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ARM and Ericsson get cuddly

Ericsson has gained access to ARM's ARM7TDMI processor core for use in its Bluetooth products.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Aug 2000

Spinal Tap to fill Napster void

Legendary British rockers Spinal Tap - known as one of Britain's loudest bands - have set up a new music download site to fill the void left by the closure of Napster.
Andrew Thomas, 01 Aug 2000

Beeb appoints gnumeedjia guru

The BBC has found someone prepared to head up its brand new, all-encompassing, forward-looking gnumeedjia outfit.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2000
Cat 5 cable

Roll-up! Roll-up! Second money-burning Internet auction on way

Final details for the auction of digital radio spectrum that will allow high-speed Internet access have now emerged. There are 51 companies going for 42 licences throughout the UK and initial expectations are that the government could rake in £1 billion. The planned launch date for the auctions has been set back from this summer to a provisional 16 October.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Aug 2000

Intel backtracks on support forum closures

Hard on the heels of this week's decision to stab Rambus in the back [er, surely 'offer Pentium 4 users a choice of memory?' - Ed], comes another Intel U turn.
Andrew Thomas, 01 Aug 2000

Microsoft gives $1m each to presidential conventions

Microsoft is the number two contributor to the committee hosting the Republican convention with a donation of $1 million according to a Bloomberg report. And number one, since you ask, is that other old breakup hand, AT&T.
John Lettice, 01 Aug 2000

MS Hotmail servers begin switch from FreeBSD to Win2k

Microsoft is gearing up to neutralise one of its biggest ongoing embarrassments - the fact that its Hotmail service runs on FreeBSD/Apache. According to Netcraft's July Web Server Survey, Microsoft has started to move some Windows 2000 machines into the Hotmail load balancing pool; all being well, this will be the beginning of a migration.
John Lettice, 01 Aug 2000

HP, Canon sued in printer patent case

Hewlett-Packard and Canon are being sued for alleged patent infringement of printer technology.
Mike Magee, 01 Aug 2000

The Spy who Employed Me

British employers will have to tell staff when and where they spy on them, under new guidelines devised by the data protection commissioner.
Drew Cullen, 01 Aug 2000

Duron placeholder for AMDgeddon…

Readers who wonder why they haven't seen much marchitecting of AMD's ineffable Duron microprocessor need wonder no longer.
Mike Magee, 01 Aug 2000

Echelon spy system wildly exaggerated – official

Defcon 08By wireless...
Thomas C Greene, 01 Aug 2000

Rambus: You're terminated *!@$ – Intel

As an innocent young bairn brought up in bonny Scotland we were always puzzled when we came across **** in a piece of text. Did adults have some dark secret they weren't sharing with their children?
Mike Magee, 01 Aug 2000

Microsoft suggests Canadians can't add

In a fabulous worldwide webfest building up to the launch of Windows ME on 14 September, M$ invites anyone in the world (as long as they live in the US or Canada - oh, and not you, Quebec, you're out as well) to enter a prize draw to win a copy of ME autographed by Bill Gates.
Andrew Thomas, 01 Aug 2000

Microsoft talks X-box to The Reg

At its Analyst Day last week Microsoft announced that Xbox developer kits were now shipping, and we wondered where they were.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Aug 2000

Thus sees 30 per cent wiped off share price

Thus, formerly Scottish Telecom, has suffered the fate of Icarus as a profit warning issued by its ISP, Demon, wiped out 30 per cent of the share value.
Team Register, 01 Aug 2000

Royal Mail ditches e-mail operation

The Royal Mail has scrapped its email-to-letters operation because the service is unpopular with Net users and commercially unviable.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2000

Sony to start selling chips online by November

Japanese giants Sony and Mitsubishi are to start selling chips and components online.
Linda Harrison, 01 Aug 2000

Mobile Athlons to be made of wood?

Chimpzilla's codename strategy has been thrown into confusion according to JC's Pages. It appears that US car maker Chevrolet doesn't wish to be associated with high technology and has thrown a wobbler over AMD's use of the Corvette and Camaro codenames for its forthcoming mobile Athlons and Durons.
Andrew Thomas, 01 Aug 2000

PIII 1.13GHz and T'bird in benchmark blow out

The Pentium III 1.13GHz monster comes under scrutiny at Planet Hardware today. The guys run it head to head with the one gig Athlon T'Bird, just for fun, on what they call "mainstream benchmarks". Go forth and seek knowledge - or at least more info.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Aug 2000

Windows ME set to clean up

A site which should be expecting a call from M$ lawyers real soon now can be found here. ®
Andrew Thomas, 01 Aug 2000

So what will WAP 2.0 be?

Okay, it looks like we're finally getting somewhere with WAP. Many people have baulked at the constant condemnation of WAP as a poor way of leading the world of wireless communications forward, but it seems as though that is the emerging consensus. The dream of a large group of companies to build a proprietary mobile standard is falling apart thanks to the fact that a) it's rubbish and b) that Japan's i-Mode has shown it up by being far more successful.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Aug 2000

Feng Shui is bad e-karma

A British e-entrepreneur has lashed out at trendy new age businesses which prefer to invest in Feng Shui to make money, instead of adopting ebusiness practices.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2000

Pokemon whips Blair

Pokemon star Pikachu is more famous with Britain's young adults than Tony Blair.
Linda Harrison, 01 Aug 2000

Ford and Qualcomm bring the Net to your car

A joint venture between communications company Qualcomm and motor giant Ford is set to provide wireless services and Internet access for motor vehicles. Initially, the new venture will be known as Wingcast.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Aug 2000

Virgin goes down on clients

Following Barclays' cock-up yesterday, we were surprised to discover that Virgin customers have been unable to access their online accounts since this morning. Has it been the victim of a bank-hating hacker? Has it pulled its service ASAP following a security breach?
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Aug 2000

This megahertz madness must end

OpinionIntel has never detailed exactly how many of its CPUs it ships - at any speed. But at the high end the word on the street is that, over the past three months, AMD probably shipped more than a dozen 1GHz CPUs for every Intel chip of the same speed.
Andrew Thomas, 01 Aug 2000

Chipzilla moves deeper into Cisco territory

Intel has snapped up Los Angeles-based Trillium Digital Systems for $300 million in cash and Intel stock. The deal is aimed at bolstering Intel's backbone networking and telecommunications offerings. Trillium's software is typically used by suppliers of SS7, IP, ATM, Wireless and ISDN products.
Andrew Thomas, 01 Aug 2000

CIX kicks its own butt

CIX - the ISP that attracts a certain "calibre" of net user - has ditched its toll-free Net access service a little more than a month after it was introduced.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2000

FT's Net scaremongering denounced

According to the Financial Times yesterday, "Internet hotels threaten to sap London's power". We rubbed our chins while we read that the plan to build a whole range of "Internet hotels" - known to you and me as data centres - in London was going to bring down the National Grid and leaving poor old Mrs Miggins without the watts to make herself a decent brew in the morning.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Aug 2000

Stephen King set to net $1m from online experiment

Stephen King looks set to make at least $1 million from his latest online book experiment.
Linda Harrison, 01 Aug 2000

BOFH wants to know – would you make a good engineer?

Episode 28
Simon Travaglia, 01 Aug 2000

Apple goes big on handwriting recognition

Apple is developing a handwriting recognition software bundle, according to a report by Matt Rothenberg over at ZDNet. Nicknamed Inkwell, it would appear that the software was conceived for use on the now discontinued Apple Newtons.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Aug 2000

Apple's consumer strategy slips

AnalysisApple's plan to grow its business by attracting consumers could be breaking down.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2000

Jobs snubs ATI over new Mac leak – allegedly

Pity poor ATI. The graphics company does appear to have aroused the wrath of Apple CEO Steve Jobs for daring to pre-announce some of the new Mac kit Jobs himself was set to unveil during his MacWorld Expo keynote t'other day.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2000

Apple vs. MacOS Rumors: just a cunning stunt?

Mac Web site MacOS Rumors' bluff was called yesterday when one of the two articles claimed by it to have been pulled at the request of Apple's legal team were posted on Apple's own public Web server.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2000

Apple vs MacOS Rumors: the thick plottens

An attempt to re-post an article that Mac Web site MacOS Rumors originally published and later claimed had been pulled at the behest of Apple's legal department isn't quite what it at first appeared.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2000

Apple's cubic Mac rumour resurfaces

Less than a week after Mac scuttlebutt site MacOS Rumors pulled a couple of stories about a new, cubic Mac enclosure, allegedly at the behest of Apple's legal department, rival rumour site AppleInsider has published a report that confirms - in part, at least - its rival's articles.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2000

ATI pre-announces Apple MacWorld unveiling

UpdatedApple's relationship with graphics specialist ATI appears untroubled by talk of a deal between the Mac maker and Nvidia, and calls from 3dfx for a more level playing field in the Mac 3D graphics accelerator biz.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2000

Apple lawyers target Mac rumours site

Yesterday, we noticed that Apple had gagged Mac-oriented Web site MacOS Rumors, forcing the site to remove a couple of stories. The articles claimed Apple is working on a cube-shaped follow-up to the popular iMac.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2000

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