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1GHz AMD-Intel price war breaks out

Thanks to Firestone for alerting us to these pages on Pricewatch Japan, which show how the battle between AMD and Intel is running on Akihabara streets.
Mike Magee, 02 Jul 2000

In the eye of the PC storm

ColumnPretty busy week in Blighty. The IT week really kicked off with the Networks Show held in Birmingham. Every year, since it started, British hacks have had a choice of charabancs and chemin-de-fers to take them to the gruesome National Exhibition Centre just outside Birmingham.
Mike Magee, 02 Jul 2000

Hotmail hoax email: spam or we kick you off!

A bogus email sent out to Hotmail users claims they'll be cut off if they don't prove they're using their accounts. In order to do so, all they've got to do is forward the email to other Hotmail users.
John Lettice, 02 Jul 2000

400 pound ex-coke dealer CEO ousted after media blitz

An Internet security startup is now light a 400 pound co-founder, following a rather too public dust-up with Southwest Airlines over seat assignments. Amply-proportioned Tony Mazzamuto of Orange County outfit Cyberbuck Corp complained loudly to local news services after Southwest insisted to he buy two seats in order to accommodate his substantial hinterland, and unfortunately, the name started to ring bells all over Orange County.
John Lettice, 02 Jul 2000

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