25th July 2000 Archive

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  • Sony to outsource notebooks to Taiwan

    Or... how brands aren't really brands

    Business 25 05:51

  • Evergreen intros FireWire PC card

    UK customers get duff deal

    Business 25 06:08

  • Palmisano moves up into Gerstner heir slot at IBM

    But has Lou enjoyed all the good years already?

    Business 25 09:14

  • Beige boxes bog standard stays

    Transparent fruity colours don't go with territory

    Business 25 09:27

  • Turkey pong protestors turn cybersquatter

    Not bootiful, says Bernard Matthews

    Media 25 09:55

  • RIAA vs Napster: case opens tomorrow

    How the two combatants will argue the toss

    Media 25 10:22

  • Mythology dominates MPAA strategy in DVD trial

    Lies, damn lies and statistics

    Media 25 10:34

  • Compaq to intro AMD Sledgehammer servers

    Iceberg hits Itanic earlier than expected?

    Business 25 10:52

  • MP3.com loss balloons after lawsuit costs

    But revenues rocket

    Media 25 10:59

  • Booby-trap your PC

    On the trail of the lonesome hardware pine

    Hardware Roundup 25 11:21

  • Napster seeks new business via Liquid Audio deal

    A sign it accepts the RIAA will win?

    Media 25 11:29

  • Vodafone chief agrees to pump bonus back into company

    And some dotcom ding-a-dang dongs

    Business 25 11:46

  • Apple Q3 profits, revenues up

    Quarter growth good despite few product intros - to be remedied later today...

    Mac Channel 25 12:35

  • Apple Newton tech to power next Palm?

    Device codenamed Calvin offers true handwriting recognition, apparently

    Mac Channel 25 12:35

  • Apple unveils Power Mac Cube

    Stylish desktop Mac for the ultra-trendy

    Mac Channel 25 12:35

  • PPC 500MHz limit forces Apple down dual-CPU route

    Where the heck are faster Motorola PowerPCs when you need 'em?

    Mac Channel 25 12:35

  • Motorola sees near-twofold Q2 profit growth

    Chip-related profits up 592 per cent

    Mac Channel 25 12:37

  • Apple's Mac Cube: the iMac's replacement?

    Maybe, but we still say appliance

    Mac Channel 25 12:37

  • Apple gets heavy with third Mac Web site

    This time it's MacInTouch's turn to 'cease and desist'

    Mac Channel 25 12:37

  • Nvidia denies Apple OEM deal claims

    Such an arrangement would be tricky in any case

    Mac Channel 25 12:40

  • UK Mac dealer Camelot goes under – again

    'It's only a model...'

    Mac Channel 25 12:40

  • BT hands over money for the Great British Stitch-Up

    Marconi and Nortel rake it in as super-infrastructure plans take off

    Data Networking 25 13:04

  • Murdoch goes titsupdotcom

    Firedup.com to be snuffed out

    Media 25 13:10

  • Linux server growth threatens MS revenue supply

    One slice of the market pays lots, another doesn't - how long can that last?

    Software 25 13:19

  • Wireless world plagues overworked support staff

    Lost data costs UK $1bn per year

    Software 25 14:55

  • Railtrack juggled 1100 different software apps

    That explains a lot

    Software 25 15:34

  • Wanna know how BT.com was hacked?

    We had a sniff about and come up trumps

    Media 25 16:29

  • ISPA slaps LineOne

    Oi... LineOne... No!

    Media 25 16:30

  • Britain wants foreign dotcom smarty pants

    Get your CVs ready

    Media 25 16:54

  • Linux for big Alphas

    64-Bit OS aimed at ISPs, server farms

    Software 25 16:58

  • You've got four days to beat the Color Gameboy shortage

    Only in the UK, but it's an interesting tale anyway...

    Business 25 17:10

  • RealNetworks admits to new spyware bug

    And to being too thick to exploit it

    Media 25 19:43