13th July 2000 Archive

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  • Can your keyboard kill you?

    Electro-magnetic wotsits build-up to blame for RSI?

    Business 13 08:40

  • Junk mail from MS: whose spam is it anyway?

    Why it keeps coming

    Business 13 08:40

  • .NET: Ballmer tells it like it is – at least we think he does

    When you squirt words down wires they get all squished...

    Bootnotes 13 09:19

  • Gates previews Win64

    But 'technology preview' bodes ill for shipping it with Itanium...

    Software 13 10:16

  • Japanese CE giants to create own Linux

    But since they already have multiple OS deals, what's the big deal?

    Software 13 10:50

  • Sony unveils ‘PalmPowered’ entertainment PDA

    Good looking, but pricey

    Business 13 11:24

  • Transmeta not x86 compatible – Intel

    And PowerNow no good either

    Channel 13 11:25

  • BT bosses get wrists slapped over bonuses

    Fish rots from head down, apparently

    Business 13 12:27

  • Hotmail punts user email addresses to advertisers

    Yet another technical hitch

    Media 13 15:33

  • Olympic bosses sue 1800 cybersquatters

    Not happy with sexual athletes going for gold

    Media 13 15:43

  • Dr Spinola's PR masterclass

    Some more dos and don'ts from the world's foremost spin doctor

    Bootnotes 13 15:50

  • Orange phones will clean your teeth too

    You can't accuse Hans Snook of not having vision

    Data Networking 13 15:59

  • AMD explains why the Duron is multiplier locked

    'We want to be more like Intel...'

    Channel 13 16:29

  • Duron and on and on and on

    The usual hardware suspects can't write enough about it

    Hardware Roundup 13 16:32

  • Mitnick gets the chance to write

    Probation officer not so bad after all

    Media 13 17:03

  • Web lovers say Nein! to German dog persecution

    And other ways in which the Net is empowering the small man

    Media 13 17:08

  • Telewest to cut high-speed Web charges

    Blueyonder saved from the blue yonder

    Media 13 17:15

  • Sprint , WorldCom officially call it off

    It was great fun, but it was just one (of those things)

    Business 13 17:56

  • Mobile phones kill pedestrians

    Time to update the Green Cross Code?

    Data Networking 13 20:36

  • Halifax pulls IF.com Net bank launch

    These are testing times

    Business 13 21:49