17th July 2000 Archive

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  • Intel price drops confirmed

    Firm lays ground for other intros

    Channel 17 06:49

  • Hollywood vs 2600.com in court today

    DVD cracking status put to the test

    Software 17 07:15

  • Sun sets spark to Wildfire

    Smoke gushes over mirrors

    Bootnotes 17 08:15

  • Caminogate recall fiasco rolls on

    Slings, arrows of outrageous misfortune

    Business 17 09:47

  • Sun making StarOffice GPL, dumping SCSL?

    Collapse of intricate web of 'nearly' licences looms...

    Software 17 10:24

  • Rockin' T'bird overclockin'

    Opinions are divided

    Hardware Roundup 17 10:30

  • E-bookers sees sales up 839 per cent

    While losses hit $10 million for Q2

    Business 17 10:59

  • ICANN adds domains names, stores up troubles

    More TLDs will mean more problems, more money for lawyers

    Media 17 11:19

  • MI5 seeks snappers on the Net

    Fat agoraphobics need not apply

    Media 17 11:29

  • Post me to the moon…

    The Royal Mail will quote for the job

    Media 17 11:51

  • BBC online news ‘monopoly’ faces OFT scrutiny

    ...if ITN gets its way

    Business 17 13:16

  • LineOne ditches free Net access

    Can't count, won't count

    Media 17 13:16

  • Clubbin' culture to destroy holiday postcard business

    'Avin' it LARGE

    Media 17 15:22

  • 64-bit Intel Itanic still on course

    Firm denies chip even later...

    Channel 17 15:39

  • Reno DoJ pressures journalist to nail hackers

    She stoops to conquer

    Media 17 16:58

  • Customers bash LineOne

    And smash Quip! phone diallers

    Media 17 17:07