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Windows 2000 SP1 delayed

Microsoft has put back the release to manufacture of Windows 2000 Service Pack 1. Originally due earlier this week, the monstro 83MB patch is now scheduled for release on 24 July and should be available for web download a few days later.
Andrew Thomas, 20 Jul 2000

Cyrix stands up to Chipzilla with 1GHz Samuel

VIA Cyrix, long derided by Intel as a mere imitator, plans to hit 1GHz with its Samuel 2 Celeron rival. Having dumped its plainly daft PR ratings (Certain Intel insiders really got hot under the collar over that one), it now plans to go head to head with Celery on performance.
Andrew Thomas, 20 Jul 2000

AMD doubles chip sales in Q2

Chip challenger AMD turned in revenues of $1.17 billion with net profits of $207.1 million for its second quarter, attributing its good results to a combination of increased microprocessor revenues along with strong sales of flash memory.
Mike Magee, 20 Jul 2000

Caldera, SCO deny takeover talks

According to reports - well, one anyway - Caldera Systems and the Santa Cruz Operation are in discussions which could see the Linux company acquire SCO's OpenServer and UnixWare operating systems. SCO also owns the rights to the Unix trademark, and sits atop a pile of ye originale AT&T Unix code, some of which it's been judiciously leaking as open source over the past year.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jul 2000

Intel red-faced over Red Hat erratumnotbug

A large UK university - we're not naming names - is livid because of an Intel erratum which is preventing it from rolling out 1U headless servers running RedHat Linux, which it wanted to adminster remotely.
Mike Magee, 20 Jul 2000

AOL gets further into bed with RealNetworks

AOL has signed a deal with RealNetworks to install its Internet media software throughout its network.
Linda Harrison, 20 Jul 2000

Excite makes Tories the top for tits

A boob at Excite.co.uk seems to have mysteriously connected William Hague with women's chests.
Linda Harrison, 20 Jul 2000

Two new exploits run without victims' action

It's been a busy week for software bug hunters. First, users of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express will be bitterly disappointed to learn that they are now potential sport of an e-mail exploit which will run automatically, without any action from the victim, a possibility which has been predicted for years while Redmond has persistently ignored it.
Thomas C Greene, 20 Jul 2000

OJ Simpson goes on line with Web Q&A

Acquitted murder suspect of the century OJ Simpson will appear on a series of US television programmes next week, including NBC's Today show and ABC's The View, to tout a new Web site created for him to take questions from the public, called AskOJ.com.
Thomas C Greene, 20 Jul 2000

Anand gives Duron overclocking masterclass

To start off with, Anand has being doing some detective work and discovered how to overclock the Duron, following his earlier investigations into the whole TBird/Duron debate. A few pins adjusted here and there and Hey Presto! Except there is more to it than that, so check out his musings for yourselves.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Jul 2000

Spot Register a weekly update

While many firms in the PC world live and die by price lists, buying through authorised distribution and dealers and generally playing it safe, there's a continuous frenetic undercurrent in which key components are bought and sold.
Mike Magee, 20 Jul 2000

Linux grows 666 per cent in Japan

Linux share of the Japanese server OS market grew a staggering 666.3 per cent last year, market research company IDC has reported.
Tony Smith, 20 Jul 2000

The lateness of Intel's Mercedium

AnalysisWe met at nine. We met at eight. I was on time. No, you were late. Ah yes! I remember it well. -- Alan J. Lerner
Mike Magee, 20 Jul 2000

Veritas slams UK government

The UK government's tax regime and approach to IT companies has been blamed for storage software company Veritas' scheme to halve its investment in the UK.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Jul 2000

New UI types hidden in Windows Whistler preview code

The beginnings of two possible configurable new front ends for Windows are buried inside the preview edition of Whistler, the next version of Win2k due out next year. Options called "Start Panel" and "Start Page" can be enabled in the code, and used as alternatives to the standard Start menu. As the preview doesn't ship with these enabled, and Microsoft hasn't exactly shouted about the feature, it can be seen as work in progress - a hint of what may be to come.
John Lettice, 20 Jul 2000

RIP branded ‘zombie legislation’ as it passes Lords

The Lords forced a fresh set of concessions on the government yesterday before passing its email snooping bill.
Linda Harrison, 20 Jul 2000

‘Transitional’ IBM faces growth slowdown

IBM CEO Lou Gerstner recognised at the announcement of IBM's Q2 results last night that "In a portfolio of our size, we often have units in transition", and so it proved. IBM is in effect a conglomerate of companies, each with a different business cycle, so it is difficult for the company to do well as a whole unless the business cycles largely coincide. So far they haven't, and for the last three quarters, there has been slow revenue growth.
Graham Lea, 20 Jul 2000

Corel tells SEC 'we'll run out of cash next month'

Corel has issued its second cash-flow warning in as many months. The software company yesterday admitted it will run out of money by the end of August if extreme measures are not taken.
Tony Smith, 20 Jul 2000
Stock market image via Shutterstock

Spot Register A weekly update

Demand in the open market has recovered since last week. Anticipated shortages on certain items is forcing OEMs to build stock now for their September requirements, writes Marco Fumagalli.
Mike Magee, 20 Jul 2000

ThinkPads thin on the ground

IBM has racked up a hefty backlog of orders for its new ThinkPad range, with 79 of the 108 configurations available through dealers backed-up until well into August. The company denies it is having any problems because of CD-RW shortages and is attributing the delays to its recent promotion of the new machines.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Jul 2000

Letsbuyit.com float on again

Letsbuyit.com looks like its finally going to take the plunge and float on the stock market tomorrow. The co-op online purchaser has had a chequered past, including two abandoned floats, a lost investor and some appallingly PR stunts, but is going for broke this time.
Team Register, 20 Jul 2000

PowerGen stems flow to bloody nose

It was a massive cock-up and everyone knew it. Leaving customer credit card details and addresses outside the firewall, accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, was ineptitude of the highest order.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Jul 2000

MS adds cookie detector to IE, grooms Privacy R US stance

Microsoft has acted to expunge its somewhat less than glorious record on privacy and security by offering users a cookie management feature. The new cookie manager, which is intended to tell users when Web sites offer them cookies, and to make it easier for them to delete and manage them, is being released to beta testers as a technical beta for IE 5.
John Lettice, 20 Jul 2000

Bertelsmann to buy CDNow for $117 million

Hard-up Web music retailer CD Now has been snapped up by German media giant Bertelsmann for $117 million.
Robert Blincoe, 20 Jul 2000

ZDNet's Rosensweig promises ‘Global Empire’

ZDNet Prez Dan Rosensweig promised "a real global empire" would be the result of his company's acquisition by CNET. He made his comments to ZDNet staff in San Francisco yesterday. CNET has agreed a takeover of ZDNet, creating an online tech behemoth which promises to rank in the top ten most popular sites in the US.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jul 2000

Job losses at Murdochs' e-empire

News Network Ltd - the new media arm of Rupert Murdoch media empire -- has axed 30 people in its London office as part of a massive shake-up at the company.
Tim Richardson, 20 Jul 2000

Inland Revenue joins Internet hall of shame

Luddites have been proved right yet again. Every week it seems there is another major organisation that seems incapable of dealing with computer technology. Even those people that are synonymous with studied efficiency are not immune.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Jul 2000

Numeric domain name system launched

A bunch of Cambridge businessmen have launched a numeric-based domain name system.
Linda Harrison, 20 Jul 2000

Disney puts boot into AOL/Time Warner deal

Walt Disney Corp is getting a bit twitchy about the impending AOL/Time Warner merger so is urging regulators to split it in two as soon as the deal is done.
Team Register, 20 Jul 2000

RedHotAnt – quality customer service

UpdatedWe can only assume that RedHotAnt is living by the adage "All publicity is good publicity." There can surely be no other explanation for the latest balls-up to emerge from the ISP, even if the balls-up is purely accidental.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Jul 2000

The ORBS/MAPS anti-spam battle revisited

Since we posted a story repeating allegations made by ORBS anti-spammers that ISP Above.net was purposefully blocking ORBS traffic, apparently to clear the way for a commercial MAPS (also an anti-spammer service and run by Above.net creator Paul Vixie), we have had emails fighting into our inbox.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Jul 2000

Video games to blame for everything

USA Today, the world's largest circulation local paper, is a godsend for folks from the land of the free when they travel overseas.
Andrew Thomas, 20 Jul 2000

Transmeta chips to make air travel safer

San JoseTransmeta's forthcoming Crusoe low power chips could make transatlantic flights safer, says the company.
Andrew Thomas, 20 Jul 2000

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