26th July 2000 Archive

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  • MS to ask Supremes to stay off its case

    The dance resumes...

    Software 26 07:58

  • Sony aims Emotion Engine tech at SGI's Hollywood fief

    Bricks fly at SIGGRAPH

    Business 26 07:58

  • More red ink spatters SCO

    But not a merger in sight...

    Software 26 08:03

  • Pentium 4 to use SDRAM

    End of the road for Rambus?

    Channel 26 09:56

  • Big Q's PC biz back on track

    Alarum bells stop ringing in Capellas' nut

    Business 26 09:56

  • Heavy breathers winded by Net access rejection

    Modern Urbanists blamed

    Media 26 10:37

  • Nortel rakes it in with optical kit

    Web and wireless gear also boost profits

    Data Networking 26 10:47

  • Egg makes losses, no big stink

    And other tales of wired world wonga

    Business 26 11:16

  • Itanium gets the Insane treatment

    Journey to the centre of the hardware round-up

    Hardware Roundup 26 11:19

  • Borland bounces back in style

    Now stop calling yourself Inprise...

    Software 26 11:39

  • MS, TRUSTe ad campaign says trust them on privacy

    Empowers consumers to believe them...

    Media 26 13:06

  • BT confirms ADSL availability dates

    It's definitely this year

    Media 26 13:48

  • BT dreams of long hot summer

    What, no seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness?

    Data Networking 26 14:02

  • Surftime encounters billing problems

    Not a problem says BT

    Media 26 14:05

  • How to dodge RIP

    Report shows how

    Media 26 14:32

  • Rambus shares plummet

    Intel U turn clobbers stock value

    Channel 26 15:05

  • Where the hell is… the PowerPC 'G4 Plus'?

    Running a little late, claim sources

    Mac Channel 26 15:30

  • GTS beefs up European backbone

    1Tbps network to handle traffic explosion

    Data Networking 26 15:30

  • Compaq lumbered with dodgy DEC deal

    Agrees to cough up $4.5 million compensation

    Business 26 16:52

  • IBM barges into mobile Net market (too)

    A cool one billion dollars to grab its share

    Data Networking 26 16:56

  • MIPS and Gemplus go for Smartcard standard

    Built around MIPS 32-bit processor core

    Business 26 17:48

  • ICANN not up to the job?

    Insider talks to The Reg

    Media 26 17:55

  • Do not buy a PC from this Bastard

    BOFH discovers retail therapy

    BOFH 26 23:04