7th July 2000 Archive

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  • Helicopters R Us

    The truth behind Computer Weakly's long-running campaign

    Bootnotes 07 Jul 08:25

  • Oracle turns into Franklin Mint

    Limited edition NICs for sale

    Business 07 Jul 08:34

  • Oracle's NC Mk.2 heads for UK

    Did you say BritNic?

    Business 07 Jul 09:12

  • Via-S3 deal put on standby

    Taiwanese gov wants more info

    Channel 07 Jul 10:25

  • Save a day a month by killing Web ads

    Can you be bothered?

    Media 07 Jul 11:02

  • S3-Via JV hits Taiwanese gov't roadblock

    Red tape delay - or will the new administration block the deal?

    Channel 07 Jul 11:03

  • ABIT confirms new Socket A mobo specs

    Durons and Tbirds welcome

    Business 07 Jul 11:11

  • AOL faces snooping court case

    Netscape software monitors downloads, alleges some bloke

    Media 07 Jul 12:04

  • Scots busted in £3m MS piracy raid

    Climax to six-month probe

    Business 07 Jul 12:07

  • RIP: even Big Brother is confused

    Minister dodges questions

    Media 07 Jul 13:00

  • Lara Croft creator gets £4 million bonus

    While Eidos bleeds...

    Business 07 Jul 13:14

  • RIP Bill

    Big Brother is watching you

    Register Full Coverage 07 Jul 13:22

  • CBI, FSB, PCG ask for rethink on IR35

    Acronyms stand up for contractors

    Business 07 Jul 13:51

  • Oz biz promises 24x7 Net access for Palm

    Australian co. hooks Palm V into wonderful world of WAP

    Data Networking 07 Jul 14:18

  • The Register guide to acronyms

    Or how to misunderstand PC speak

    Bootnotes 07 Jul 14:31

  • SMC buyer announced

    £20k sale

    Business 07 Jul 14:31

  • The wit and wisdom of Martha Lane Fox

    Toffs on top

    Networks 07 Jul 14:33

  • Net pornographer jammed up in Federal probe

    Pam and Tommy may laugh last

    Media 07 Jul 14:36

  • UK police no idea about the Net

    Even if they got RIP powers, they wouldn't know what to do with them

    Media 07 Jul 14:45

  • Mobile phone calls forwarded to planes

    Something else to stop you sleeping on long haul flights

    Data Networking 07 Jul 15:45

  • Nokia/C&W pitch for future of mobile market

    Developing open source platform to run the mobile world

    Data Networking 07 Jul 15:51

  • ISPA not charging for whiners

    People complained about its £15 complaining fee

    Media 07 Jul 16:01

  • Pan UK reseller play no longer enough

    Three into two may go

    Business 07 Jul 16:13

  • Dr Tom fiddles with Intel 815 mobo quintet

    And other Hardware scoops

    Hardware Roundup 07 Jul 16:18

  • Blair to give £20m RIP sweetener

    'Speculation', the Home Office screams. So it must be true.

    Media 07 Jul 16:37

  • Reader's Letters Lots of anger this week

    Hackers and brain snackers

    Letters 07 Jul 17:30

  • This House believes Cyber Rights are going down the pan

    Oxford Union, Guardian Unlimited stage debate

    Media 07 Jul 17:55