21st July 2000 Archive

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  • Wanna be on TV?

    You gotta be mad to do it

    Business 21 08:43

  • Intel revamps boxed chip roadmaps

    Pentium 4s for dealers later this year

    Channel 21 09:58

  • AMD Sledgehammer Apocalyptic

    Here's a free advert for AMD

    Channel 21 10:12

  • Napster boosts music sales – survey

    Napster will kill software industry - Microsoft

    Media 21 10:28

  • Quantum drive shortage to have domino effect

    Big Blue's next for the drought

    Business 21 10:50

  • Handspring PDA revenues up 51 per cent

    Retail success brings home the bacon - high-end PDA in the works

    Business 21 11:03

  • BT hacked: revenge for crap service

    Hacker emails The Reg to explain why he's nobbled the monster telco

    Media 21 11:08

  • AOL sees profits double for Q4

    Gets a million new members

    Business 21 11:18

  • Navy officer keelhauled for laptop laxness

    Operation Purple Wizard threatened by unable seamen

    Business 21 12:14

  • Letssellit.com. Oh dear, oh dear

    You know when some things are just inevitable?

    Media 21 13:50

  • How Microsoft played the numbers game to boost MSN

    Independent support for 201 million claim less than threadbare

    Software 21 13:50

  • Athlon Powers 119 mobos

    We wibble, we wobble, we webble

    Hardware Roundup 21 13:50

  • Sony Net plans to proceed with ISP launch

    Digital music portal in the pipeline too

    Media 21 14:31

  • Microsoft becomes cookie defender, privacy hero

    But it's started something it probably can't stop...

    Software 21 14:33

  • If you don't ASP, you don't get

    Don't believe the hype? Maybe you just need to be patient

    Business 21 14:58

  • Forbes journo warns against trusting DoJ

    Bad precedent being set

    Media 21 15:10

  • Oftel pleads for help

    It needs some advice on technical matters

    Data Networking 21 15:15

  • MP to press for action over PowerGen debacle in Commons

    This house believes heads should roll

    Media 21 15:46

  • US Congress meekly addresses workplace surveillance

    Lame, popular, and easy to pass

    Media 21 15:49

  • Cybersquatting – the solution!

    But it buggers up Web design

    Letters 21 16:30

  • Video games the root of all evil

    Arse, says Andrew Thomas

    Letters 21 16:30

  • The Rozzers don't know what they're on about

    It's techie versus bobby

    Letters 21 16:38

  • Blood lust over BT hack attack

    It seems quite a popular piece of sabotage

    Letters 21 16:50

  • Win2K drivers: HP loses the plot completely

    Amateurs R Us

    Business 21 17:16

  • Top IT execs look like sh!t

    Jobs is worst, HP's Fiorina is best

    Business 21 17:35

  • Readers' Letters: a new, exciting, sexy format!

    We had a muddle about but it's still just what you send to us

    Letters 21 17:36

  • What's making Sun a stellar success?

    Street swoons as McNealy delivers in style

    Software 21 18:46