-up! Roll-up! Second money-burning Internet auction on way

    This time we're talking broadband fixed wireless

    Data Networking 01 07:00

  • Intel backtracks on support forum closures

    Updated Busy week for U turns at Chipzilla

    Media 01 07:02

  • Microsoft gives $1m each to presidential conventions

    But it's mainly software - cheap or what?

    Software 01 07:38

  • MS Hotmail servers begin switch from FreeBSD to Win2k

    This had better work, or Bill will be really angry...

    Software 01 07:42

  • HP, Canon sued in printer patent case

    Patent boot delivered in Motor City

    Business 01 08:22

  • The Spy who Employed Me

    Code for snooping at work

    Media 01 08:48

  • Duron placeholder for AMDgeddon…

    ...Intel Celeron shortages looming

    Channel 01 09:00

  • Echelon spy system wildly exaggerated – official

    Do the bloody maths...

    Media 01 09:45

  • Rambus: You're terminated *!@$ – Intel

    Always wondered what those *!x£$ meant

    Channel 01 10:03

  • Microsoft suggests Canadians can't add

    Written numeracy test required

    Software 01 10:39

  • Microsoft talks X-box to The Reg

    Canny compromises make it a contender

    Business 01 11:08

  • Thus sees 30 per cent wiped off share price

    While Chief Yahoo! joins Cisco board

    Business 01 11:34

  • Royal Mail ditches e-mail operation

    Second class idea gets stamped on

    Media 01 11:47

  • Sony to start selling chips online by November

    Aiming for $2 billion Web sales

    Business 01 11:51

  • Mobile Athlons to be made of wood?

    Codename havoc in Austin

    Bootnotes 01 11:58

  • PIII 1.13GHz and T'bird in benchmark blow out

    Find out who wears the crown

    Hardware Roundup 01 12:20

  • Windows ME set to clean up

    Will scale the heights

    Bootnotes 01 12:21

  • So what will WAP 2.0 be?

    Hopefully a lot of i-Mode with a bit of old WAP

    Media 01 12:59

  • Feng Shui is bad e-karma

    Now who's got their head stuck up their aurafice

    Media 01 14:06

  • Pokemon whips Blair

    More popular than our beloved PM

    Media 01 14:30

  • Ford and Qualcomm bring the Net to your car

    The information superhighway is literally nearly here

    Media 01 15:12

  • Virgin goes down on clients

    Droopy hardware makes bankers flaccid

    Media 01 15:17

  • This megahertz madness must end

    Oi! Intel! Stop announcing unavailable products!

    Channel 01 15:32

  • Chipzilla moves deeper into Cisco territory

    Needs more backbone, apparently

    Data Networking 01 16:20

  • CIX kicks its own butt

    Ditches Toll Free service

    Media 01 17:24

  • FT's Net scaremongering denounced

    You'll still be able to make a cuppa whenever you want

    Data Networking 01 17:28

  • Stephen King set to net $1m from online experiment

    He's gonna write chapter 3

    Media 01 17:32

  • BOFH wants to know – would you make a good engineer?

    Tough competition

    BOFH 01 22:51

  • Apple goes big on handwriting recognition

    Dusts off some old Newton development

    Mac Channel 01 22:57

  • Apple's consumer strategy slips

    Niche to see you - to see you, niche

    Mac Channel 01 23:03

  • Jobs snubs ATI over new Mac leak – allegedly

    Yeah, right...

    Mac Channel 01 23:03

  • Apple vs. MacOS Rumors: just a cunning stunt?

    We suspect not - but that doesn't mean the site's right

    Mac Channel 01 23:04

  • Apple vs MacOS Rumors: the thick plottens

    When is a story's illustration not a story's illustration?

    Mac Channel 01 23:04

  • Apple's cubic Mac rumour resurfaces

    Total flim-flam - or Apple's Net Appliance?

    Mac Channel 01 23:04

  • ATI pre-announces Apple MacWorld unveiling

    New iMacs, Power Macs to be revealed Wednesday claims ATI

    Mac Channel 01 23:04

  • Apple lawyers target Mac rumours site

    So will the next iMac be the NeXT iMac?

    Mac Channel 01 23:04