28th June 2000 Archive

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  • Judge refuses to rule on Mitnick's probation status

    Catch-22: Probation officer had asked for guidance

    Media 28 02:16

  • ZDNet hack-contest server disabled

    Some kids just can't play nice

    Media 28 03:20

  • PR flunkeys make hacks look like monkeys

    Miller Freeman puts foot in mouth

    Bootnotes 28 07:34

  • Lucent Avaya ‘formed of letters that fit together and enhance one another’

    Made-up name for Enterprise Networking division

    Data Networking 28 07:47

  • Via gives DDR ringing endorsement

    Hey, Rambus, are you listening?

    Channel 28 07:48

  • NSA memos suggest ECHELON exists

    Not quite a smoking gun, but close enough

    Media 28 08:26

  • DoubleClick, referral URLs and why The Reg is wrong

    Company exercises right to reply

    Media 28 08:49

  • Cisco routers vulnerable to easy attack

    Infrastructure protection begins at home

    Data Networking 28 08:51

  • Sony Palm-based PDA debuts on Web

    French site scoops pics

    Business 28 10:04

  • Dell signs up for .NET with MSN-Dellnet deal

    This is how we integrate our hardware friends, folks...

    Media 28 10:10

  • Palm to bring wireless Net to its PDAs

    Well, sort of... you'll still need cables, etc.

    Business 28 10:27

  • 3Com restructure zaps Q4 profits, sales

    And it won't be back in the black before this time next year

    Business 28 11:02

  • Infineon predicts Q3 profit surge

    Dramurai rakes it in thanks to massive memory demend

    Channel 28 11:23

  • Spying on MS – yes, it's the Man from Oracle

    Company bravely admits funding Trashgate nonsense

    Software 28 11:26

  • Yell pell mell for IPO

    Yah boo sucks to dotcom moaning minnies, shouts relaunched e-commerce portal

    Business 28 11:36

  • BT delays ADSL yet again, again

    Guess who else's fault it is this time?

    Media 28 11:55

  • Transmeta signs stack of notebook suppliers

    Big Crusoe design wins reveal Taiwanese connection

    Channel 28 12:11

  • AltaVista begins 48-hour countdown to ISP launch

    'All-you-can-eat' Net access service to go live Friday

    Media 28 12:16

  • Cybersquatting, the Procter & Gamble way

    There be one rule for the rich and one for t' poor, I tell yer

    Media 28 12:58

  • AOL instant message block is for ‘security reasons’

    We love IM interoperability, but not yet, says Pinocchio...

    Media 28 14:29

  • Microsoft low-cost MSN appliance out in Q3

    CE-based, and built by eMachines

    Media 28 15:07

  • Give us your poor, your huddled masses…

    And we'll get them set up with the Post Office

    Media 28 15:45

  • Transmeta grows Crusoe line-up

    Three more low-power, x86-compatible CPUs coming soon

    Channel 28 15:48

  • Kids shun Martha Lane Fox

    They don't know what they're missing

    Business 28 15:48

  • Willamette goes to market as Pentium 4

    Branding. It's what you do to a cow

    Channel 28 16:17

  • BBC, Slashdot mashed by spud pranksters

    P-p-p-p-potato power... NOT!

    Letters 28 16:29

  • Nokia licenses RealPlayer for video-capable cellphones

    More great daft ideas of our time...

    Data Networking 28 16:41

  • Sacked Intel geek wreaks terrible revenge

    Chip shortages all down to one disaffected geezer?

    Channel 28 19:43

  • AMD blows Intel into the mobile weeds

    PowerNow streets ahead of SpeedStep

    Channel 28 19:43