5th July 2000 Archive

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  • Eurocrats take aim at IT tax breaks

    Money to be doled out on headcount basis

    Business 05 07:23

  • Finns target Oracle ‘insecurity’ with anti-virus clustering

    High availability apps major opportunity

    Software 05 07:45

  • French give Bluetush permission to bake

    They'll switch their nuclear missiles off

    Bootnotes 05 08:14

  • Akihabara gets it first

    Readers respond to Register probe

    Letters 05 08:37

  • SanDisk to invest $75m in Israeli Tower

    Chip fab company needs $1.5 billion

    Channel 05 08:49

  • Demon, World Online subscriber numbers

    Counted them all in

    Business 05 10:13

  • AMD whets knife for fresh blood letting

    Surgical strike on Intel's body corporate

    Channel 05 11:28

  • First dekko at Abit's BX133 mobo

    And other hardware treats

    Hardware Roundup 05 11:42

  • Dotcom share give away is virtually worthless

    Themutual's £52 promise turns into £6.20

    Media 05 12:15

  • Orange begins its crusade, but where is Jerusalem?

    Slashes prices, buys virtual newsreader, gets a bit carried away?

    Data Networking 05 12:48

  • M'Soft to offer fresh concessions in Telewest bid

    Gates' men confident of success

    Business 05 12:54

  • Dixons shares tumble despite profit surge

    Keeping mum about Freeserve

    Business 05 14:01

  • Toys for free! Get in quick

    You'd think Yahoo! would know better

    Media 05 14:02

  • Porn mongers WAP off online

    Too much wireless wandering and you'll go blind

    Media 05 15:56

  • Microsoft IIS security hole persists despite available patch

    You can lead a horse to water...

    Media 05 16:07

  • Modems to get one last upgrade before death by DSL

    v.92 boosts upload speeds - but not by very much

    Business 05 16:17

  • Reg readers exhume OmniView

    'Dem bones, 'dem bones...

    Software 05 16:24

  • Common worldwide mobile coverage aims to make a Mint

    This is a grand idea but how big's the market?

    Data Networking 05 16:46

  • AltaVista in give away mood

    Everyone's a winner baby..

    Media 05 17:01

  • Big Q's TPC benchmarks disqualified

    Expelled from the TPC teepee

    Software 05 17:10