12th July 2000 Archive

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  • Intel notebook chips to top 1GHz

    Dance to the rythmn of the Tualatin

    Channel 12 05:55

  • AMD notebooks beat Intel to GHz punch

    Tweedledum and Tweedledee line up

    Channel 12 10:13

  • Global PDA production slows down

    Component shortages to blame?

    Business 12 10:48

  • SGI predicts deeper than expected Q4 loss

    Revenues down on supply problems, lower sales

    Business 12 11:11

  • US musos unite against Net piracy

    Please don't pinch our songs, rock stars plead

    Media 12 11:31

  • Gates buys piece of pineapple paradise

    £12m to get 'leid'

    Business 12 11:36

  • The Bastard gets taste of own medicine

    So much to do, so much to learn

    BOFH 12 11:39

  • Symbian CEO suggests dream ticket alliance with Palm

    The Nokia contract writ larger?

    Software 12 11:45

  • Letsbuyit.com pulls out of IPO (again)

    Ants in their pants

    Business 12 12:25

  • Dunblane – the plot thickens

    More stunning herf gun stuff

    Letters 12 13:14

  • US shies from unwanted Net music legislation

    Much jaw-jaw at Senate hearing, but Napster vs RIAA war-war continues

    Media 12 13:16

  • Psion spends millions on Canadian wireless group

    Reckons it's the most important buy it's ever made

    Business 12 13:33

  • TV ebiz show fails to generate any killer ideas

    But it's got to give £1 million to someone

    Business 12 13:53

  • So just how guilty is Netscape?

    The SmartDownload privacy case retackled and in full

    Media 12 14:51

  • Duron vs Pentium III death match showdown

    A battle royal of biblical proportions

    Hardware Roundup 12 14:59

  • Berners-Lee slams Net advertising

    The Perversion is the Message

    Media 12 15:40

  • Net Imperative saved at the bell

    Free of debts, free of Durlacher

    Business 12 15:49

  • Forrester Why did Boo flame out so fast?

    Poor execution of good idea, says Dr Therese Torris of Forrester Research

    Business 12 15:59

  • BBC ‘bleeds value into Yahoo’

    Deserves rough week, FT columnist says

    Business 12 15:59

  • Finally the truth! Mobiles only kill children

    The Great Mobile Debate comes to a close. Until next time, ha ha ha

    Data Networking 12 16:04

  • Mobile phones kill… worms

    Cause sci-fi B-movie style mutations

    Data Networking 12 16:04

  • Win2k successor Whistler slips as MS strokes developers

    But .NET is closer than you thought...

    Software 12 16:09

  • Mobile phones will kill you…

    ...But only if you're driving, or fail to follow the Green Cross Code

    Data Networking 12 16:17

  • Ain't nobody here but us chickens, oh, and the transmitters

    Has the world gone clucking mad?

    Data Networking 12 16:17

  • Mobile phones won't kill you after all

    Ten month investigation finds no evidence of threat to health

    Data Networking 12 16:27

  • Government Health Warning: mobile phones may damage your health

    Mobile phones to go the way of a pack of smokes

    Data Networking 12 16:27

  • Blair hoax email exposes bumlickycrawlies

    Have they got no pride?

    Media 12 16:31

  • Yell if you think awards ceremonies are rubbish

    Now we're not saying it was crap but...

    Media 12 16:59

  • Minister slams RIP objections as ‘ill founded’

    Feminists and pro-fox hunters unite in opposition

    Media 12 17:04

  • MS to drop J++ from Visual Studio

    Just like it said last December it wasn't going to do...

    Software 12 17:11

  • Zero mag cull in VNU's buy up of ZD's Euro paper biz

    Nightmare scenario might not be realised

    Bootnotes 12 17:29

  • ACLU seeks Congress' help against FBI's ‘Carnivore’

    Please de-fang this beast before it devours us

    Media 12 17:51

  • Helicopters – an apology

    Reg jumps off the bandwagon

    Bootnotes 12 19:42

  • Stratus in road to Damascus scenario

    No money to be made with Itanium, apparently

    Business 12 19:44

  • Win2K Service Pack 1 due Monday

    Modem meltdown

    Software 12 19:47

  • How much is your domain name really worth?

    Shoutloud.com offers free valuation

    Business 12 20:48

  • TV show rips off Britain's brains


    Business 12 20:55

  • Man plunges to his death using mobile phone

    Prime candidate for Darwin Awards

    Data Networking 12 21:45

  • Cisco tells spam victims to reply with abusive emails

    Alternatively, clog up the servers

    Business 12 21:46