28th July 2000 Archive

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  • Rambus, Pentium 4: The Hall of Mirrors

    Where does the 479 pin cushion fit in?

    Channel 28 Jul 06:54

  • Hamidi outlines proposed Intel class actions

    Thorn in Chipzilla's paw won't go away

    Channel 28 Jul 08:16

  • X-Box design ‘complete’ – MS demos microbrowser, set top box

    And some dates for your diary

    Software 28 Jul 08:20

  • Blair gets RIP thanks to a few sleepy MPs

    Here's how it got through the Commons

    Media 28 Jul 08:35

  • Win2k successor Whistler to beta in October

    WinME then BinME...

    Software 28 Jul 09:15

  • US buckles on export subsidies to MS et al, but ups them $1.5bn

    All's well in the world of trade negotiations, then...

    Business 28 Jul 09:29

  • Minor Dramurai tumbles to Rambus

    Okey-dokey says Oki in licence hokey-cokey

    Channel 28 Jul 09:45

  • I wanna be – Sledgehammer

    But I don't think it'll be out this year

    Letters 28 Jul 10:00

  • breathe email

    breathe memo

    Letters 28 Jul 10:04

  • ISPA's war of words

    That leaked letter in full

    Letters 28 Jul 10:04

  • Euro2000 forces women online

    Watch out for the sting in the tail

    Media 28 Jul 10:21

  • Oracle boss no pirate, a jury rules

    Everything was ship shape and bristol fashion

    Business 28 Jul 10:23

  • MS plans subsidised X-Box street price, $500m promo blitz

    Dirt cheap hardware, but buy lots of games?

    Business 28 Jul 10:30

  • Win2K SP1 ready to roll

    Coming to a modem near you on Monday

    Software 28 Jul 10:48

  • Virgin.net to be split

    Leisure portal parts with dial-up Net customers

    Business 28 Jul 11:04

  • It's a cybersquatting extravaganza!

    Microsoft, Reuters happy; Sting stung

    Media 28 Jul 11:34

  • BT in muddle over sell-offs

    Would make life easier for Oftel though

    Data Networking 28 Jul 11:36

  • Dipswitches, peanuts and more Duronic action

    The hardware round-up has got it all

    Hardware Roundup 28 Jul 11:51

  • AMD exploring Dresden fab extension

    Early talks only...

    Channel 28 Jul 11:58

  • Is the BT DoSer a tosser?

    The thread here seems to be that BT isn't very popular

    Letters 28 Jul 12:02

  • Let's be careful out there

    Ill-advised product names are ill-advised, advises advisor

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 12:03

  • BOFH is abysmal

    A very well-spoken computer speaks its mind

    Flame of the Week 28 Jul 12:19

  • Dow Chemical sacks 50 over porn emails

    'We're not talking about letters to mom' says company

    Media 28 Jul 12:24

  • When 24/7 Net access ain't 24/7 Net access

    breathe reveals all

    Media 28 Jul 13:59

  • US and Europe finally agree on data protection

    Good news for all - except spammers

    Media 28 Jul 14:19

  • Pedants of the world unite

    You lot, make a choice: get a) a life b) a sense of humour

    Letters 28 Jul 14:55

  • German man arrested in Thai girl fiddle

    No "Bangkok" puns - honest

    Media 28 Jul 14:58

  • Yee-haw, Yankees get a-fiesty

    Hot diggady darn dem Register limeys

    Letters 28 Jul 15:15

  • EMI and MP3.com sort it out

    'They only did it cos of fame. Who? EMI'

    Media 28 Jul 15:31

  • And the best of the rest

    Cobbled together, diverse, peculiar, amusing. Must be The Reg

    Letters 28 Jul 15:42

  • Spot Register Mem prices fall

    Hard drives stable, at last...

    Spot Register 28 Jul 15:49

  • Readers' Letters: You hate us this week

    Stories are wrong, attitudes are wrong, grammar is wrong. Sob

    Letters 28 Jul 15:58

  • Big Brother cocks-up online voting

    Site manager wants Caroline out

    Media 28 Jul 16:01

  • Nortel to acquire Alteon

    Gets ready for optical Internet

    Data Networking 28 Jul 16:08

  • Reg welcomes small addition to nest

    Baby vulture Sadie pops up

    Business 28 Jul 16:25

  • Reg welcomes small addition to nest

    Baby vulture Sadie pops up

    Business 28 Jul 16:29