19th July 2000 Archive

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  • Caminogate failure finally explained

    World learns why Rambus boards only have two slots

    Channel 19 Jul 00:18

  • Cheap Rambus memory on the way

    Probably best not to hold one's breath, though

    Channel 19 Jul 03:55

  • White House recommends more on-line snooping

    Bite the pillow; it's for your own good

    Media 19 Jul 06:42

  • Mobile barge saves Bubble Economy

    Mow, mow, mow your boat

    Business 19 Jul 08:02

  • Big-time Linux cluster breaks cover

    16-node failover cluster seeks solvent, non-smoking application vendor.

    Software 19 Jul 08:06

  • Chipzilla's Q2 sets new record

    But vulture capital gains hide chip woes

    Channel 19 Jul 08:55

  • Queen Mum takes online royal salute

    Pomp up the music and make it large

    Media 19 Jul 09:15

  • Consumer watchdog is anti spam

    Finally, it's official

    Media 19 Jul 09:45

  • breathe is such a wheeze


    Media 19 Jul 10:00

  • Super scoopage on AMD

    FSB theory plus an ASUS mobo droolathon

    Hardware Roundup 19 Jul 10:21

  • Transmeta signs IPO organisers

    Public offering won't happen before October, though

    Channel 19 Jul 10:43

  • E-commerce is a hotbed of fraud

    Twelve e-tailing rip-offs for every high street one

    Media 19 Jul 10:46

  • Intel shuts stacks of Web forums

    Can do the job better by email

    Channel 19 Jul 11:02

  • Freeserve drops on news of next year losses

    £60.9 million in the red for 2001

    Business 19 Jul 11:54

  • Russian tycoon secrets up on the Web

    But then you won't have a bloody clue what they say

    Media 19 Jul 12:01

  • Slow Win2k uptake, flagging Office sales dog MS Q4

    But $1 billion of investment income comes in handy...

    Software 19 Jul 12:02

  • Nailbomber's dad gets online to prove his son is mad

    Not gay, but "normal", says pops

    Media 19 Jul 12:04

  • CNET to buy ZDNet for $1.6bn

    What will the regulators say?

    Business 19 Jul 12:22

  • Budweiser Frogs eat HSBC

    Ancient virus hoax alert - call the Natural History museum

    Media 19 Jul 12:37

  • Boerries confirms StarOffice to go GPL, Mac version

    Next: McNealy open sources his MS gag collection?

    Software 19 Jul 12:44

  • PowerGen credit card security cock-up

    It's a gas gas gas

    Media 19 Jul 13:06

  • RedHotAnt in security trouble, again

    handing out passwords this time...

    Media 19 Jul 14:01

  • Anti-spammers turn guns on each other

    All's not fair in love and email abuse

    Media 19 Jul 14:21

  • PowerGen gives lessons on stupidity

    And we congratulate a competitor on a job well done

    Media 19 Jul 14:26

  • Wang wangles fatter bonus

    CA's boss reckons greed is good, greed works

    Software 19 Jul 14:50

  • Tesco Online goes boffo on booze

    Intoxication at your fingertips...

    Bootnotes 19 Jul 14:57

  • TrustUK in spam spin

    The devil's in the detail, don't you know

    Media 19 Jul 15:30

  • European smartcard sales to top one billion by 2004

    We're off to open a shop

    Business 19 Jul 15:42

  • $299 PC launches in Oregon

    Spurns M'Soft OS

    Business 19 Jul 16:45

  • Watch your mouth – hack at work

    Careless talk costs lives

    Bootnotes 19 Jul 22:41