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Wanna be on TV?

The producers of a TV documentary about anger want to hear from irate Register readers who've flipped their lid with IT-related rage.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jul 2000

Intel revamps boxed chip roadmaps

Intel has, at last, promised succour to its channel partners, many of which took the brunt of processor shortages this year in favour of large PC vendors.
Mike Magee, 21 Jul 2000

AMD Sledgehammer Apocalyptic

We promised ourselves that we'd never give AMD free advertising but we're just about to break that promise, as this one below has some interesting details about forthcoming projects at the Little Satan of Chips.
Mike Magee, 21 Jul 2000

Napster boosts music sales – survey

Napster users are more likely to buy CDs than people who don't use the MP3 sharing software, a report from Internet-oriented market researcher Jupiter Communications claims.
Tony Smith, 21 Jul 2000

Quantum drive shortage to have domino effect

Disk drive manufacturer Quantum is being forced to build an additional factory line for its Atlas 10K11 as supplies of the product, and its Atlas V unit, dry up.
Mike Magee, 21 Jul 2000

Handspring PDA revenues up 51 per cent

PalmOS licensee Handspring released its first post-IPO earnings report yesterday and promptly shouted about a 51 per cent hike in sequential revenues.
Tony Smith, 21 Jul 2000

BT hacked: revenge for crap service

UpdateWe received an email at 10.20am this morning through a stoned.com account informing us that bt.com, btinternet.com and gameplay.com were all down.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

AOL sees profits double for Q4

AOL laughed in the face of Net critics yesterday, announcing soaring profits for Q4.
Team Register, 21 Jul 2000

Navy officer keelhauled for laptop laxness

A top Navy Officer was hauled before a court martial yesterday after a laptop packed with military secrets was nicked from his car.
Linda Harrison, 21 Jul 2000

Letssellit.com. Oh dear, oh dear

It would have been nice to have been proved wrong but sadly Letsbuyit.com's eventual float has been just as poor as everyone suspected.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

How Microsoft played the numbers game to boost MSN

AnalysisMicrosoft's claims this week that the "MSN network of Internet services" has become the "No 1 worldwide Internet destination for consumers" on "multiple Web sites associated with the MSN brand" got plenty of publicity upfront, but how true were they? Specifically, the company claimed that its own count shows 201 million unique users visiting MSN during June.
Graham Lea, 21 Jul 2000

Athlon Powers 119 mobos

It's a little while since yours truly has done the hardware round up, but Lucy S is off today, so here we go.
Mike Magee, 21 Jul 2000

Sony Net plans to proceed with ISP launch

Sony's designs on the Net-connected home are coming closer to fruition - the company has said it will launch its own ISP in the US in a few months' time.
Tony Smith, 21 Jul 2000

Microsoft becomes cookie defender, privacy hero

AnalysisMicrosoft got quite a bit of mileage out of its announcement earlier this week that it would be building cookie management features into Internet Explorer. Aside from commendations from Jason Catlett and Richard Smith, who're more usually throwing brickbats at the company, Microsoft got a handy sound-bite from Bill Lockyer, chair of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) Internet and Privacy Committee: "I applaud Microsoft's responsiveness and leadership in dealing with this important issue."
John Lettice, 21 Jul 2000

If you don't ASP, you don't get

This article appeared first in Direct Access, a Microsoft UK online channel magazine.
Sean Fleming, 21 Jul 2000

Forbes journo warns against trusting DoJ

A letter of resignation from Forbes journalist Adam Pennenberg to publisher Tim Forbes has been reproduced on the BME Web site. Pennenberg, who has been threatened with a grand jury subpoena by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) to testify in connection with a story he wrote on the crew which defaced the New York Times Web site in 1998, has rejected a 'compromise' with the Department that the Forbes legal department had reached on his behalf.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Jul 2000

Oftel pleads for help

Having a quick flick through "the weekly for online advertising, e-commerce, marketing and publishing" (catchy!) New Media Age, we stumbled across a job ad from the wonderful winged watchdog, Oftel.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

MP to press for action over PowerGen debacle in Commons

Labour MP Derek Wyatt is planning to quiz ministers in the House of Commons next week on Web security.
Linda Harrison, 21 Jul 2000

US Congress meekly addresses workplace surveillance

US legislators in both Houses of Congress have proposed regulations which would require companies to notify employees if they monitor their computer, Internet or telephone use on the job, Reuters reports. The legislation would require employers to inform employees once each year about what information they are gathering and what they do with it.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Jul 2000

Cybersquatting – the solution!

[We came up with a solution to cybersquatting and asked for opinions. And that's exactly what we got. Sorry to those that don't feature but time is a limiter here. Most liked it, a few thought it needed work and a few offered refinements]
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

Video games the root of all evil

[Andrew is off on strange wanderings in deepest darkest America. He picked up a copy of USA Today and felt that familiar shot of agony when he realised what we could become. Lowest common denominator doesn't even come into it]
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

The Rozzers don't know what they're on about

[We criticised the police for their inability to trace emails. A Chief Inspector took issue with us. And our readers took issue with him.]
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

Blood lust over BT hack attack

[We were contacted by an anonymous individual who told us he had shutdown BT's main Web sites in protest of its Internet service. He wasn't joking. BT weren't laughing. But you the readers apparently were]
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

Win2K drivers: HP loses the plot completely

Hapless HP OfficeJet users waiting for Windows 2000 drivers have now had the rug pulled from under them again. Drivers for the older 500, 600 and 700 series all-in-one products had been promised drivers between July 10th and 24th, but now the HP website shows no firm delivery date at all, instead promising a beta driver will be made available 'as soon as possible'.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Jul 2000

Top IT execs look like sh!t

IT execs have never claimed to be dedicated followers of fashion.
Linda Harrison, 21 Jul 2000

Readers' Letters: a new, exciting, sexy format!

That's right, we figured that the Letters thing every week was a bit too, well... long. So we've come up a different format. Hence the list below. Click on a link to see the responses to that letter. We've been caught a little short on time this week, so there are only four categories.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2000

What's making Sun a stellar success?

AnalysisWall Street financial analysts are not renowned for being very kind about results, but during Sun's analyst call last night for its Q4 results, their praise was unprecedented in our experience. "Breathtaking numbers" was the commonest comment, with "an unbelievable quarter" and "spectacular" being runners up. So what had excited these dour destroyers of many a promising company?
Graham Lea, 21 Jul 2000

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