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Helicopters R Us

The UK's most dull but worthy weekly IT rag, Computer Weekly, has taken up the torch of truth and is pursuing the Government over an alleged cover up on a helicopter crash six years ago in which almost all the intelligence operatives working in Northern Ireland were killed.
Andrew Thomas, 07 Jul 2000

Oracle turns into Franklin Mint

This week someone bid £100,000 for a handbag once owned by Britain's increasingly batty former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. But it was for charity, so that's all right, then.
Drew Cullen, 07 Jul 2000

Oracle's NC Mk.2 heads for UK

This story was first filed on 9 May, 2000 by Annie Kermath.
Team Register, 07 Jul 2000

Via-S3 deal put on standby

A report on Techweb Finance claims that the Taiwanese government has delayed the proposed joint venture between S3 and Via.
Mike Magee, 07 Jul 2000

Save a day a month by killing Web ads

UK-based ADScience has launched its latest assault on that most controversial of issues - Web advertising.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Jul 2000

S3-Via JV hits Taiwanese gov't roadblock

Bureaucratic wranglings in Taiwan's government have held up the proposed joint venture between S3 and Via, the duo admitted yesterday.
Tony Smith, 07 Jul 2000

ABIT confirms new Socket A mobo specs

UpdatedABIT's KT7 Socket A mobo, based on Via's KT133 chipset, debuts today. The KT7 is designed for use with all AMD-K7 Socket A Thunderbird and Duron 200MHz FSB processors. It supports AGP 1x/2x/4x and 100/133MHz SDRAM. The mobo features three 168-pin DIMM sockets supporting PC-100 and PC-133 SDRAM.
Andrew Thomas, 07 Jul 2000

AOL faces snooping court case

A lawsuit has been taken out against AOL, accusing it of violating privacy laws. The complainant, Christopher Specht, alleges that Netscape's SmartDownload software secretly monitors all .exe and .zip files that are downloaded. Downloaded file info is fed back to Netscape along with an identifying cookie that sits in the Navigator browser.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Jul 2000

Scots busted in £3m MS piracy raid

Microsoft has busted a group of suspected Scottish software pirates and seized kit worth more than £3 million.
Linda Harrison, 07 Jul 2000

RIP: even Big Brother is confused

Ever get the feeling that the more you learn the less you know (Linda Harrison writes?
Team Register, 07 Jul 2000

Lara Croft creator gets £4 million bonus

The man who spawned Lara Croft has netted a £4 million bonus, despite his company issuing two profit warnings and recording operating losses of £27 million.
Team Register, 07 Jul 2000

RIP Bill: Links to all our stories

What the hell is - the UK's RIP Bill?
Team Register, 07 Jul 2000

CBI, FSB, PCG ask for rethink on IR35

The battles may have been lost but the war continues. Having covered lobbying both Commons MPs and the House of Lords, talking to every media outlet that will listen and started a case in the European Courts, critics of the IR35 tax legislation have written a high-profile open letter in the Financial Times calling on the government to reconsider the measures.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Jul 2000
Broken CD with wrench

Oz biz promises 24x7 Net access for Palm

Australian mobile comms company DotWap yesterday said it will provide local Palm V users with 24x7 wireless Internet access next October.
Tony Smith, 07 Jul 2000

The Register guide to acronyms

Following the glossary that we recently published, we have been asked by many readers to also provide a guide to the thicket of acronyms that obscure the PC industry. So here it is.
Team Register, 07 Jul 2000

SMC buyer announced

UpdatedThe receivers of SMC Computers today sold the Slough reseller for £20,000.
Linda Harrison, 07 Jul 2000
Don't rely on Lastminute.com

The wit and wisdom of Martha Lane Fox

"I can't tell you how far off any thoughts about my wealth are. Here in our office, surrounded by eighty enthusiasts, we just think about where we can take the business next." (Lane Fox, Evening Standard, 10 Feb 2000)
Drew Cullen, 07 Jul 2000

Net pornographer jammed up in Federal probe

Federal officials in the USA are investigating renowned Internet pornographer Seth Warshavsky and his on-line porn company, Internet Entertainment Group (IEG), on suspicions of credit-card fraud and income tax evasion, the Washington Post reports.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Jul 2000

UK police no idea about the Net

Following on from our story about runaway maths prodigy Sufiah Yusof yesterday, you'll be pleased to know she's been found and she's not returning home.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Jul 2000

Mobile phone calls forwarded to planes

The only place left to hide from your mobile phone now is the Underground. BT has announced a deal today that will extend the GSM network to the skies, using what it describes as a "proxy cellular phone".
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Jul 2000

Nokia/C&W pitch for future of mobile market

Nokia and Cable & Wireless have announced "the beginning of a co-operation to create a truly global, mobile Internet platform".
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Jul 2000

ISPA not charging for whiners

The Internet Service Providers Association has noticed that people are reluctant to complain if they have to pay to do it. Fortunately, they are not total boneheads, and have reviewed the procedure.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Jul 2000

Pan UK reseller play no longer enough

(This article appeared first in Direct Access, a Microsoft UK online channel magazine.)
Drew Cullen, 07 Jul 2000

Dr Tom fiddles with Intel 815 mobo quintet

Doctor Tom has been busy, investigating five mobos based on the Intel 815 chipset. The successors to the 440BX, are the Solano and Solano 2 worthy of the task? Go have a look!
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Jul 2000

Blair to give £20m RIP sweetener

The government is planning to hand UK business £20 million to compensate for its email interception plans.
Linda Harrison, 07 Jul 2000

Reader's Letters Lots of anger this week

(This week, letters on hackers, Microsoft-Linux and IDC, Japanese quantum claims, crap drinking joke with Latin flavour, Readers @ the Speed of Thought, crap Americanism. We also get a ticking off for being too flippant about AOL, Netscape and privacy.)
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Jul 2000

This House believes Cyber Rights are going down the pan

Civil rights activists won a small intellectual battle on Friday when they successfully argued that "any attempt by Government to police the Net is both unworkable and a severe threat to civil liberties".
Team Register, 07 Jul 2000

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