30th June 2000 Archive

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  • Google in lead as search wars hot up

    I'll be back, says Inktomi...

    Media 30 Jun 05:44

  • Queen affirms interest in EDA

    Cut that tapeout, your majesty

    Channel 30 Jun 07:17

  • 1GHz T'birds lost in Gateway space

    But AMD says no production problems

    Channel 30 Jun 08:50

  • Pentium 4 in pictures

    Warning: graphics intensive

    Channel 30 Jun 08:52

  • Intel's 1.13GHz PIII paper tiger growls

    AMD must be really terrified...

    Channel 30 Jun 09:09

  • Sony surrenders PlayStation emulation fight

    Voluntarily dismisses patent suit against Connectix

    Software 30 Jun 09:25

  • Alta Vista supposed to go live at 10.30am

    No sign yet...

    Media 30 Jun 09:54

  • Wildfire: an apology

    Register smokes its words

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 10:19

  • Nvidia GeForce 2 MX targets mobile market

    Though the company barely mentions the fact

    Business 30 Jun 11:02

  • Priceline will change the world

    By creating a big hassle out of shopping

    Media 30 Jun 11:12

  • RedHotAnt calls in Old Bill over hack attack

    'ello, 'ello, 'ello - what we got 'ere then?

    Media 30 Jun 11:14

  • Bezos gets crabby over reports Amazon is short of cash

    And its not all happy news for other ebiz players

    Business 30 Jun 12:05

  • Cabling concerns spark airline laptop shut-off

    Rewirings all round...

    Business 30 Jun 13:31

  • Handspring hit by Palm DRAM bug

    But the fixes won't work because you can't upgrade the Visor's OS...

    Business 30 Jun 13:39

  • Mobile masts not mortally threatening

    According to this weeks research anyway

    Data Networking 30 Jun 13:41

  • Middle England protests over petrol rip-off

    Rip-Off Britain: time to fight back

    Media 30 Jun 13:45

  • Intel spin paramedic refuses to comment on P4

    Bit of a shame the info we wanted is already in the public domain, then

    Channel 30 Jun 13:55

  • Pentium 4 mystery gizmos explained

    Register readers come up trumps again

    Channel 30 Jun 14:33

  • Drunks should fear RIP bill

    Two years in the slammer for forgetting your PIN

    Media 30 Jun 14:41

  • Alta Vista – It Lives!

    Birth of British ISP a truly moving moment

    Media 30 Jun 14:43

  • Tom puts Solano to the test

    And other goodies reviewed by our favourite hardware sites

    Hardware Roundup 30 Jun 15:09

  • HW roundup Off-Switch Bitch

    Heroically pointless review from Anandtech

    Hardware Roundup 30 Jun 15:09

  • Doctor Spinola's PC Clinic

    This week: The Microsoft breakup

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 15:10

  • Ye cannae change the laws of physics, Jim

    Dr Spinola boldly goes where no man has gone before – or does he?

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 15:10

  • Site's crap, disappointing, puzzling, inflammatory

    And other Readers' Letters. Don't hold back, say what you mean

    Letters 30 Jun 15:12

  • Review Rambus Pentium III 933MHz

    It's new, it's fast, it's not cheap

    Hardware Roundup 30 Jun 15:13

  • New, improved Hardware Roundup

    Wibbly wobbly web wander now includes Mac content

    Hardware Roundup 30 Jun 15:13

  • Lucent is in league with the Devil

    What's it got to do with us?

    Flame of the Week 30 Jun 15:15

  • The Register discovers Jesus

    We seek redemption... and find it

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 15:16

  • The Register guide to acronyms

    Or how to misunderstand PC speak

    Bootnotes 30 Jun 15:31

  • PlayStation 2 available only by pre-ordering

    Sony annoys retailers

    Business 30 Jun 15:51

  • MS casts its ‘permatemps’ into outer darkness

    Company refuses to back down before courts

    Software 30 Jun 15:53

  • Wall Street gets sexy

    Puts the fun back into Current Hedge Fund Index Returns

    Media 30 Jun 16:01

  • Not free Internet access from OnDigital

    But you can surf while watching a tiny TV picture

    Media 30 Jun 16:23

  • Pommy police chase Down Under Net fraud

    Long arm of the law yet to feel collar

    Media 30 Jun 17:18

  • Readers' Letters The errors edition

    It's official: Reg hacks are either ill, drunk or wrong

    Letters 30 Jun 17:34

  • H-1B Visa flames of the week

    The Register peddles 'pro management propaganda'

    Letters 30 Jun 22:12

  • I bind and rebuke demons

    Reader takes exception to Reg email address

    Flame of the Week 30 Jun 22:25