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Intel vs Hamidi e-mail case continues

Ken Hamidi, who has run a long campaign to expose what he considers to be wrong-doings by the Intel Corporation, has received further support in his fight from a US labour organisation.
Mike Magee, 24 Jul 2000

AMD Sledgehammer samples ship

Sources close to AMD have reported that first real silicon is expected for its 64-bit microprocessor, codenamed Sledgehammer, as early as next month. Engineering samples of the chip are already with large PC customers.
Mike Magee, 24 Jul 2000

Intel and BAPCo ‘just good friends’

When we asked Intel last week what they were doing to alleviate their self-professed 'difficulty' with benchmarks not showing how well Rambus really performed against PC-133 SDRAM, they told us: "We're working with the major benchmarking organisations to develop more realistic test methodologies which will show the kind of performance of which Rambus is capable."
Andrew Thomas, 24 Jul 2000

Intel promotes AMD

When we popped in to see our chums in Satan Clara last week, the conversation soon turned to 'that other company', long derided by Chipzilla and officially referred to as a mere 'imitator'.
Andrew Thomas, 24 Jul 2000

PC sales disappoint analysts for Q2

Worldwide PC shipments slipped below forecasts for the second quarter, market researchers revealed today.
Linda Harrison, 24 Jul 2000

Now that's what I call rubbish

dotmusic, a UK music site, has just published a list of what its users voted the ten most irritating songs of all time.
Andrew Thomas, 24 Jul 2000

Duron 600 tweaked to 900MHz

Tweakers.net reckon they've managed to overclock a fully locked Duron 600 to 900MHz. They could get it to post at 1GHz, but it crashed during the Windows boot sequence. Go here for the English version, or here if you'd prefer to read it in the original Dutch.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jul 2000

Bonfield pondering Cellnet float

BT is looking to float its mobile phone operator Cellnet, today's Daily Mail reports. According to the tabloid, it is one of the options Sir Peter Bonfield, BT CEO, is thought to be considering to boost the company's flagging share price.
Team Register, 24 Jul 2000

Click here for smaller tits

A South African hospital has launched an online auction for a boob job.
Linda Harrison, 24 Jul 2000

AOL is full of it, say M$, Excite

It's not often that The Reg finds itself in agreement with Microsoft and Excite but then the latest Nazi on the block, AOL, provides a handy meeting of minds.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jul 2000

Larry Ellison buys his way into Americas Cup team

Larry Ellison's belief that he is best at everything has led him to buy AmericaOne, the yacht that lost the Americas Cup last year, so he can captain the team on its next challenge for the title.
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Jul 2000

MS Win64 bacon to be saved by Intel downplaying Itanium?

The Wintel alliance appears to be moving towards a converged story on Itanium and 64-bit Windows. Neither of them looks capable of shipping a product to spec and to schedule but - ahem - maybe neither of them cares, because it's not important after all.
John Lettice, 24 Jul 2000

RioPort grows licensee list

S3's scheme to establish its Rio system as the dominant MP3 playback platform moved a step or two forward when the company's spun off RioPort subsidiary announced a series of technology licensing deals with other digital music players.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2000

Transmeta strikes .13 micron notebook stroke

Transmeta is likely to be first to the market with .13 micron technology available in notebooks, although sources familiar with the firm's plans have said that it is now likely to be the second half of next year before Crusoe products are widely avilable.
Team Register, 24 Jul 2000

Online music sales to hit $5.4bn by 2005

The online music market is set to balloon to $5.4 billion by 2005, Net-oriented market research company Jupiter Communications bullishly predicted today. And that's just the US market.
Tony Smith, 24 Jul 2000

King lets fans pay after reading horror online

Horror maestro Stephen King has bypassed publishers with his second online serial novel experiment.
Linda Harrison, 24 Jul 2000

G8 leaders make us sick

There's a theory that predicts capitalism will turn into the most corrupt form of communism. It holds that due to the make-up of capitalism - which rewards money with money and power - it is inevitable that over time society will split into the elite super-rich and the rest. The tendency for monopolies to form under capitalism has already been proven and if you look back, the size of mergers has steadily increased in the last ten years.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jul 2000

Inland Revenue's pathetic Net effort gets worse

We correctly predicted that after the fiasco of five million lost tax records that people would start sniffing around the appalling effort for self-assessment online filing.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jul 2000

MPAA, RIAA sue Scour over copyrights

The US entertainment industry's Internet lawsuit reign of terror has lately encompassed Scour.net, a multimedia search-engine outfit ironically backed in part by Hollywood Native Son Michael Ovitz.
Thomas C Greene, 24 Jul 2000

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