10th July 2000 Archive

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  • Notebook PCs a liability – Compaq

    Business under threat from PC insecurity

    Business 10 07:11

  • Semi kimonos open: 12 inches revealed

    Calling it 300mm sounds boastful

    Channel 10 08:19

  • Israel to make a million 1.7GHz Pentium 4s

    Shedloads of Willamettes about to hit the streets - or the big OEMs, at least

    Channel 10 10:11

  • Gay London vicar blackmailed by online friend

    The Internet will lead you astray every time

    Media 10 11:05

  • Back with the WAP

    Weekly roundup: things are looking up, I tell you

    Data Networking 10 11:42

  • BOFH wants to know: how dangerous are your users?

    Quizlings or Quislings?

    BOFH 10 12:17

  • Eidos to get £700m offer

    And other bubble economy nuggets

    Business 10 12:29

  • Top Secret US plane ‘caused Chinook crash’

    The truth is out there

    Bootnotes 10 12:50

  • Abit KA7 gets more kudos

    And meet the new Hexus chiller thriller

    Hardware Roundup 10 13:06

  • ‘Magnificent breasts’ get pulled by content security firm

    They're not chicken

    Media 10 13:59

  • Click here to send an email on your bog-standard phone

    You get three goes for free

    Media 10 15:18

  • Pentium 4 pricing revealed

    And no bus licence for t'others

    Channel 10 15:27

  • Mutant Watch registry hacked, McCarthyite Senator says

    Months of snitch-work up in smoke

    Media 10 15:30

  • Even the government thinks UK police are Web-stupid

    New cyber agency to sort out the mess

    Media 10 15:39

  • EDS chief flies into the arms of Computacenter

    UK's top dealership gets a good servicing

    Business 10 15:47

  • TV hunt for e-greedy start ups

    £1 million to burn for the people's favourite

    Media 10 16:35

  • Lloyd's of London insures against hacking

    Get whacked, get a cheque

    Media 10 16:49

  • BT: a new dictionary definition?

    To do a BT: to delay; to contradict yourself; move slowly

    Data Networking 10 17:01

  • VNU still to buy ZD Euro paper biz

    No, you still can't have a job

    Bootnotes 10 17:38