14th July 2000 Archive

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  • MS shares drop as analysts squabble over ‘shortfall’

    No consensus over consensus...

    Business 14 Jul 09:15

  • Intel: benchmarks ‘not good enough’ for Rambus

    Ah, that explains it then

    Channel 14 Jul 09:32

  • Woman touts 10-year-old for adoption on the Net

    Boy sent to live with strangers

    Media 14 Jul 09:36

  • Iomega recovery marred by falling sales

    Change of product focus may help

    Business 14 Jul 09:42

  • Windows ME ‘a toy operating system’

    It wasn't us what said it, honest

    Software 14 Jul 09:43

  • Lords do their worst on RIP

    Home Office victory by one vote

    Media 14 Jul 10:02

  • Ray Lane – why he quit Oracle

    Larry failed to notice the new curtains he'd put up

    Software 14 Jul 10:19

  • RIAA dubs Napster defence ‘patently baseless’

    Issues response to MP3 company's attack on copyright case

    Software 14 Jul 10:23

  • Reno gets her teeth into Carnivore

    Well at least she sounds like she means it

    Media 14 Jul 10:25

  • Music minnows fear Net Giants

    Call on EC for protection

    Business 14 Jul 10:36

  • Freeserve/T-Online deal back on the agenda

    Buy now before share option squabbles derail it

    Business 14 Jul 11:01

  • EMI digital music service to debut next week

    100 albums, 200 singles on offer

    Media 14 Jul 11:10

  • Compaq and Seagate sued for $800 million

    A serious disk drive disagreement

    Business 14 Jul 12:20

  • Establishment uses local loop to flay BT

    It's no longer untouchable

    Data Networking 14 Jul 12:43

  • Pig farmer wins top UK dotcom award

    Get orf moi Lan

    Media 14 Jul 12:46

  • We have the solution to cybersquatting

    Warning: logic and reasoning contained within

    Media 14 Jul 12:53

  • Cybersquatting: Full Coverage

    Fun for all the family

    Register Full Coverage 14 Jul 13:01

  • Preview version of Windows Whistler released

    Beta ahoy?

    Software 14 Jul 13:16

  • Sandcraft chip patenting shocker

    The Earth hasn't shattered

    Channel 14 Jul 14:00

  • Canadian province rules violent game ‘pornographic’

    Fire and lasering in British Columbia

    Software 14 Jul 14:14

  • 3Com finalises Palm stock giveaway

    Roll up! Roll up!

    Business 14 Jul 14:42

  • eBay gets the law on sweary bidder

    What am I bid for this fu*@ing lot

    Media 14 Jul 14:46

  • Mesh top nob scampers into arms of rival

    But does he like sushi?

    Business 14 Jul 15:21

  • Anand goes on Apollo Pro 133 mission

    And other hardware titbits are along for the ride

    Hardware Roundup 14 Jul 15:55

  • Mexican geeks crack controversial gov't report

    A day late and a dollar short

    Media 14 Jul 16:27

  • Seti concept gets commercial

    Make a quick buck renting out your processing power

    Media 14 Jul 16:57

  • NASA blocks all Excite@Home traffic to thwart hackers

    Technology's cutting edge looking a bit blunt

    Media 14 Jul 17:02

  • Mr Spock drafted in to flog Dotcom

    Life, Jim, but not as we know it

    Media 14 Jul 17:11

  • Wireless Developers of the World Unite

    Future is safe and secure

    Data Networking 14 Jul 17:17

  • Readers' Letters: It's a biggy

    You write to us, we tell everyone else

    Letters 14 Jul 17:30