15th July 2000 Archive

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  • Xerox fires 40 in porn site clampdown

    Document Company staff get caught shuffling more than just paper

    Media 15 09:06

  • Scheme to crash US Echelon net snoop ops hatched

    Unfortunately, it looks like the planners are barking up the wrong tree...

    Media 15 09:06

  • Self-destructing email – what Bill wants for Xmas

    But it's not quite as simple as that, fortunately

    Media 15 09:06

  • Mobile phone radiation to be cut

    MPs' committee calls for tougher measures

    Data Networking 15 09:10

  • Build your own Klingon disruptor

    Call to arms for low-budget saboteurs

    Business 15 09:20

  • Nineteen degrees of Web separation

    You are never more than 19 clicks away

    Media 15 09:20

  • You're a bunch of cowards!

    Embittered geeks, that's what we are

    Flame of the Week 15 10:30