31st July 2000 Archive

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  • ServerWorks pivotal in Intel-Rambus chipset tale

    What is the nature of this strange beast?

    Channel 31 08:08

  • FIC shifts focus to mobile phones

    Let's hope they don't have a wooden heart

    Business 31 08:38

  • Microsoft Network grows in sea of red ink

    Brave talk, but no numbers from Belluzzo...

    Software 31 10:05

  • Gates on speech recognition: a long road still to travel

    Needs the whole Windows trip before it works, natch

    Software 31 10:08

  • MS' Ballmer: Linux is communism

    After a short silence, Motormouth is back, folks...

    Software 31 10:10

  • AMD confirms Corvette plans

    Putting all the roadmaps together

    Channel 31 10:11

  • Via puts weight behind 1394, DDR

    Technology forum announced..

    Channel 31 10:21

  • Dr Tom's still loves Celery

    It's hard, it's rock, of the class it's cock

    Hardware Roundup 31 10:33

  • Clickmango.com goes titsup.com

    Another day, another dotcom flushes itself down the lavvy

    Business 31 11:14

  • Flame of the Week: an apology

    It's our own fault - we thought you'd read the words

    Business 31 11:24

  • Europe to get tough on cybercrime

    Listen to the villains shaking in their boots

    Media 31 11:26

  • Thus grows sales, makes a loss

    QXL partners up with Lycos

    Business 31 11:34

  • Reg welcomes new addition to nest

    Fledgling vulture opens her eyes to the world

    Bootnotes 31 11:36

  • An apology

    It's our own fault - we thought you'd read the words

    Flame of the Week 31 11:40

  • What's @ all about

    Originates from Italian wine merchants

    Media 31 12:02

  • Las Vegas murder – juror's Palm Pilot misconduct

    The Mob, money, topless dancers and PDAs

    Media 31 12:23

  • Petrol price pressure builds

    How the Net is changing our lives: no.24

    Media 31 12:49

  • Gates & Co describe long, hard code to .NET

    $200 a year, to you...

    Software 31 14:14

  • Rambus claims 1GHz RIMM breakthrough

    Here we go again

    Channel 31 14:16

  • Win ME – not bad at all

    Worthwhile upgrade for Win9x users

    Software 31 14:22

  • Umax drivers stuck in neutral

    Scan(t) Win2K support

    Business 31 15:34

  • Get yer girders online

    Heavy industry takes to dotcom like duck to water

    Media 31 16:14

  • Barclays online cockup

    The bank that likes to say "have a look at someone else's account"

    Media 31 17:57

  • Intel 1GHz flood ready to splash

    1.13GHz intro just a taster

    Channel 31 18:17

  • Oftel is a joke (with a crap punchline)

    Director General too nice for our good

    Data Networking 31 18:37

  • Porn sites face credit card fraud fines

    Will the sex industry swallow this?

    Media 31 18:37