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Judge refuses to rule on Mitnick's probation status

US District Judge Mariana Pfaelzer has refused to step between Kevin Mitnick and his probation officer, who has denied the legendary phreaker's request to take a job writing a column for "Contentville," an e-zine scheduled for rollout next month.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Jun 2000

ZDNet hack-contest server disabled

ZDNet's eWeek has announced a capture-the-flag challenge to crackers called Openhack, inviting all comers to compromise a system set up for demonstration purposes and win cash prizes "ranging from $500 for defacing the Web server to $1500 for compromising the e-mail server, to $2500 for cracking into the database server," the organisers say.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Jun 2000

PR flunkeys make hacks look like monkeys

Miller Freeman's PR Audit unit yesterday had the nerve to distribute a leaflet at the Networks Show in Birmingham, and in the press office itself, advertising a guide to UK journalists called Know Your Journalists.
Adamson Rust, 28 Jun 2000

Lucent Avaya ‘formed of letters that fit together and enhance one another’

"You will not find this name in the dictionary," said Donald Peterson, Lucent chief executive. "It is up to us to fill it with meaning."
Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2000

Via gives DDR ringing endorsement

Unswayed by the decision by Toshiba and Hitachi last week to license Rambus patents for double data rate (DDR) and SDRAM, plucky chipset firm Via has waded in by saying it offers its unequivocal support for these memory types as the industry standard.
Mike Magee, 28 Jun 2000

NSA memos suggest ECHELON exists

Two confidential and one secret memo from the US National Security Agency (NSA) recently obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) imply that the Agency does gather an enormous amount of data, an observation which in turn suggests that the global surveillance network known as ECHELON really does exist.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Jun 2000

Cisco routers vulnerable to easy attack

Networking behemoth Cisco has issued an advisory explaining that certain security scanning utilities can cause its routers to crash.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Jun 2000

Sony Palm-based PDA debuts on Web

Sony's upcoming Palm-based PDA, due to be demo'd at PC Expo this week, has also made an appearance on the Web, over at French language site PDA France.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000

Dell signs up for .NET with MSN-Dellnet deal

Microsoft announced its first major partner for .NET yesterday - because if you think about it even for just a couple of minutes, Dellnet is .NET. And as it will be shipping in the US from this fall, it's clear that the transition to .NET is going to be rather more seamless than we might have envisaged.
John Lettice, 28 Jun 2000

Palm to bring wireless Net to its PDAs

Palm yesterday filled out the detailed of its earlier promise to equip all of its handelds with wireless Net access by the end of the year.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000

3Com restructure zaps Q4 profits, sales

Comms giant 3Com yesterday saw its sales plummet and profitability go out of the window thanks to the company's major reorganisation following its exit from the high-end router and low-end modem markets.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000

Infineon predicts Q3 profit surge

Euro chip company and Siemens spin-off Infineon yesterday predicted a "significant" rise in its Q3 income, pushing its profits for the quarter way above the E300 million ($281 million) it had been expecting.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000

Spying on MS – yes, it's the Man from Oracle

Oracle says that it hired Investigative Group International to spy on Microsoft-funded support groups like the National Taxpayers Union, the Independent Institute (not so independent, after all), and the Association for Competitive Technology. Since it was clear enough that these outfits were toeing a particularly pro-Microsoft line, the real news is Oracle's involvement. It's not particularly surprising given the Ellison-Gates antithesis - we recall an IDG meeting in Paris when Gates, who spoke just before Ellison, chose to exit through the kitchens rather than have an encounter with Larry - but there were plenty of other potential spy masters as well.
Graham Lea, 28 Jun 2000

Yell pell mell for IPO

Yell.com, BT's international directories and ecommerce business, is displaying all the vital signs of a company getting ready to float.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2000

BT delays ADSL yet again, again

It's depressing to think how many times we have written this headline but BT has done it again. ADSL will now be available in August - or maybe in September - but most likely whenever competitors threaten to impinge on the lazy giant's territory. Oh, and this time it's the fault of the ISPs... for failing to provide enough triallists.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2000

Transmeta signs stack of notebook suppliers

Transmeta CEO Dave Ditzel yesterday told the PC Expo crowd about a heap of design wins for the chip company's x86-emulating, low power consuming Crusoe CPU.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000

AltaVista begins 48-hour countdown to ISP launch

The countdown to the launch of AltaVista's all-you-can-eat Net access service has begun.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2000

Cybersquatting, the Procter & Gamble way

Procter & Gamble has announced it is selling off nearly 100 domain names that it has no plans for.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2000

AOL instant message block is for ‘security reasons’

AOL has told federal regulators investigating its virtual monopoly in instant messaging that the reason it won't let competing systems interact with it is because of security concerns.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2000

Microsoft low-cost MSN appliance out in Q3

Microsoft's dedicated MSN access device, the much demoed MSN Web Companion, is to be built by low-price PC vendor eMachines, and will go onto the market in the third quarter of this year (we think they mean September rather than Saturday). It'll be priced "well below traditional PCs," and will be based on the CE operating system.
John Lettice, 28 Jun 2000

Give us your poor, your huddled masses…

Trade secretary Stephen Byers today told of a new Post Office Bill that will change the grubby little boxes into beacons of the Internet age.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2000

Transmeta grows Crusoe line-up

UpdatedTransmeta yesterday unveiled the extension of its Crusoe family of CPUs with three new varities of the low-power, x86-emulatin' chip.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000

Kids shun Martha Lane Fox

Kids might be turned on by computers, games and the Internet but they have little or no interest in getting a job with a dotcom when they grow up.
Tim Richardson, 28 Jun 2000

Willamette goes to market as Pentium 4

Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2000

BBC, Slashdot mashed by spud pranksters

Everyone is ultimately gullible - it's just the degree of detail that separates us. However, when a bunch of pranksters claimed to be running a Web server from a dozen potatoes, you'd think the alarm bells would start ringing.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jun 2000

Nokia licenses RealPlayer for video-capable cellphones

We've heard of cellphones that allow their users to listen to MP3 tracks, but streamed video too? That's what Nokia and RealNetworks have in mind. The pair today said they would develop a version of RealPlayer that will run on Nokia's EPOC-based next-generation smartphones.
Tony Smith, 28 Jun 2000

Sacked Intel geek wreaks terrible revenge

Should you, dear reader, be unceremoniously fired from your comfy job for life, would you feel any animosity to your former employer?
Andrew Thomas, 28 Jun 2000

AMD blows Intel into the mobile weeds

Lawks, as my old mum used to say. The imitators are taking over the asylum. AMD's PowerNow technology is so far ahead of Chipzilla's Geezerville/Speedstep concept as to make Intel look very second rate indeed.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Jun 2000

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