4th July 2000 Archive

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  • Letsbuyit.com ducks out of float

    Private placement

    Business 04 06:08

  • Wine sales online are going to get corked

    Cock-up au vin

    Site News 04 10:30

  • Boffins predict uncrackabe quantum data tech

    Now give us shedloads of cash to make it happen, demand researchers

    Data Networking 04 11:08

  • RedHotAnt Speaks!

    ISP gives out a post security breach soothing message

    Media 04 11:22

  • Intel BIOS update – close but no cigar

    Who needs audio anyway?

    Business 04 11:35

  • Martha Lane Fox ducks the limelight

    £150k PR job available to wipe the mud off Lastminute

    Business 04 11:54

  • Napster details copyright case defence

    Music giants just out to beat up on little Napster claims Boies

    Media 04 12:15

  • Steven Norris joins IT spin doctors

    Nobbo gets close to PR bunnies

    Bootnotes 04 12:58

  • And the Socket A overclocking champion is…

    Plus more hardware a gogo

    Hardware Roundup 04 13:08

  • Can't find your favourite site?

    Store your bookmarks centrally

    Media 04 13:10

  • Flame of the Week

    You're gonna burn, you Brit scumsuckers...

    Register Full Coverage 04 13:10

  • Virgin launches high street Internet stores

    Sir Richie lets slip about retail plans while announcing Virgin Energy

    Media 04 13:28

  • 30 million Brits have a mobile phone

    30 million people shout 'I'm on my mobile!'

    Data Networking 04 14:21

  • Hackers can make your PC explode

    It was only a matter of time, really....

    Bootnotes 04 14:47

  • Dr Spinola's PC Clinic Incompetence and Incomprehensibility

    Incomptens Nervosa Technicii Cretinal

    Bootnotes 04 14:47

  • What the Hell is … the PC retail rigging claim all about?

    Sour grapes - or Rip-Off Britain?

    Business 04 14:48

  • RIP: Tories attack from the Right

    Oliver Heald, Conservative MP, sets out opposition

    Media 04 14:48

  • RIP Bill – ISP costs mount up

    Financial obligations 'not onerous'

    Media 04 14:48

  • What the hell is… the UK's RIP Bill

    What's with all the fuss about the Blair Net Project?

    Media 04 15:10

  • Big Brother Bill faces Select Committee storm

    RIP opponents gather on all sides to halt legislation in its tracks

    Media 04 15:10

  • Man uses spam to sell kidney

    $1m, 99 year lease, one careful owner

    Bootnotes 04 15:17

  • E-sign act a victory for democracy, Clinton reckons

    And the death of e-mail gobbledegook to boot

    Media 04 15:31

  • Home truths: Bionic man takes the Metal Mickey

    How CNN, Wired, the BBC, The Times, Guardian, Daily Mail et al fell for the cyborg saga

    Register Full Coverage 04 15:33

  • Dr Spinola: How can I stop hairs getting in my PC?

    We give the answers to your PC problems

    Bootnotes 04 15:41

  • Dr Spinola: My PC doesn't work: what shall I do?

    We have the answers to those nagging questions

    Bootnotes 04 15:45

  • Flame of The Week: Full Coverage

    We just want to be loved.

    Register Full Coverage 04 15:51

  • Silicon implants boost your orbs

    We're talking about eye surgery, of course

    Business 04 15:52

  • Welcome back to WAP

    Back from a well-deserved break from this mobile madness

    Data Networking 04 16:12

  • Drugs for sale on Welsh Assembly site

    It's the green green grass of home

    Media 04 16:19

  • Opposition mounts against UK's Big Brother Bill

    Adopt an MP and see if you can get it changed

    Media 04 16:24

  • Register ABCe – six million and rising

    587,000 readers in November

    Site News 04 16:24

  • ONdigital's script for journalists

    It has saved us a lot of effort

    Letters 04 16:26

  • I'll get you, Penelope Pitstop

    Prepare to die...

    Flame of the Week 04 16:30

  • MS exec's hunting trip: illegally chased and shot 4 antelopes

    Kempin drops $6k after nine hunting violations in Montana

    Bootnotes 04 16:37

  • Crackers are common criminals

    Microsoft not to blame for all the trouble in the world

    Media 04 16:47

  • ONdigital launches psychic NetTV box

    Insight into the strange world of IT journalism no.42

    Media 04 17:06

  • MS hands out gongs to star programmers

    PowerPup engineers mysteriously snubbed

    Software 04 19:01