20th July 2000 Archive

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  • Windows 2000 SP1 delayed

    Security issues to blame?

    Software 20 00:23

  • Cyrix stands up to Chipzilla with 1GHz Samuel

    Competitive, but not necessarily cheapest

    Channel 20 03:46

  • AMD doubles chip sales in Q2

    Splits stock - my how things change

    Channel 20 06:52

  • Caldera, SCO deny takeover talks

    You can't surf in Utah

    Software 20 07:34

  • Intel red-faced over Red Hat erratumnotbug

    Headless networks and headless chickens

    Business 20 07:57

  • AOL gets further into bed with RealNetworks

    AV online party time

    Media 20 09:05

  • Excite makes Tories the top for tits

    A lesson for all porn hunters

    Election 2001 20 09:05

  • Two new exploits run without victims' action

    And guess whose $oftware is implicated....

    Media 20 09:59

  • OJ Simpson goes on line with Web Q&A

    'Um, so how long does a blonde take to bleed to death?'

    Media 20 10:01

  • Anand gives Duron overclocking masterclass

    Our guide to the hardware that's out there

    Hardware Roundup 20 10:14

  • Spot Register a weekly update

    Memories, drives, CPUs made of this

    Spot Register 20 10:20

  • Linux grows 666 per cent in Japan

    Woe to you, oh earth and sea... and servers?

    Software 20 10:25

  • The lateness of Intel's Mercedium

    AMD Leaves on the corporate line

    Channel 20 10:44

  • Veritas slams UK government

    Taxation policy "out of touch with reality"

    Business 20 11:19

  • New UI types hidden in Windows Whistler preview code

    Here's a couple we decided not to unveil yet...

    Software 20 11:28

  • RIP branded ‘zombie legislation’ as it passes Lords

    'Clinically dead from macabre wounds'

    Media 20 11:31

  • ‘Transitional’ IBM faces growth slowdown

    Q2s display a curate's egg of a company

    Business 20 11:33

  • Corel tells SEC 'we'll run out of cash next month'

    Unless investments sold and non-core units spun off, that is

    Software 20 11:45

  • Spot Register A weekly update

    Trading in drives, CPUs and memories

    Spot Register 20 11:49

  • ThinkPads thin on the ground

    Can't get 'em for love nor money

    Business 20 11:49

  • Letsbuyit.com float on again

    Prepared to brave a Letsnotbuyit market

    Business 20 11:50

  • PowerGen stems flow to bloody nose

    Top exec with brains turns up just in time

    Media 20 12:08

  • Apple Cubed

    The rumours, the legal threats, the products...

    Register Full Coverage 20 12:14

  • MS adds cookie detector to IE, grooms Privacy R US stance

    Former antagonists pounce to push it further onto path of righteousness

    Media 20 13:27

  • Bertelsmann to buy CDNow for $117 million

    Web shakeout a gogo

    Business 20 13:41

  • ZDNet's Rosensweig promises ‘Global Empire’

    And all other opinions are worthless - official

    Media 20 14:35

  • Job losses at Murdochs' e-empire

    Paper titles get their online editions back

    Media 20 14:41

  • Inland Revenue joins Internet hall of shame

    Five million tax returns added to pathetic IT effort

    Media 20 15:38

  • Numeric domain name system launched

    Cyber-number squatters move in

    Media 20 15:47

  • Disney puts boot into AOL/Time Warner deal

    And Alpha Telecom gets bought

    Business 20 16:01

  • RedHotAnt – quality customer service

    This time it is sending out viruses...

    Media 20 16:32

  • The ORBS/MAPS anti-spam battle revisited

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other?

    Media 20 17:04

  • Video games to blame for everything

    Of course they are

    Bootnotes 20 18:46

  • Transmeta chips to make air travel safer

    Gosh, we never thought of that

    Channel 20 20:53