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Google in lead as search wars hot up

Reliance on search engines is increasing and will continue to do so, so it is not surprising that there are shake-outs from time to time. The latest changes have affected Inktomi, Euroseek and Google.
Graham Lea, 30 Jun 2000

Queen affirms interest in EDA

It's been a long time coming, but chip design behemoth DeCadence has finally come clean on staffing levels at its Livingston, Scotland design centre.
Andrew Thomas, 30 Jun 2000

1GHz T'birds lost in Gateway space

A report on the Silicon Investor bulletin board is suggesting that Gateway, which has pledged itself to now ship 50 per cent of its PCs with AMD parts, is kitting out its 1GHz machines with so-called "classic" Athlons rather than the recently released Thunderbird parts.
Mike Magee, 30 Jun 2000

Pentium 4 in pictures

Someone gave our pal Digital Assassin a groovy digital camera for Christmas, and he's put it to good use taking some hi-res pix of a Pentium 4 (aka Willamette) which came into his possession.
Andrew Thomas, 30 Jun 2000

Intel's 1.13GHz PIII paper tiger growls

Chip giant Intel confirmed today that it will release a 1.13GHz Pentium III at the end of July, but in limited quantities.
Mike Magee, 30 Jun 2000

Sony surrenders PlayStation emulation fight

Sony has canned its latest attempt to prevent Mac software developer Connectix from selling Virtual Game Station (VGS), a PlayStation emulator.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2000

Alta Vista supposed to go live at 10.30am

UpdatedAltaVista's groundbreaking, revolutionary, we-thought-of-it-first-honest, all-you-can-eat Internet access service goes live today.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2000

Wildfire: an apology

The Register wishes to apologise unreservedly to all English speakers for the number of times the word 'wildfire' has appeared in Mike Magee's stories over the last few days.
Adamson Rust, 30 Jun 2000

Nvidia GeForce 2 MX targets mobile market

Nvidia yesterday launched its latest graphics accelerator, the GeForce 2 MX, formerly known by its codename, NV11 - the successor to the GeForce 256, which the company launched last autumn.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2000

Priceline will change the world

The US online bartering business Priceline.com is making a big racket about moving into Europe and because the head of Burger King has quit and joined it.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 2000

RedHotAnt calls in Old Bill over hack attack

Embattled ISP, RedHotAnt, has admitted that a hacker did breach site security gaining access to names, addresses, passwords and credit card details of some 24,000 subscribers.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2000

Bezos gets crabby over reports Amazon is short of cash

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos has got very shirty over a report by Lehman Brothers analyst Ravi Suria that said the online giant was fast running out of cash. Amazon's credit was described as "weak and deteriorating" and the cash would last to the start of next year at best. Amazon's share price fell 20 per cent. Bezos, with the support of another analyst - Merrill Lynch's Henry Blodget - has said this is all nonsense and claims to have $1 billion in cash at the ready. Henry's report drew a very different picture. Amazon will soon be in profit, he said, burning another $300 million to $500 million tops before the cash flow turns around.
Team Register, 30 Jun 2000

Cabling concerns spark airline laptop shut-off

When you're flying, isn't it great to be able to plug your laptop in at your seat, get some work done and recharge your battery at the same time? Well, not necessarily, according to a piece in today's Wall Street Journal.
John Lettice, 30 Jun 2000

Handspring hit by Palm DRAM bug

PalmOS licensee appears to have acknowledged that the DRAM bug affecting both Palm and fellow licensee TRG handhelds is also present in its own Visor range.
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2000

Mobile masts not mortally threatening

Hard up schools which have decided to earn a bit of extra cash by letting a phone company stick a mast on their roof are OK.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jun 2000

Middle England protests over petrol rip-off

Everyone in the UK knew the government made a load of money from tax on petrol, but thanks to a well-run Boycott the Pumps (soon tabloidised into "Dump the Pump") campaign there are now few motorists that aren't aware Britain's petrol is the most expensive in Europe and that Gordon Brown's Treasury takes a whopping 75p for every £1 you spend.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 2000

Intel spin paramedic refuses to comment on P4

In our little collection of Pentium 4 pix here, we referred to the additional 12 volt connector on the motherboard labelled 'CPU power' and surmised that it was something to do with diagnostics on the prototype WTVV mobo.
Andrew Thomas, 30 Jun 2000

Pentium 4 mystery gizmos explained

In our Pentium 4 picture special yesterday, we wondered aloud about what a collection of small devices attached to the bottom of the chip were.
Andrew Thomas, 30 Jun 2000
GCHQ is following you on Twitter, Faceboo, email...

Drunks should fear RIP bill

Tony Blair's brilliant plan to give the police the power to fine drunks £100 on the spot could provide the opportunity to show off the majesty of the government's email snooping bill.
Robert Blincoe, 30 Jun 2000

Alta Vista – It Lives!

AltaVista's flat-fee Net access service is now up and running, The Register is delighted to confirm.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2000

Tom puts Solano to the test

A trawl through the usual suspects reveals plenty of news from Computex and review blitz on the Voodoo5 board.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jun 2000

Doctor Spinola's PC Clinic

Dear Dr Spinola, I am a small computer user and I'm very concerned at the breakup of Microsoft. What do you advise?
Dr Spinola, 30 Jun 2000

Ye cannae change the laws of physics, Jim

The world of marketing was in a spin today as scientists disproved the first law of PR - that a cause, or even a press release, must come before an effect. For in discovering a way to make light travel 300 times faster, they have effectively invented a time machine.
Dr Spinola, 30 Jun 2000

Site's crap, disappointing, puzzling, inflammatory

Readers' letters this week on digital toilet paper, slating Intel, hypocrisy over cybersquatting, Internet World Babe Watch, NTLWorld apology, Internet on the buses, scaled down, crappier version of Netimperative, and a joke about US law enforcement agencies
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 2000

Review Rambus Pentium III 933MHz

UpdatedThanks to our lovely readers, we've now got some numbers allowing us to compare single and dual channel Rambus. SiSoft Sandra benchmarks show almost identical processor performance, but a significant 25 per cent memory performance improvement with the dual channel i840 chipset over the i820. The motherboard in question was an Intel OR840 (Outrigger).
Andrew Thomas, 30 Jun 2000

New, improved Hardware Roundup

Storage looms large today, as StorageReview has a comprehensive ATAPI CD-ROM Roundup, while over at ArsTechnica there's an updated look at RAID.
Andrew Thomas, 30 Jun 2000
 French bulldog puppy wears plastic devil horns and cute expression. Photo by Shutterstock

Lucent is in league with the Devil

Last August, we wrote this story: Lucent logo captures company in 'single masterful brush stroke'.
Team Register, 30 Jun 2000

The Register discovers Jesus

Repentance has arrived in the form of AskJesus.org. Through the power of the Lord, AskJesus (which is 'not endorsed or sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with Ask Jeeves' but does bear a canny resemblance to it) converts our black words of hatred into God-approved revelations.
Team Register, 30 Jun 2000

The Register guide to acronyms

Following the glossary that we recently published, we have been asked by many readers to also provide a guide to the thicket of acronyms that obscure the PC industry. So here it is.
Team Register, 30 Jun 2000

PlayStation 2 available only by pre-ordering

Sony has wound up the games retail industry by announcing that the long-awaited PlayStation 2 consoles will only be sold through pre-ordering arrangements.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 2000

MS casts its ‘permatemps’ into outer darkness

AnalysisFrom tomorrow, new rules will go into effect for thousands of "permatemps" currently employed at Fort Redmond. After working for a year, they will have to "leave" for a hundred days before being allowed to return as temps, often to do the same work. The policy has been applied to all new temporary hires since last March. It may be the formal end of the permatemp phase, but it is not the end of the policy to have around 6,000 temporary Microsoft employees in the Seattle area.
Graham Lea, 30 Jun 2000

Wall Street gets sexy

The pin-stripped backers behind a US Web site believe they have what it takes to satisfy the demands of Britain's growing population of Net users.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2000

Not free Internet access from OnDigital

OnDigital, the digital TV service jointly owned by Granada and Carlton Communications, has now linked up with the BBC to work on its TV Internet service.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jun 2000

Pommy police chase Down Under Net fraud

Officers from West Midlands Police are in Australia investigating a A$17 million (£6.7 million) Internet-related fraud.
Tim Richardson, 30 Jun 2000

Readers' Letters The errors edition

[There's been a lot of correspondence this week, some down to struck nerves, others the usual insanity. Here's a digest of just a few that make us laugh/cry]
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 2000

H-1B Visa flames of the week

Annie Kermath, 30 Jun 2000

I bind and rebuke demons

Last week, we sent out a flyer, our second in two years, to the 14,000 or so subscribers of our daily email news update.
Drew Cullen, 30 Jun 2000

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