6th July 2000 Archive

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  • Via, Intel kiss and make up (but not having kids)

    Money changes hand, legals sorted

    Channel 06 09:09

  • CD replicators landed with $1.5m piracy bill

    Should have asked more questions

    Business 06 09:16

  • Anand duffs up Celery 700s with the Duron

    Plus all the latest hardware goodies

    Hardware Roundup 06 09:54

  • Build it, multiboot it, and overclock it

    Mobos, chipsets and GPUs from the regular hardware sites

    Hardware Roundup 06 09:54

  • Dr Tom checks Cyrix's Samuel

    Plus an all time HW Top 10 for gamers

    Hardware Roundup 06 09:54

  • Intel cans 800MHz Xeon, few hurt

    But watch out for the 16th July

    Channel 06 10:00

  • Return of the Son of Willamette

    Another bloody codename to remember

    Channel 06 10:54

  • Ask Doctor Spinola…

    The good and bad Doctor Spinolas answer your questions

    Bootnotes 06 11:31

  • Major vendors cagey on Transmeta support

    IBM, Compaq just evaluating Crusoe, not committing to it

    Channel 06 11:50

  • White van man wins Web commerce war

    Get out of banking and into deliveries

    Business 06 11:54

  • Lies, Damn Lies and BOFH Statistics

    All in a bad cause

    BOFH 06 12:01

  • Big Blue-Big Q join forces

    SAN deal worth one billion nicker

    Business 06 12:13

  • Fifty BT stores fail to open

    No point - they can't take any money off you

    Business 06 12:20

  • Parrots get online

    It is not dead, it's just browsing

    Media 06 12:51

  • RIP will turn Britain into police state – Clinton Web guru

    UK government 'clueless'

    Media 06 13:12

  • Via-Cyrix runs into PR problem

    666MHz, deal with Intel, what next?

    Channel 06 14:54

  • Kannel sets itself up as the WAP Apache

    Free, open source, it works. What more do you want?

    Media 06 14:57

  • Philips to unite MP3 and CD technology

    eXpanium encourages users to rip CDs, download MP3s from Net

    Business 06 15:13

  • Sony doubles CD capacity

    1.3GB comin at ya

    Business 06 15:32

  • Email is the British Jerry Springer

    Today's show: Dad you're a nutter!

    Media 06 15:37

  • The Reg greets readers in person

    Up close and personal. If a little taken back

    Bootnotes 06 16:00

  • Bill Gates runs M$ at 2mm per hour

    Business @ the Speed of Thought

    Bootnotes 06 16:04

  • Intel CuMines stiffed by suppliers

    A factory is a complicated thing

    Channel 06 16:07

  • Euro Parliament to investigate Echelon

    Europe hopes to join the party

    Media 06 16:18

  • Cheap Brit mobiles attract phone smugglers

    Lorry loads taken to the middle east

    Data Networking 06 16:54

  • 3D mall is just such a stupid idea, we can't believe it

    Virtual real shopping. Or is that real virtual shopping?

    Media 06 17:11

  • 5K coding challenge

    And other tasty morsels from our favourite hardware sites

    Hardware Roundup 06 17:19

  • Cyrix III: P6 clone by name, but not by performance

    tecChannel benchmarks find it lacking on the speed front

    Channel 06 19:53

  • What the hell is – the Echelon scandal?

    Europe's aflame, but we are underwhelmed...

    Register Full Coverage 06 19:55

  • World's first cyborg: man/machine or pipedream?

    Is Terminator technology tugging our arm or our leg

    Register Full Coverage 06 19:58

  • Dell web site is ‘the worst in the world’

    Wanna wait 24 days for a reply?

    Media 06 21:35