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Eurocrats take aim at IT tax breaks

Changes that the European Union has demanded on tax subsidies and breaks are threatening to put a halt to investments in the growth of IT, it has emerged.
Mike Magee, 05 Jul 2000

Finns target Oracle ‘insecurity’ with anti-virus clustering

Finnish security company Stonesoft has designs on the "particularly insecure" high-availability database market with a scalable clustering product for Trend Micro’s InterScan VirusWall.
Mike Magee, 05 Jul 2000

French give Bluetush permission to bake

Hey, and you thought we were joking when we wrote this story about Bluetooth technology threatening world peace, didn't you?
Mike Magee, 05 Jul 2000
Image by Dr Flash http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-182053p1.html

Akihabara gets it first

While AMD and Intel might be keeping schtum about why their kit tips up in the Akihabara hi-tech area yonks before the rest of the world+dog sees it, our readers have, bless you all, come up with their own ideas on this conundrum. Here's a selection of their many replies.
Mike Magee, 05 Jul 2000

SanDisk to invest $75m in Israeli Tower

Flash memory specialist SanDisk is to pump $75 million into troubled Israeli chip maker and former NatSemi subsidiary Tower Semiconductor.
Tony Smith, 05 Jul 2000

Demon, World Online subscriber numbers

World Online, the Dutch-owned ISP, has 2.2 million customers, of which 1.5 million are in the UK, according to the FT. The other 700,000 customers are scattered over another 15 countries. Wouldn't it be more cost effective to concentrate on territories where it has significant market share? Especially considering the significant losses the company is racking up (79m euros in the red for its last quarter).
Drew Cullen, 05 Jul 2000

AMD whets knife for fresh blood letting

AMD is set to take the whet stone to its price axe at the end of this month, and further embarrass chip giant Intel by attacking it in the business sector.
Mike Magee, 05 Jul 2000

First dekko at Abit's BX133 mobo

Today's pick of the crop of subjects up for discussion in Hardware land
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Jul 2000

Dotcom share give away is virtually worthless

British community site and ISP Themutual.net has fallen victim to the dot gone feeling in the City.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jul 2000

Orange begins its crusade, but where is Jerusalem?

Hans Snook, fresh from winning his fight to keep managing Orange his way, has gone on a crazy crusade to take over the world.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2000

M'Soft to offer fresh concessions in Telewest bid

Microsoft is gearing up to offer fresh concessions to the European Commission in regard to its bid for a stake in UK cable operator, Telewest. The software giant is due to submit its renewed offer today, and Microsoft officials were said to be confident they would get clearance to go ahead with the deal, the FT reported.
Team Register, 05 Jul 2000

Dixons shares tumble despite profit surge

Dixons saw its share price fall today despite topping profit forecasts.
Linda Harrison, 05 Jul 2000

Toys for free! Get in quick

In the battle for market share, Yahoo's ToyZone appears to have got a little carried away.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2000

Porn mongers WAP off online

It was inevitable but not necessarily practical. That's right, you can now relieve your sordid fantasies using a WAP phone. No, not the kinky pics where the inquisitive python has been replaced by new-millennial wireless equipment, we are talking porn WAP sites.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2000

Microsoft IIS security hole persists despite available patch

An old and subsequently well-publicised flaw in Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), which allows anyone with a Web browser to gain admin-level access to a server, continues to plague many sites in spite of the availability patches to correct it.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Jul 2000

Modems to get one last upgrade before death by DSL

The analog modem has been given a reprieve from extinction at the hands of DSL, courtesy of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
Tony Smith, 05 Jul 2000

Reg readers exhume OmniView

Many thanks to readers who responded to our request to shed light on OmniView.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jul 2000

Common worldwide mobile coverage aims to make a Mint

An English friend who spent a few days in Spain was amazed to discover text messages on his mobile sent by the local Spanish mobile network to welcome him to Barcelona. Talk to anyone in the world in the mobile industry and they will tell you (like it's the first time you've heard it) that Europe is ahead in mobile technology for just this reason - a common interface.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jul 2000

AltaVista in give away mood

AltaVista has become unusually generous. It seems a fault crept into the company's online rewards scheme that has a daily prize of 500,000 free points for the winning subscriber.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Jul 2000

Big Q's TPC benchmarks disqualified

Compaq has been ousted from its pole position in the TPC-C transaction processing benchmarks in slightly humiliating fashion.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jul 2000

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