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Caminogate failure finally explained

San JoseAt last the truth can be told.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Jul 2000

Cheap Rambus memory on the way

San JoseSamsung revealed to The Reg today that it has set itself the target of bringing Rambus to within five percent of the cost of boring old SDRAM. A laudable aim, but unfortunately the date set for this wondrous event is sometime in 2002.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Jul 2000

White House recommends more on-line snooping

Surveillance of citizens suspected of computer crimes such as malicious hacking must be made easier for federal law enforcement agents, White House Chief of Staff John Podesta said during a speech Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, echoing a familiar Clinton Administration demand once again.
Thomas C Greene, 19 Jul 2000

Mobile barge saves Bubble Economy

A floating power plant is being shipped to the San Francisco Bay to shore up the region's perilous Internet Economy.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jul 2000
LInux nutella

Big-time Linux cluster breaks cover

SGI's FailSafe looks like being the first high-availability clustering for Linux to break cover.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jul 2000

Chipzilla's Q2 sets new record

Chip giant Intel turned in revenues of $8.3 billion for its second quarter with profits of $3.5 billion, but the figures are somewhat blurred because it reaped the reward of its investment portfolio.
Mike Magee, 19 Jul 2000

Queen Mum takes online royal salute

The Queen Mum - 'appy birfday ma'am and gawd bless ya - is to appear live on the Net today.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2000

Consumer watchdog is anti spam

The shoppers champion - the Consumers Association - has finally got an opinion about spam.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2000

breathe is such a wheeze

Further proof - if proof be needed - that lifestyle-conscious breathe is absolutely off its trolley has surfaced courtesy of an e-newsletter from the ISP.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2000
Hammer, spanner and screw

Super scoopage on AMD

Tweaktown has started a new section, called AMD Scoopage Resource. Despite sounding like what one might have to do while following a dog around a park, the guys and gals at Tweaktown will be posting all their hot "scoopage" and opinions of AMD's CPU's. The first instalment of the AMD Scoopage Resource is the Theory of AMD's new FSBs. We reckon it's worth a look.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jul 2000

Transmeta signs IPO organisers

Transmeta is pretty much on course for a late 2000 IPO, having chosen Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Deutsche Banc Alex Brown to set it all up, according to a source "familiar with the matter", cited by Bloomberg.
Tony Smith, 19 Jul 2000

E-commerce is a hotbed of fraud

Internet fraud is sky high, according to Gartner, and Web companies are picking up the tab. A survey of 160 companies confirmed many people's fears by saying that fraud over the Internet is 12 times higher than traditional retailer sales.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jul 2000

Intel shuts stacks of Web forums

Chip giant Intel has proffered an explanation for shutting its motherboard forum, as it emerged that it will also be shutting up shop elsewhere.
Mike Magee, 19 Jul 2000

Freeserve drops on news of next year losses

Freeserve shares fell five per cent in early morning trading following a report that losses are set to increase next year. The British dotcom's broker, Credit Suisse First Boston, estimates that Freeserve will run-up pre-tax losses of £60.9 million in 2001 and £40.7 million the following year. The losses are significantly higher than market speculation. Which put this figure at between £25 million and £40 million.
Team Register, 19 Jul 2000

Russian tycoon secrets up on the Web

Another good example of how the Internet can be used to screw those that abuse their power (and of course give us all a good dose of voyeurism). Apparently there are masses of phone conversation transcripts of leading Russian businessmen up on the Web.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jul 2000

Slow Win2k uptake, flagging Office sales dog MS Q4

Almost without it being noticed, Microsoft has transformed itself from a software company to an investment company. The Q4 results announced last night show investment income up 132 per cent compared with the year-ago quarter. Investment income of $1.127 billion in the quarter represented 32 per cent of Microsoft's income before taxes. It was clear from the results that Microsoft's investments have been performing more profitably than its products, with the operating income showing 30 cents/share coming from products and 14 cents from investment income and interest.
Graham Lea, 19 Jul 2000

Nailbomber's dad gets online to prove his son is mad

The father of the London nailbomber has launched a Website in the hope of proving his convicted murderer son is "mad, not bad".
Linda Harrison, 19 Jul 2000

CNET to buy ZDNet for $1.6bn

CNET is to buy Ziff-Davis inc for $1.6bn stock, in a deal that will see two of the world's biggest Web sites establish a dominant position in the IT news and shopping sector.
Drew Cullen, 19 Jul 2000

Budweiser Frogs eat HSBC

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. They keep on falling for them. The latest company to do a boo-boo on virus hoaxing is HSBC Insurance Brokers Ltd. We've been sent a copy of an email from their tech support helpdesk warning employees to be on the lookout for "Wobbler", the "Win A Holiday" email, and the newest of the bunch - the "Budweiser Frogs Screen Saver".
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jul 2000

Boerries confirms StarOffice to go GPL, Mac version

UpdatedStarOffice creator Marco Boerries has confirmed that Sun intends to GPL the productivity suite. Sun made the official announcement today, but leaking to reporters earlier, Boerries said that source code for the next version of StarOffice, 6.0, will be available for download from 13th October.
John Lettice, 19 Jul 2000

PowerGen credit card security cock-up

Utility firm PowerGen has left thousands of its online customers' bank and contact details unprotected.
Robert Blincoe, 19 Jul 2000

RedHotAnt in security trouble, again

RedHotAnt has clearly never heard of social engineering as a hacking technique.The Register has been informed that the company's tech support team seems to have no qualms about revealing a user's password to a caller without confirming his or her identity.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jul 2000

Anti-spammers turn guns on each other

It may seem incredible, but those companies set up to prevent the abuse of modern communications (namely, spam) don't seem to be above a bit of active sabotage. How come? All down to money, sadly.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jul 2000

PowerGen gives lessons on stupidity

My god, PowerGen's security cock-up may be the biggest example of Net stupidity we've ever seen. If the man that discovered the gaping hole is to be believed (and there's no reason to suppose he shouldn't) he simply cut the end of Powergen's URL, hit return, and was presented with a directory of 700 customers.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jul 2000

Wang wangles fatter bonus

Computer Associates' fat cat Charles Wang just got fatter thanks to a whopping $4.8 million bonus.
Linda Harrison, 19 Jul 2000

Tesco Online goes boffo on booze

Tesco, the "world's largest online grocer," has "improved" its online store again, and The Register's veteran shoppers view the prospect with the usual gloom. For reasons best known to itself, Tesco is addicted to continuous innovation; with every rev the buttons and departments tend to move around, and weird bugs and features scamper around the site, frequently poleaxing your ability to find food, and buy it.
John Lettice, 19 Jul 2000

TrustUK in spam spin

The Government's latest laughable effort to reassure punters that shopping online is safe has hit further bother.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2000

European smartcard sales to top one billion by 2004

The European smartcard market is forecast to top one billion by 2004.
Linda Harrison, 19 Jul 2000

$299 PC launches in Oregon

A US company has launched a sub $299 computer in the technology hotbed of Portland, Oregon.
Linda Harrison, 19 Jul 2000

Watch your mouth – hack at work

Overheard at the Platform Conference in San Jose:
Andrew Thomas, 19 Jul 2000

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