29th June 2000 Archive

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  • Torvalds: main impact of MS trial psychological

    And he doesn't have much in common with Bill...

    Software 29 08:27

  • Fujitsu takes aim at Sun share

    PrimePower takes bite of UltraSparc cake

    Business 29 08:36

  • Novell too nice for own good

    Watch out for the steamroller

    Software 29 09:03

  • NatSemi, Taiwan Semi strike ten-year deal

    You gotta have respect for Chang

    Channel 29 09:27

  • Ellison offers Gates all his rubbish

    "We believe in full disclosure"

    Software 29 09:31

  • WHO doctors clear mobile phones of cancer risk

    Evidence 'unconvincing'

    Data Networking 29 09:36

  • Palm handhelds hit by dodgy DRAM bug

    Data corruption glitch solved by patch. Phew...

    Business 29 10:07

  • Intel gets round Windows boot floppy problem

    BIOS updates for all

    Business 29 10:26

  • Palm Q4 profits, revenues double

    Handheld maker's first quarter as public company

    Business 29 10:42

  • IBM super 'puter does 12 trillion calcs per second

    Perfect for 3D nuke'em simulations

    Business 29 11:55

  • ATI Q3 loss wider than expected

    Six-seven cents a share forecast turns into 10 cents reality. Oh dear...

    Business 29 12:30

  • Yahoo! buys eGroups to spam users with ads

    And more snippets from the virtual economy

    Business 29 12:38

  • Get your gen-u-wine Reg merchandise 'ere

    Some good news for BOFH fans

    Site News 29 12:42

  • Win a PC. For free. Click here

    The Reg and Jungle.com will just give it away

    Site News 29 12:42

  • Merchandise Order form

    For those with fax machines

    Site News 29 12:42

  • Free broadband access: Spielberg shows how (oops)

    Just be famous and influential, and phone bills morph into nothingness...

    Data Networking 29 12:57

  • Bill Gates' roots in the trashcans of history

    Garbage in, garbage out, stick your hands in, rummage about...

    Software 29 13:03

  • NTL kicks off customers sharing log in

    Registration backlog is cause of crime

    Media 29 14:20

  • PR flunkeys' hack list is officially rubbish

    We'd like to say we're surprised but we deal with them every day

    Bootnotes 29 17:26

  • Daily Telegraph offers sex change ops to dotcom workers

    And we thought it was a force for conservatism

    Bootnotes 29 17:29

  • Helpful hacker faces Aussie Feds

    No good deed goes unpunished

    Media 29 18:36

  • Internet pedo sting ruled entrapment

    Feds waste six months, countless dollars, role-playing on line

    Media 29 20:01

  • Nvidia confirms Mac support with GeForce 2 MX

    Lets slip Apple's plan to offer card as build-to-order Mac option?

    Business 29 22:08