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Intel 815e platform thrashes 820 platform

A report on Semiconductor Business News has compared Intel's own benchmarks for its recent i815e chipset -- which uses PC-133 memory -- to its 820 chipset -- which uses Rambus RIMMs with the results clearly demonstrating the former outperforms the latter.
Mike Magee, 09 Jul 2000

ISP RIPs up UK domicile

Poptel, a British ISP which counts the Trades Union Congress TUC) among its customers, is threatening to move abroad, unless the Government ditches email snooping rights introduced through the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill.
Drew Cullen, 09 Jul 2000

No need for 64 bits in firewall world?

ColumnThe French, aided and abetted by discontented Scottish fans, finally put a nail in the coffin of Euro 2000 a week ago today, when the boys in blue pulled off a last minute surprise equaliser and went on to take the trophy.
Mike Magee, 09 Jul 2000

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