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Sony to outsource notebooks to Taiwan

The IT powerhouse that is Taiwan is set to pick up elements of the Sony Vaio notebook line at the end of this year, in another coup for manufacturing on the island.
Mike Magee, 25 Jul 2000

Evergreen intros FireWire PC card

UpdatedPretty soon now, The Register will be attending the Intel Developer Forum, this time round held not in the desert but in San Jose.
Mike Magee, 25 Jul 2000

Palmisano moves up into Gerstner heir slot at IBM

Sam Palmisano has been made president of IBM as well as COO, which positions him as the most likely to succeed Lou Gerstner as chairman when he retires. Palmisano was executive assistant to John Akers, the previous chairman, then ran IBM Japan before a stint as number two in global services. He went on to run the personal computer unit and was then appointed head of global services. He is regarded as the catalyst who transformed IBM from a hardware company to a services company.
Graham Lea, 25 Jul 2000

Beige boxes bog standard stays

In just a fortnight's time, the spotty adolescent PC youth will be 19 years old, and no doubt has already plotted out his future plans involving, as they must, ever faster microprocessors and even faster memories.
Mike Magee, 25 Jul 2000

Turkey pong protestors turn cybersquatter

A group of Norfolk villagers have gone online to protest at a Bernard Matthews stinky turkey farm.
Linda Harrison, 25 Jul 2000

RIAA vs Napster: case opens tomorrow

The Recording Industry Association of America's music piracy suit against controversial software developer Napster comes to the US District Court in San Francisco tomorrow.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Mythology dominates MPAA strategy in DVD trial

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) suit against three New York Webmasters who made available for download the controversial DeCSS utility which defeats the CSS encryption scheme on DVDs appears to be founded on a queer blend of statistical rot and hacking hysteria, not to mention a few outright lies.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Jul 2000

Compaq to intro AMD Sledgehammer servers

Major AMD OEM customers - including Compaq - will introduce Sledgehammer-based servers as early as Q4 this year, it has emerged.
Mike Magee, 25 Jul 2000

MP3.com loss balloons after lawsuit costs

MP3.com's Net-based music business is certainly thriving, despite losing a major copyright infringement case earlier this year. For its second fiscal quarter, the company saw revenues leap a massive 963 per cent year on year.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Booby-trap your PC

We can thank Kyle Bennett at HardOCP for pointing us to this link at I Am Not A Geek on how to booby trap your PC. No Semtex seems to be involved, but on the other hand you have to use the dreaded DEBUG utility to prevent intrusion of your box. We've added this link to a trusty Reg favourite 102 Ways to Kill your Computer.
Adamson Rust, 25 Jul 2000

Napster seeks new business via Liquid Audio deal

Napster yesterday tacitly admitted it will have to change the way it does business by licensing online music veteran Liquid Audio's rights management technology.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Vodafone chief agrees to pump bonus back into company

Vodafone boss Chris Gent yesterday agreed to shift some of his £5m cash bonus into shares in the mobile phone company to pacify revolting shareholders. The proposal involves the telecomms CEO buying around 900,000 Vodafone shares during the next year and keeping them for a minimum of three years. This would add to his existing stockpile of 1.1 million shares in the business.
Team Register, 25 Jul 2000

Apple Q3 profits, revenues up

Apple saw profits rise beyond Wall Street expectations (just) yesterday, when it reported Q3 2000 income of $163 million on revenues of $1.825 billion, up 17 per cent on the same period last year.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Apple Newton tech to power next Palm?

Has Apple's Newton technology finally made it to the Palm world? That's certainly one interpretation of a series of alleged leaks from the handheld computing company about an upcoming low-end device.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Apple unveils Power Mac Cube

Apple today launched its first completely new computer in a year - and confirmed many of the rumours that lay behind the legal threats it has against a series of Mac-oriented Web sites.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

PPC 500MHz limit forces Apple down dual-CPU route

Motorola's ongoing problems getting faster PowerPC 7400 (aka G4) processors out of the door has forced Apple to convert its professional Power Mac desktop line to multi-processor machines.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Motorola sees near-twofold Q2 profit growth

A 592 per cent rise in profits from its semiconductor operation helped drive Motorola's second quarter earnings 91 per cent to $515 million - 23 cents a share - the chips-to-communications company said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Apple's Mac Cube: the iMac's replacement?

More details are emerging about Apple's 'Cube' Mac, courtesy of "sources with insight" who've been talking to AppleInsider.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Apple gets heavy with third Mac Web site

Apple's highly active legal department has targeted yet another Mac Web site, the venerable MacInTouch, for publishing what the company effectively claims are illegally obtained trade secrets.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

Nvidia denies Apple OEM deal claims

Nvidia has poo-pooed rumours that it recently signed an OEM deal with Apple.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

UK Mac dealer Camelot goes under – again

British Mac seller Camelot has gone into liquidation - a day after announcing a plan to close temporarily pending a "reconstruction".
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2000

BT hands over money for the Great British Stitch-Up

The winning suppliers of BT's new super-infrastructure have been announced. Marconi jumped in yesterday to tell the press it had taken the "up to £2 billion" contract to supply optical electronics and will work with Nortel Networks (which has been a little slower with its hyping effort). The two saw off bids from most of the big boys in both Europe and the US.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Jul 2000

Murdoch goes titsupdotcom

The future of News Network Ltd - the five-month old new media arm of News International - is in the balance following further shock revelations obtained by The Register.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jul 2000

Linux server growth threatens MS revenue supply

AnalysisThis week's IDC report on the server market has some tantalising numbers for Linux fanciers. Linux server shipments will climb faster than the rest of the market, resulting in 2004 in Linux shipments of around 4.7 million, finally within spitting distance of Microsoft, at 5.7 million. But although this holds the possibility of Linux taking the lead in 2005 or 2006, that's not the real story - the changing underlying economics of the market are what Microsoft really has to be worried about.
John Lettice, 25 Jul 2000

Wireless world plagues overworked support staff

The onslaught of mobile IT is threatening to send overworked support staff over the edge.
Linda Harrison, 25 Jul 2000

Railtrack juggled 1100 different software apps

UK train monster Railtrack has enlisted the help of IBM and Oracle after it discovered it was running a web of more than 1000 different software "systems".
Linda Harrison, 25 Jul 2000

Wanna know how BT.com was hacked?

Last week, we were contacted by a reader who claimed to have taken bt.com, btinternet.com and gameplay.com offline through a denial of service attack. We checked it out and he wasn't lying. The anonymous person went to great length as to why he had attacked BT, quoting its appalling Internet access packages as the source of his ire.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Jul 2000

ISPA slaps LineOne

LineOne's decision to ditch unmetered access is in breach of its industry code of conduct, according to the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA).
Tim Richardson, 25 Jul 2000

Britain wants foreign dotcom smarty pants

The government is to relax Britain's immigration rules for dotcom entrepreneurs.
Linda Harrison, 25 Jul 2000

Linux for big Alphas

TurboLinux has launched a 64-bit Linux OS for Compaq's Alpha systems. The OS supports very large files and is tuned for floating-point calculations making it significantly faster than competing 32-bit operating systems, according to Ly-Huong Pham, Executive VP of world-wide development at TurboLinux.
Andrew Thomas, 25 Jul 2000

You've got four days to beat the Color Gameboy shortage

In the UK right now colour Nintendo Gameboys are in serious short supply because of - as local Reg specialist Tony 'Don't you read my copy then?' Smith testily pointed out - colour LCD shortages. Which is a problem if you've a daughter demanding one before you go on holiday.
John Lettice, 25 Jul 2000

RealNetworks admits to new spyware bug

A flaw in RealNetworks RealDownload, Netscape/AOL Smart Download, and NetZip Download Demon, discovered by Gibson Research founder Steve Gibson, appears, at least in the case of RealNetworks, to be the result of ignorance rather than nefarious intentions, according to a FAQ hastily issued by the company.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Jul 2000

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