24th July 2000 Archive

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  • Intel vs Hamidi e-mail case continues

    Legal battle to step up a notch

    Media 24 07:28

  • AMD Sledgehammer samples ship

    Rumours grow of Intel cunning plan

    Channel 24 09:31

  • Intel and BAPCo ‘just good friends’

    Updated 'Independent' benchmark outfit cohabiting with Chipzilla

    Business 24 09:35

  • Intel promotes AMD

    Imitation was the sincerest form of flattery

    Bootnotes 24 09:41

  • PC sales disappoint analysts for Q2

    Chip shortages blamed

    Business 24 10:41

  • Now that's what I call rubbish

    UK music site lists world's ten worst songs

    Media 24 10:42

  • Duron 600 tweaked to 900MHz

    Here's how to do it...

    Hardware Roundup 24 10:59

  • Bonfield pondering Cellnet float

    Spanish porn also on the market

    Business 24 11:33

  • Click here for smaller tits

    Boob job auctioned online

    Media 24 12:14

  • AOL is full of it, say M$, Excite

    Instant messaging security concerns are rubbish

    Media 24 12:58

  • Larry Ellison buys his way into Americas Cup team

    Permission granted to pipe him aboard

    Business 24 13:29

  • MS Win64 bacon to be saved by Intel downplaying Itanium?

    Plenty time for Redmond to get it right by McKinley, apparently

    Software 24 14:17

  • RioPort grows licensee list

    Hardware, online players sign up for software, content

    Media 24 14:37

  • Transmeta strikes .13 micron notebook stroke

    IBM helps pull power rabbit out of hat

    Channel 24 14:53

  • Online music sales to hit $5.4bn by 2005

    But CDs sales will still overshadow downloads

    Media 24 15:09

  • King lets fans pay after reading horror online

    Misery for publishers and hackers

    Media 24 15:16

  • G8 leaders make us sick

    They all need a good slapping

    Media 24 15:45

  • Inland Revenue's pathetic Net effort gets worse

    That's what happens when you sign with the devil

    Media 24 16:26

  • MPAA, RIAA sue Scour over copyrights

    Valenti & Co eat their own

    Media 24 18:30