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Intel notebook chips to top 1GHz

RoadmapsThe most recent notebook roadmaps from Intel shows that the firm is humming-and-hawing on whether to include its SpeedStep battery saving technology on all future mobile chips, including the mobile Celeron.
Mike Magee, 12 Jul 2000

AMD notebooks beat Intel to GHz punch

RoadmapThe race is on with a vengeance with both AMD and Intel lining up in a three-horse race to see which is first to hit 1GHz in the notebook market.
Mike Magee, 12 Jul 2000

Global PDA production slows down

The momentum behind the PDA market appears to be slowing, according to the latest data from Japan's Nikkei Market Access.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2000

SGI predicts deeper than expected Q4 loss

SGI's Q4 loss will be bigger than planned thanks to tumbling revenues, the company warned Wall Street yesterday.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2000

US musos unite against Net piracy

A band of US musicians yesterday pledged to fight Internet music piracy, primarily, it seems, by asking fans not to do it.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2000

Gates buys piece of pineapple paradise

Billionaire Bill Gates has bought a piece of paradise where he once got 'leid'.
Linda Harrison, 12 Jul 2000

The Bastard gets taste of own medicine

Episode 26This episode is based on real experiences with some of the largest computer companies in the globe. Names and Companies have been changed to protect the guilty. .
Simon Travaglia, 12 Jul 2000

Symbian CEO suggests dream ticket alliance with Palm

Symbian CEO Colly Myers has trailed the prospect of further co-operation with Palm. The two companies co-developing a port of Palm's pen-based UI to Symbian for Nokia, so presumably Myers is anticipating more of the same.
John Lettice, 12 Jul 2000

Letsbuyit.com pulls out of IPO (again)

Online co-op Letsbuyit.com has delayed a stockmarket flotation for the second time in two months, even though it had slashed its original valuation by nearly half. The first float, where it valued the company at between £750 million and £1 billion was pulled because of "market volatility". The company's investors pledged to stand by it. There's been no excuse given for the second pull, which had valued Letsbuyit at £500 million. The Reg has always maintained that the company's concept and business plan is shaky (story: Letsbuyit.com ducks out of float) nd we are looking increasingly right.
Linda Harrison, 12 Jul 2000

Dunblane – the plot thickens

Douglas Hayward, editor of Computing, writes:
Robert Blincoe, 12 Jul 2000

US shies from unwanted Net music legislation

The fight between the music industry establishment and the business' Net-based young guns will be settled in the courts, not the legislature, if the outcome of yesterday's US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing into Internet music distribution is anything to go by.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2000

Psion spends millions on Canadian wireless group

Psion has agreed to buy Canadian wireless technology and software development group Teklogix for C$554 million (£243 million).
Linda Harrison, 12 Jul 2000

TV ebiz show fails to generate any killer ideas

We return to our tracking of the Channel 4's bandwagon-jumping ecommerce extravaganza, The E-Millionaire Show.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Jul 2000

So just how guilty is Netscape?

Since we posted the story that a case had been brought against AOL for infringing consumers' privacy through its Navigator browser, we have been inundated with interesting, uninteresting, encouraging and abusive emails. This then is an attempt to update those interested in the story and give a rundown on the facts and arguments.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Jul 2000

Duron vs Pentium III death match showdown

Last week Planet Hardware brought us the trouncing of the Celeron 700 by AMD's Duron. To follow that, they have lined the Duron up against the Pentium III 700. Billed as a David vs Goliath affair, this match should be interesting, even if it doesn't follow the plot lines sketched out in the Bible.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Jul 2000

Berners-Lee slams Net advertising

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has issued a stinging rebuke to online advertisers for suckering people into clicking on ads dressed up to look like content.
Drew Cullen, 12 Jul 2000

Net Imperative saved at the bell

Net Imperative, the dotcom publisher which went bust last week, has been saved by a consortium, according to Sunday Business. Astonishing, isn't it, Net Imperative scooped on a story about itself...
Drew Cullen, 12 Jul 2000

Forrester Why did Boo flame out so fast?

Team Register, 12 Jul 2000

BBC ‘bleeds value into Yahoo’

The BBC this week announced a news republishing deal with Yahoo! In deference, to the organisation's non-commercial remit, Yahoo! promises that all BBC News stories posted on the site would be carried free of advertising. The BBC is providing news FOC (free of charge).
Drew Cullen, 12 Jul 2000

Finally the truth! Mobiles only kill children

It may not be Panto season but that hasn't stopped Sir Liam Donaldson, Sir William Stewart and the Labour government. "Mobiles phones are safe", "Oh no they're not", "Oh yes they are", "C'mon boys and girls".
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Jul 2000
server room

Mobile phones kill… worms

Researchers seem to be slipping down the food chain in their quest for the truth about mobile phones.
Linda Harrison, 12 Jul 2000

Win2k successor Whistler slips as MS strokes developers

Microsoft's .NET strategy is, as we've suspected for some time, closer than you might think. But the next version of Win2k, Whistler, turns out to be a little further off. At its Professional Developers Conference yesterday the company opened up on some of the components of .NET, made it clear it would take the tried and tested path by bidding for the hearts and minds of developers, and slipped-in the six months delay to Whistler.
John Lettice, 12 Jul 2000

Mobile phones will kill you…

Okay, the most recent government report says that, yes, mobiles can kill you. But it's not the actual mobiles this time (would the government accept £23 billion in licence fees if they weren't safe?), it's their use by us foolish humans.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Jul 2000

Ain't nobody here but us chickens, oh, and the transmitters

Chickens may soon be implanted with transmitters and computers if a, frankly, bonkers engineering professor in Georgia gets her way. According to an Associated Press report, Takoi Hamrita has put five-pence-sized radio transmitters under 12 chickens' breast bones and linked them to some artificial intelligence software.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Jul 2000

Mobile phones won't kill you after all

There is no proof that mobile phones can damage your health.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

Government Health Warning: mobile phones may damage your health

The UK government is to force mobile phone companies to display a health warning on mobile phone packaging, according to the Observer.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2000

Blair hoax email exposes bumlickycrawlies

Wired prime minister Toneeee e-Blair should take heart from news that his MPs aren't quite so gullible as some might like to think.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2000

Yell if you think awards ceremonies are rubbish

At least it wasn't billed as 'the Internet Oscars', but then it may as well have been for all the sense the choice of winners made. That's right, soon-to-be-sold-off BT subsidiary Yell has concluded its annual awards ceremony for the best Web sites for 2000.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Jul 2000

Minister slams RIP objections as ‘ill founded’

Home Office Minister Charles Clarke has labelled concerns over the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) bill from an alliance of 50 UK organisations "ill founded".
Linda Harrison, 12 Jul 2000

MS to drop J++ from Visual Studio

So farewell then Visual J++ - at least as far as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET is concerned. The Internet-oriented version of the Great Stan's development suite will not include a Java tool, the company has admitted.
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2000

Zero mag cull in VNU's buy up of ZD's Euro paper biz

At last. Dutch publisher VNU has finally got round to announcing it is buying Ziff Davis' European publishing business.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2000

ACLU seeks Congress' help against FBI's ‘Carnivore’

A slick new e-mail snooping system developed by the FBI and named 'Carnivore' has so concerned the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that the organisation has petitioned the House Constitution Subcommittee to consider drafting legislation to bring it and similar schemes under control.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jul 2000

Helicopters – an apology

In recent issues, The Register has run salacious, ill-researched and, above all, space-filling stories about Scottish helicopter crashes.
Andrew Thomas, 12 Jul 2000

Stratus in road to Damascus scenario

Wintel is the one true path to happiness, confessed a born-again Stratus suit today. Speaking at a preview of the upcoming Win2K Service Pack, Stratus' David Chalmers extolled the virtues of Intel hardware and Microsoft operating systems, but stopped short of swallowing Chipzilla's plans for the move to 64bit computing.
Andrew Thomas, 12 Jul 2000

Win2K Service Pack 1 due Monday

The first service pack for Windows 2000 will be RTM'd next Monday (17 July) and posted on the web a couple of days later. You don't really want to be an early adopter on this one unless you own an unfeasibly fast modem, because the core update weighs in at a hefty 83.3Mb.
Andrew Thomas, 12 Jul 2000

How much is your domain name really worth?

Shoutloud.com, Europe's self-styled biggest domain name broker, has launched an online valuation service. It's free.
Drew Cullen, 12 Jul 2000

TV show rips off Britain's brains

Got a great idea for a new Web venture? Then why not send it to Channel 4 - if it's good enough you are guaranteed £1 million, or you may be one of the lucky five to get a share of a further £1 million.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2000

Man plunges to his death using mobile phone

It's official - mobile phones can seriously damage your health.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2000

Cisco tells spam victims to reply with abusive emails

Cisco Systems is urging victims of spam to take the law into their own hands and deliver their own form of vengeance to combat unwanted e-mails.
Team Register, 12 Jul 2000

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