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Via, Intel kiss and make up (but not having kids)

Via has secured licensing rights to produce chipsets for Intel-produced Pentium III and Celeron microprocessors. It will pay unspecified royalties and a lump sum for the privilege.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jul 2000

CD replicators landed with $1.5m piracy bill

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has netted $1.5 million from two CD-ROM replicator companies.
Linda Harrison, 06 Jul 2000

Anand duffs up Celery 700s with the Duron

More Celerons for you today. We missed one fromAnandtech last time, so we'll put it right today. His scores show the Duron consistently ahead, even performing well enough to be considered with the higher end of the market. The Celeron on the other hand, fits in snugly in at the low end. Put rather starkly: "If you care about performance at all you'll want to stay away from the Celeron 700." You tell 'em Anand!
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2000

Build it, multiboot it, and overclock it

First a brief foray into the world of operating systems with a look at a "how to" on Tweak 3D. The site has a step by step guide to multibooting your computer with Windows and Linux. It has been written with the less experienced in mind, so if you are "Granny", this is where you can learn to suck eggs.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2000

Dr Tom checks Cyrix's Samuel

What are the ten best things that have ever happened in gaming hardware? Would you rank the 3dfx Voodoo graphics accelerator above the PC CDROM? And how important do you think mouse-based gaming is? Check out Planet Hardware for their top ten. Fodder for many discussions we think.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2000

Intel cans 800MHz Xeon, few hurt

Chip giant Intel confirmed this morning that lack of demand from its customers has led it to can the up-and-coming 800MHz Xeon.
Mike Magee, 06 Jul 2000

Return of the Son of Willamette

Intel's 479 pin son of Willamette, due for launch next year, now has its very own codename, Prescott. A die shrink from 0.18 to 0.13 micron, Prescott and its associated Tulloch chipset are expected to support both synchronous and Rambus memory. ®
Andrew Thomas, 06 Jul 2000

Major vendors cagey on Transmeta support

IBM's interest in Transmeta's Crusoe mobile CPU appears to be cooling. According to IBM program director Leo Suarez, cited by VNUNet, Big Blue's Crusoe-powered ThinkPad 240, shown at PC Expo last week, was just a proof-of-concept machine, not a product announcement.
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 2000

White van man wins Web commerce war

E-commerce is proving to be a boon to the so-called "white van man." Northgate, a commercial light vehicle rental company, has reported almost 50 per cent growth over the last year as more and more businesses are using its rental fleet. The company's chairman said growth has been significantly boosted by the popularity of online shopping.
Team Register, 06 Jul 2000

Lies, Damn Lies and BOFH Statistics

Episode 25BOFH 2000. Episode 25
Simon Travaglia, 06 Jul 2000

Big Blue-Big Q join forces

IBM and Compaq have agreed to team together to make their storage networking interoperate, in a deal intended to cut other players, such as HP, but especially EMC, off at the gulch.
Mike Magee, 06 Jul 2000

Fifty BT stores fail to open

In a rare state of sobriety, an eagle-eyed Reg hack spotted a mysterious sign stuck in the window of BT's shop in London's Oxford Street this morning:
Andrew Thomas, 06 Jul 2000

Parrots get online

The domain names www.parrotsonline.net and www.parrotschat.com have not yet been registered, but if researchers at MIT Media Labs have their way, they might be soon.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2000

RIP will turn Britain into police state – Clinton Web guru

Bill Clinton's Web guru has come out against Tony Blair's Internet snooping plans - saying they are tantamount to turning Britain into a police state.
Linda Harrison, 06 Jul 2000

Via-Cyrix runs into PR problem

UpdatedSources close to the manufacturers of the Cyrix-branded Centaur microprocessor said today that technical difficulties are preventing Via from producing 666MHz versions of the chip.
Mike Magee, 06 Jul 2000

Kannel sets itself up as the WAP Apache

Aside from WAP's other problems has been the age-old issue of proprietary structures. Everyone and their dog appears to have a WAP gateway and of course they've never bothered to make sure theirs will communicate with anything but what they're interested in.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Jul 2000

Philips to unite MP3 and CD technology

Consumer electronics giant Philips will set the proverbial cat among the music industry's pigeons when it launches its eXpanium MP3-based CD player later this year.
Tony Smith, 06 Jul 2000

Sony doubles CD capacity

Sony believes that by modifying the manufacture of CDs it can double their capacity to a maximum of 1.3GB by 2001.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2000

Email is the British Jerry Springer

Kids have it easy these days. Email is what we all dreamed of when teenagers - you get to tell your parents what you think of them and they can't interrupt or send you to your room. But in terms of getting things off your chest, you would be hard pressed to find a better story than that of Sufiah Yusof and her barking father.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Jul 2000

Bill Gates runs M$ at 2mm per hour

Bill Gates may have a brain the size of Washington State, but that doesn't mean he is particularly quick on his feet when it comes to dishing out business advice.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jul 2000

Intel CuMines stiffed by suppliers

Continued difficulties in obtaining components is behind the latest delay in Intel Coppermine processors, we can report.
Mike Magee, 06 Jul 2000

Euro Parliament to investigate Echelon

The European Parliament voted Wednesday to investigate allegations that the United States and allies like Britain and Canada have been abusing their Cold War surveillance apparatus to favour their own industries in international competition.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Jul 2000

Cheap Brit mobiles attract phone smugglers

More than half a million mobile phones bought in Britain have disappeared overseas to be re-sold on the grey market.
Linda Harrison, 06 Jul 2000

3D mall is just such a stupid idea, we can't believe it

You can almost hear the conversation:
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Jul 2000

5K coding challenge

Thanks to Ars technica, we can bring you the results of the 5K code challenge. The premise: What if coders only had 5K of space to write in, how much cool stuff could they make? Some of these are really cool, and have that whole retro feel to them. We like numbers two and four best.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jul 2000

Cyrix III: P6 clone by name, but not by performance

VIA's P6 clone, the Cyrix III, underperforms Intel Celeron in a series of 2D applications and Windows 98SE benchmarks, run by tecChannel.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jul 2000

What the hell is – the Echelon scandal?

In the past week increasingly scandalised Echelon stories have ripped across Europe, following the publication of a European parliament report into the shady spook system. But in all the sound and fury there are aspects that haven't really been properly covered - how little of Echelon's claimed activities we didn't know about already, and how little new information the report adds.
Team Register, 06 Jul 2000
Robot as person illustration via Shutterstock

World's first cyborg: man-machine or pipedream?

Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at Reading University, will breach the human/computer divide by implanting a 2.5cm microchip into the top of his arm. Signals from a computer will cause the chip -- which is connected to the nerves in his arm -- to send out various electrical impulses and thereby control how his arm moves. Or will it?
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Jul 2000

Dell web site is ‘the worst in the world’

There's good PR bunnies and crap PR bunnies. Lewis PR has sent out an HILARIOUS release with pix of different-sized beards illustrating which beard size relates to specific IT abilities.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Jul 2000

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