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Exit Lane

Larry Ellison has had to take on the role of company president as well as CEO, as Ray Lane quit the software giant unexpectedly last Friday. Oracle officials denied that his departure was related in any way to the recent so-called "Garbage Gate" affair.
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Hack NASA and crash a shuttle

The BBC's flagship news show, Panorama, is running yet another 'shock! Horror! We're all gonna die' expose of evil computer hackers.
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With version 4 shipped, Opera aims for expansion

The release of the Opera 4 browser by Opera Software of Norway is a significant event because it is the first browser to do a decent job with cascading style sheets (which describe how documents are presented on screens). Those who have come to grief with Netscape's or Microsoft's efforts with CSS might care to try Opera.
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Sony back on Connectix's case

Sony is back on the offensive against PlayStation emulator developer Connectix after last week dropping its patent violation suit against the software company.
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Utopia hackers crack Dreamcast anti-piracy code

Sega's Dreamcast games console has been cracked, a group of programmers called Utopia has claimed - and begun distributing copies games on the Net to prove it.
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VIA goes ATA-100

VIA Technologies is to support the ATA-100 hard disk drive interface in its new South Bridge chipsets.
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Virgin to pump cyber-energy

Virgin Group is due to announce the launch of its online gas and electricity joint venture with London Electricity tomorrow. Branson's company will get a 75 per cent stake in Virgin Energy, while London Electricity - the UK arm of Electricite de France - will hold the remaining quarter. The venture, which will start with £15 million funding, is part of a wider move by Virgin to put household services online.

Oftel bites anti-competitive BT

It's difficult to know whether to feel angry, overjoyed or just plain relieved. Oftel, under heavy pressure, has finally started doing its job and said BT Cellnet is guilty of anti-competitive activity.
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MS break-up ‘serious threat’ to Linux firms

Breaking up Microsoft will prove to be very bad news for the some of the software company's most ardent opponents - most of whom, ironically, have been actively lobbying for the giant's break-up. That, at least, is what market research company IDC reckons.
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New Intel BIOS update – it works!

When we wrote about Intel's new floppy-free BIOS update utility last week, we said we'd tell you how we got on.
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Ideal nets M$ FPP contract

Ideal Hardware has become a distributor for Microsoft's full packaged product (FPP) and licensing.
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Freeserve bosses hold onto their millions

Share option friction and press leaks all played a part in the collapse of T-Online's £6 billion bid for Freeserve, the Dixons ISP boss claims.

Sony, Tokyu partner on broadband cable Net services

Sony's plan to put in place a broadband network capable of delivery high quality digital audio and video content to PlayStation 2 owners continues apace with Friday's signing of a network deal with Japanese cable TV company Tokyu Corp.
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Survey Roundup: Guess what? The Net's getting bigger

Not really much of a surprise, we know, but analysts seemed to have realised we've grown bored of daft predictions and have started producing some interesting stats.
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Nokia gets £2 million of phones nicked

Thieves have stolen a shipment of Nokia mobile phones worth £2 million.
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Durlacher falls on Net Imperative collapse

(This story was filed first on 22 May, 2000)
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Reg old foe becomes expert in another field

Professor Kevin Warwick - an old favourite here at The Reg - appears to have his switched his specialism from end-of-the-world rantings about cyborgs to the less sexy world of storage technology.
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Today's top 100 e-businesses: tomorrow's death list?

Sportal is Europe's top privately-owned e-business, according to a Sunday Times e-league. Compiled by Bathwick Group, the e-league of Europe's top 100 private e-businesses names the top 10 (in descending order):
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Abit fends off Linux boycott

Abit appears to have headed off a boycott of its Linux distro by open source users.