11th July 2000 Archive

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  • AMD wins 1GHz price war

    But new battle lines forming

    Channel 11 08:01

  • Drambusters fly against Rambus

    Return of the Jedec: Rambusters

    Channel 11 08:29

  • Dr Tom overclocks T'birds, Durons and Athlons

    AMD can lock its multipliers all it likes

    Hardware Roundup 11 09:37

  • Dunblane – the author speaks

    Ambulance chasing IT journalism: The record set straight

    Bootnotes 11 09:39

  • Milkmen get to service the e-community

    And not just bored housewives...

    Business 11 10:19

  • MS and Toshiba huddle to create e-book standard

    One more integration before they call me off...

    Software 11 10:43

  • IBM pays off Time

    Coughs up £13m compensation

    Business 11 11:22

  • German ruling loosens MS lock on reselling of Windows

    Does this mean MS OEM and licence agreements are illegal?

    Software 11 11:25

  • $377m S3-Via deal won't happen before August – official

    Taiwan's regulators concerned about venture's scale

    Channel 11 11:46

  • Cyberphobic Brits won't touch Net with yours

    Twenty five per cent of population afflicted

    Media 11 13:08

  • Sick Incubator market gives birth to research

    Stating the obvious and some other ebiz tiddlers

    Business 11 14:21

  • Dell shoots WebPC

    Quietly kills its seven-month old baby

    Business 11 14:29

  • Come with me inside… Cable & Wireless

    We check out one of those new-fangled data centres

    Data Networking 11 15:31

  • FBI spying easier thanks to Y2K

    Hello? Is this thing on?

    Media 11 15:34

  • 1GHz war not over, Intel claims

    High volume PIIIs to halve in price by October

    Channel 11 15:34

  • Cat faces jail for Net fraud

    ZDNet/Ananova/fascists are implicated

    Media 11 16:03

  • ISPs fly to continent to escape RIP

    Suncream optional

    Media 11 16:29

  • C&W CEO answers Reg criticisms

    Oh, and we ask e-minister Patricia Hewitt a solitary question

    Data Networking 11 16:36

  • The Internet is dead. Long live the Internet

    You always knew big business would run it in the end

    Media 11 16:51

  • Win a stake in a dotcom startup or watch Star Trek Voyager

    We chose Voyager

    Media 11 16:53

  • Network downtime costs planet $1.6 trillion

    ...Or so lunatic PwC survey claims

    Media 11 22:22