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Xerox fires 40 in porn site clampdown

Forty employees at Xerox have been fired for checking out Net porn while at work.
Team Register, 15 Jul 2000

Scheme to crash US Echelon net snoop ops hatched

The world is invited to overload the US National Security Agency's electronic eavesdropping network, known as Echelon, on 21 October. Place keywords which are believed to trigger a response from the system in your outgoing e-mail messages and faxes, and over it goes -- at least, that's the plan.
Team Register, 15 Jul 2000

Self-destructing email – what Bill wants for Xmas

The self-destructing email is almost upon us, according to a piece in the morning's New York Times. The breakthrough (if breakthrough it is) comes a little late for Microsoft, but Fort Redmond should look on the bright side - all of those awful trial exhibits add up to an amazing sales pitch to companies who don't want the same thing to happen to them.
Team Register, 15 Jul 2000

Mobile phone radiation to be cut

Radiation emission from mobile phones must be cut by 80 per cent, a group of UK MPs said yesterday.
Team Register, 15 Jul 2000

Build your own Klingon disruptor

Fancy building your own Klingon Disruptor? An ex-US Navy engineer has done just that for the bargain price of $500. The gadget fiend has built a 'gun', using readily available hardware that can disable almost any piece of electronic equipment from 20 feet away.
Team Register, 15 Jul 2000

Nineteen degrees of Web separation

Any Web site is just 19 clicks away from any other Web site. And typing in the URL does not count! Researchers in the US have found that the Net behaves like a 'small world network', the same rules that govern the 'How many steps to Kevin Bacon' game.
Team Register, 15 Jul 2000

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