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Notebook PCs a liability – Compaq

A survey conducted on Compaq's behalf by MORI has concluded that business is under threat because of the lack of notebook security.
Mike Magee, 10 Jul 2000

Semi kimonos open: 12 inches revealed

The firms which make the equipment used by semiconductor firms to make silicon chips are predicting a rush to 12in wafer technology worth an estimated $60 billion in investment.
Mike Magee, 10 Jul 2000

Israel to make a million 1.7GHz Pentium 4s

Chipzilla has ordered its plant in Israel, Fab 18, to drop everything and produce 5000 Pentium 4 wafers - each containing around 200 little P4s - within six weeks.
Andrew Thomas, 10 Jul 2000

Gay London vicar blackmailed by online friend

A gay London vicar has fled his parish after an online liaison turned into a blackmail attempt.
Linda Harrison, 10 Jul 2000

Back with the WAP

A week is long time in politics and, it seems, mobile application protocols. We still maintain WAP is crap while also saying it will become popular at some point. How can we be so two-faced? Easy. The current slew of gateways, sites and phones are the equivalent of early Gameboy models. Your WAP phone is a Gameboy, your PC, the games console. One is one hundred times better but that won't stop people from sitting on buses and pumping away at a tiny toy.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jul 2000
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BOFH wants to know: how dangerous are your users?

Episode 24BOFH 2000 Episode 24 (Quiz no.3)
Simon Travaglia, 10 Jul 2000

Eidos to get £700m offer

Infogrames is understood to have offered a buyout deal for Eidos that values the computer games company at £700 million. The talks are said to have reached the final stages, with the French software group putting forward an all-share deal, making Eidos shares worth between 600p and 700p, according to todays FT. But the FT admitted the deal could still go either way - whereas the talks "could be completed within weeks", it added that the deal "could still fall through over valuation and management issues".
Team Register, 10 Jul 2000

Top Secret US plane ‘caused Chinook crash’

When an RAF Chinook helicopter carrying almost all the senior intelligence officers working in Northern Ireland crashed into the Mull of Kintyre six years ago, pilot error was given as the official explanation of the disaster.
Andrew Thomas, 10 Jul 2000

Abit KA7 gets more kudos

If, like me,you've discovered that your computer is limping a little, then the first place you want to check out today is Hexus.com for its system price guide.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jul 2000

‘Magnificent breasts’ get pulled by content security firm

Email monitoring is set to be the next cyber cash-cow, according to a report out today.
Linda Harrison, 10 Jul 2000

Click here to send an email on your bog-standard phone

If you were wondering which hi-tech toy you'd waste five minutes on today, look no further.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jul 2000

Pentium 4 pricing revealed

Sources close to Intel's plans have now revealed the prices for the first two flavours of the up-and-coming Pentium 4, formerly codenamed Willamette.
Mike Magee, 10 Jul 2000

Mutant Watch registry hacked, McCarthyite Senator says

The Mutant Watch Web site has been attacked by activists bent on destroying its registry, site spokesman and neo-McCarthyite busybody 'Senator Kelly' is reported to have said.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Jul 2000

Even the government thinks UK police are Web-stupid

The government is setting up a new police agency to deal with Internet crime. The hi-tech bobbies will tackle the increasing number of criminals that use the Internet to hide from the law.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jul 2000

EDS chief flies into the arms of Computacenter

Computacenter has nabbed the UK MD of services giant EDS.
Linda Harrison, 10 Jul 2000

TV hunt for e-greedy start ups

The hunt for the next dotcom companies to burn up millions in venture capital, and then keel over and die, starts tonight at 8.00pm GMT.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jul 2000

Lloyd's of London insures against hacking

Computer security outfit Counterpane Security has begun offering coverage against losses due to malicious hacking, which will be underwritten in part by insurance powerhouse Lloyd's of London.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Jul 2000

BT: a new dictionary definition?

Blimey, BT never fails to amaze. You'd think that after all the trouble it's had in the past four months it would have sorted out its PR. But it would appear that the big dumb giant is confused, saying one thing one day and another the next.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jul 2000

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