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Letsbuyit.com ducks out of float

Like a bunch of boy scouts in a raft race who built their craft fastest and are now hesitating before they get onto the precarious-looking thing, Britain's dotcoms are watching everyone else before they hit the stock exchange.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jul 2000

Boffins predict uncrackabe quantum data tech

Japanese scientists at the country's telecoms ministry are proposing to use quantum mechanics to transmit data across next-but-one-generation networks.
Tony Smith, 04 Jul 2000

RedHotAnt Speaks!

RedHotAnt has responded to our request for a comment on its recent security breach.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Jul 2000

Intel BIOS update – close but no cigar

UpdatedYou see what happens? You write a positive story about Intel and fate vomits in your face.
Andrew Thomas, 04 Jul 2000

Martha Lane Fox ducks the limelight

Lastminute.com's sweater girl, Martha Lane Fox, is sticking her head back below the parapet. The company is recruiting a head of spin to buff up its image.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

Napster details copyright case defence

Napster will play the 'industry chiefs will do anything to stay in charge' card when it battles the copyright infringement case brought against it by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
Tony Smith, 04 Jul 2000

Steven Norris joins IT spin doctors

Ex-philanderer and Tory London mayoral candidate Steven Norris has joined the world of IT spin.
Linda Harrison, 04 Jul 2000

And the Socket A overclocking champion is…

We have a world first today. Slot A has posted its review of the Soltek 75KV Socket A ATX Motherboard. They speak very highly of it, ranking it as a contender for K7T Pro's current spot as Socket A over-clocking champion. Scores a very respectable nine out of ten.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Jul 2000

Can't find your favourite site?

Folks who regularly use more than one PC will be more than aware of the irritation of discovering that the bookmark you want isn't on the machine you happen to be using.
Andrew Thomas, 04 Jul 2000

Virgin launches high street Internet stores

A tired and slightly distracted Richard Branson let slip about Virgin's plans to set up Internet one-stop shops in old Our Price stores this lunchtime.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jul 2000

30 million Brits have a mobile phone

More than half of Brits now own a mobile phone, with one handset sold every two seconds.
Linda Harrison, 04 Jul 2000

Hackers can make your PC explode

Hackers can now turn your home computer into a bomb and blow your family to smithereens, and do so remotely from thousands of miles away, the Weekly World News reports.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

Dr Spinola's PC Clinic Incompetence and Incomprehensibility

Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

What the Hell is … the PC retail rigging claim all about?

Britain's biggest PC retailer Dixons was this week facing legal action after being accused of playing its part in rip-off Britain.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

RIP: Tories attack from the Right

Oliver Heald, Conservative MP for NE Herts, is one of the fiercest opponents of the government's proposed Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill. In an interview with The Register, he explains which main aspects have still to be resolved with less than six months before the proposed Act is expected to be passed.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

RIP Bill – ISP costs mount up

ISPs could have to pay more than £200,000 per year to comply with the government's plans to intercept Web traffic.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

What the hell is… the UK's RIP Bill

The UK Government's Regulatory Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill goes before Select Committee in the House of Commons today and in a little more than six months it could be enshrined in law. But with 30 amendments tabled against it and an angry mob of opponents waiting to string it up, RIP has become better known for the widespread - and some might say kneejerk - reaction people have had to it, rather than for its aims and content.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

Big Brother Bill faces Select Committee storm

Opponents of the Government's Regulatory Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill are preparing for the next round in the fight to have it stopped in its present format, when the draft legislation goes before a Select Committee tomorrow.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

Man uses spam to sell kidney

A Virginian man is looking to raise at least $1 million by selling his kidney on a 99-year lease. Phillip Jones is emailing media groups outside the US to try and gain publicity for the sale of his vital organ.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

E-sign act a victory for democracy, Clinton reckons

US President Bill Clinton delivered a patriotic speech via the gimmick of a Web-cast to commemorate both the New Economy and Independence Day, during which he enthused with satisfaction over the blessings of e-commerce upon a grateful nation, as embodied in a piece of recently-signed legislation empowering the masses to sign contracts electronically, and so catapult themselves instantaneously into debt with only the click of a mouse.
Thomas C Greene, 04 Jul 2000
Robot as person illustration via Shutterstock

Home truths: Bionic man takes the Metal Mickey

The cover of this month's Wired features "cybernetics pioneer" Kevin Warwick explaining how he is pushing the boundaries of science and humanity by turning himself into a cyborg -- part man, part machine. A small implant into his arm will allow a computer to decide its movements, paving the way for a future where humans and machines are inexorably linked.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

20 reasons to hate The Register

FOTWIn some ways, The Flame Of The Week (FOTW) a misleading title - as we don't always get around to posting a new flame every seven days. Any delay, and we get accused of losing our nerve.
Drew Cullen, 04 Jul 2000

Silicon implants boost your orbs

US surgeons have implanted an experimental electronic retina into the eyes of three blind people, proving that the operation can be done without the eye automatically rejecting the device.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Jul 2000

Welcome back to WAP

The sheer hideous number of WAP phone announcements has slowed down in recent weeks, but don't think the situation has got any better. We had taken refuge from the craziness but are now heading back into the fray as, despite all advice to the contrary, people still want to know about it.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jul 2000

Drugs for sale on Welsh Assembly site

The Welsh Assembly has sacked an employee after emails advertising the sale of dope appeared on the organisation's internal bulletin boards.
Linda Harrison, 04 Jul 2000

Opposition mounts against UK's Big Brother Bill

Parliament is today debating plans which will massively extend Government snooping powers in Britain.
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

ONdigital's script for journalists

Scripts for OnDigital press conference written a week before the 11 July event
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

MS exec's hunting trip: illegally chased and shot 4 antelopes

John Lettice
Team Register, 04 Jul 2000

Crackers are common criminals

OpinionHackers have a certain romantic image - it's a bit like Robin Hood; the small man against the machine; the righter of wrongs, that sort of thing.
Andrew Thomas, 04 Jul 2000

ONdigital launches psychic NetTV box

Next Tuesday ONdigital will announce the launch of a new TV channel and forthcoming Net box that will give consumers Internet access through their TV. Details are a little sketchy but the channel, so far unnamed, will be out next year.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jul 2000

MS hands out gongs to star programmers

Microsoft has inaugurated a "Distinguished Engineers" programme and announced the first recipients. In a letter leaked to Dave Winer's Userland scripting website, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer says the first sixteen DEs are "visionaries... unparalleled and essential to our long-term success".
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Jul 2000

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