18th July 2000 Archive

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  • InterX sells Ideal Hardware for £18m

    Abandons Pharmweb deal for 'leveraged investment'

    Business 18 07:20

  • Be appliances go wireless walkabout

    Wireless trinkets for world+dog

    Software 18 07:20

  • ARM profits are Absolutely Fabless

    Same old, same old

    Business 18 07:40

  • Rot your teeth with cashless auctions

    Coca-Cola teams up with QXL

    Media 18 07:43

  • MSN Empire hits 201m users

    Keep buying more Web operations, and guess what happens?

    Media 18 07:43

  • Intel slams door on mobo support

    I did not have sex with the CC820

    Business 18 07:56

  • AMD's Corvette a funky little goer

    Mobile chip will be greased lightning

    Channel 18 08:26

  • Microsoft nearly more famous than Coca-Cola

    There's another outfit that won't open source the recipe...

    Business 18 08:48

  • Windows Media Player 7 goes gold, browser wars II to follow

    Integration, excellence, distribution - heard this somewhere before?

    Software 18 09:38

  • Gateway fixes one gig AMD probbo

    The answer lay in the motherboard

    Business 18 09:57

  • Intel CuMine drought nearly over

    It's not the end, or even the beginning of the end...

    Channel 18 10:15

  • Phone frenzy is jacking up CD-RW prices

    Chip shortages and poor forecasting do their bit

    Business 18 10:19

  • Virgin delays unmetered Net access promise

    Doesn't want to do a LineOne

    Media 18 10:52

  • ATI's Radeon makes the GeForce 2GTS look limp

    Dr Tom thinks so anyway

    Hardware Roundup 18 11:04

  • Intel files suit against Intelnet

    Paranoid firm fingers fingerprint firm

    Channel 18 11:14

  • Netscape complainant speaks to The Reg

    What does he think his chances are? Have a look

    Media 18 11:18

  • Freeserve shares yo-yo

    Up and down like a bride's nightie

    Business 18 11:45

  • How to be stupid by mutual agreement

    Security issues? Oh yeah, we've heard of them

    Media 18 12:32

  • Lab rats do it for cash

    Further proof that the Net is full of weirdos, no?

    Media 18 12:35

  • Cracker education site folds on DMCA threat

    Fair Use provision too shaky to stand on

    Media 18 12:38

  • NASA hacker ‘rolex’ nabbed

    One down, 17,300 to go....

    Media 18 14:49

  • Missing White House emails in recovery

    Geeks to the rescue

    Media 18 14:49

  • Police agency calls for Web café ID checks

    Can't you can buy fake ID off the Net?

    Media 18 14:49

  • US Navy carrier to adopt Win2k infrastructure

    And Bill Gates has a stake in the shipyard - is this integration or what?

    Software 18 14:50

  • Hackers: The millennial scapegoats?

    This time they're to blame for Cabinet leaks

    Media 18 15:26

  • Excite tunes in to chello

    It's broadband, but much bigger

    Business 18 15:27

  • Mad Maxtor makes 80GB hard drive

    These platters don't get smoke in your eyes

    Business 18 15:35

  • Who wants to be an E-millionaire?

    Well, these two do...

    Business 18 15:57

  • Brits get e-hallmark

    We're still a nation of shopkeepers

    Media 18 16:31

  • US eases crypto exports to EU

    No big deal - we're buying elsewhere anyway

    Software 18 16:34

  • 3G gets even more expensive

    The mobile bottomless pit now a little deeper

    Data Networking 18 17:33

  • STMicro sees profits soar on mobile phone frenzy

    Pumps it up to $336 million for Q2

    Business 18 18:34

  • Rambus is wonderful, says VIA

    'but a bit of a shame no one can make it work'

    Channel 18 23:56

  • VIA ‘to be number one chipset vendor by year end’

    Will also have one chipset to support both Pentium 4 and Foster

    Channel 18 23:56