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AMD wins 1GHz price war

Peace will break out on the 1GHz microprocessor front in the continuing war between Intel and AMD on the 5 September.
Mike Magee, 11 Jul 2000

Drambusters fly against Rambus

US reports said that the five biggest semiconductor firms, the so-called Dramurai, are preparing a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against US intellectual property firm Rambus.
Mike Magee, 11 Jul 2000

Dr Tom overclocks T'birds, Durons and Athlons

As usual, we do the legwork around the land where the ware is hard so you don't have to.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Jul 2000

Dunblane – the author speaks

Investigative journalist Pete Warren responds to Computer mags -- or ambulance chasers?
Team Register, 11 Jul 2000

Milkmen get to service the e-community

The local milkman will soon be harnessed for delivering goods such as computers, CDs, toys and trainers, as well as the usual two pints of goldtop and a dozen eggs. Yesterday saw Express Dairies sign a deal with m-box, an online home shopping company. Express will use its national network of delivery centres and electric milk floats to deliver for and collect orders from various e-tailers. The company's milkmen and women currently service more than seven million UK households every day.
Team Register, 11 Jul 2000

MS and Toshiba huddle to create e-book standard

Another day, another integration. Microsoft has shown every sign of betting heavily on the e-book as a one way to get Windows CE to succeed, and now the company has struck a deal with Toshiba to co-develop LCD technology optimised for portable electronic devices that can be used to download books.
John Lettice, 11 Jul 2000

IBM pays off Time

British PC retailer Time Computers has won a victory over IBM in a £13 million dispute.
Linda Harrison, 11 Jul 2000

German ruling loosens MS lock on reselling of Windows

Microsoft's ability to sell a whole new operating system with every PC that ships, and to block the growth of a secondary/secondhand OS market, has been checked slightly - in Germany. A German appeal court has ruled that Microsoft can't stop dealers selling software it intends should ship only with new PCs separately.
John Lettice, 11 Jul 2000

$377m S3-Via deal won't happen before August – official

The $377 million joint venture between Via and S3 has stalled over Taiwanese government concerns about the scale of the deal, it has emerged.
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2000

Cyberphobic Brits won't touch Net with yours

A quarter of adult Brits will not touch the Internet with a bargepole, a survey has revealed.
Linda Harrison, 11 Jul 2000

Sick Incubator market gives birth to research

The over-hyped under-funded Internet Incubator Fund phenomenon may be collapsing around its ears, but there's money to be had in researching the topic. Step forward IDC, which says Incubators will need to develop "highly differentiated, value-added services to compete for and successfully grow their services". Now why didn't we think of that. If stuff like this is your bag of tea, roll up to the IDC Business Services: Incubators Research program here
Team Register, 11 Jul 2000

Dell shoots WebPC

Dell Computer has pulled its WebPC line just seven months after it was released onto the consumer computer market.
Linda Harrison, 11 Jul 2000
server room

Come with me inside… Cable & Wireless

This May, Cable & Wireless reappeared from a self-imposed exile and told the world how it saw the future of the Internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jul 2000

FBI spying easier thanks to Y2K

In the course of covering Washington politics for several years we've noticed that it's often the casual throw-away comments made by Establishment players during press conferences and hearings which can lead to a discovery for journalists.
Thomas C Greene, 11 Jul 2000

1GHz war not over, Intel claims

Only one day after we received information from a US OEM of a price drop on AMD 1GHz Athlons in early September, we have now learned that Intel will take retaliatory action the next month, in a classic Tweedledum-Tweedledee move.
Mike Magee, 11 Jul 2000

Cat faces jail for Net fraud

When we first read about Ziggy the stock-holding cat of ********* [sorry dotcom company name deleted for legal reasons - Ed] we thought it was just an unimaginative, pathetic PR attempt to get free publicity.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jul 2000

ISPs fly to continent to escape RIP

Two more ISPs have threatened to up sticks and move their email systems overseas if the government goes ahead with its planned Web snooping plans.
Linda Harrison, 11 Jul 2000

C&W CEO answers Reg criticisms

We went to the launch of Cable & Wireless' new data centre in Swindon today. While there, we managed to have a cosy chat with the company's CEO Graham Wallace and took the opportunity to raise criticisms we levelled in May over his company's new business focus.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jul 2000

The Internet is dead. Long live the Internet

It doesn't really matter how it happened, the means to the end, but yesterday's announcement by the World Intellectual Property Organisation that it would "study ways" of stopping people registering URLs to which they have "no legitimate claim" can be seen as the death of the original Internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jul 2000

Win a stake in a dotcom startup or watch Star Trek Voyager

This week we will be following Channel 4's E-millionaires Show, bringing you our thoughts on the show and the ebusinesses proposed by its 15 contestants.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Jul 2000

Network downtime costs planet $1.6 trillion

Naughty hackers and computer viruses cost the global economy $1.6 trillion in the last year, according to a shock-horror survey from PriceWaterhouse Coopers.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Jul 2000

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