27th June 2000 Archive

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  • Inept crackers stung by intended ‘victim’

    Whacked by honey pot sting

    Media 27 Jun 03:12

  • Is Microsoft.NET contempt of court?

    Viewing it as such opens intriguing possibilities

    Software 27 Jun 07:45

  • Afternic sues ICANN over domain-name status

    Microsofteurope.co.uk? Who, us?

    Media 27 Jun 07:45

  • MS browser share climbs to new high

    So farewell then, Navigator?

    Media 27 Jun 08:22

  • Microsoft describes its Java killer

    Analysis: Objective C considered harmful

    Software 27 Jun 08:42

  • BT takes a break

    They must think we're all mugs

    Bootnotes 27 Jun 09:37

  • Palm to support Secure Digital memory card format

    Turns back on PalmOS licensee Sony's Memory Stick

    Business 27 Jun 09:38

  • Apple forces Web site to drop Mac TV ads

    But AdCritic.com is on your side...

    Media 27 Jun 10:02

  • RIAA counter-sues pernickety Web site over MP3 links

    Watch out punk; our lawyers can beat up your lawyers

    Media 27 Jun 10:23

  • EU keeps MS antitrust enquiry pot boiling

    Breakup might be enough to satisfy Brussels

    Software 27 Jun 11:03

  • Govt bows to RIP pressure

    Too little too late, critics say

    Media 27 Jun 11:15

  • Chip toolmakers grow fat on soaring CPU demand

    0.18 micron shift helps too

    Channel 27 Jun 11:26

  • Queen Liz to check out cool science stuff

    Her Highness finds out why athletes take drugs

    Bootnotes 27 Jun 12:41

  • Online dating agencies abuse old chat room gag

    Plus Telewest action and other ebiz snippets

    Business 27 Jun 12:45

  • Psion to add Bluetooth tech to Compaq kit

    Second major deal makes old modem bit look much healthier

    Data Networking 27 Jun 13:35

  • Multi-layer storage disks kick DVD's ass

    How about $5 for 1GB of Flash memory

    Business 27 Jun 13:35

  • Belgian asks $1.5 billion for domain names

    100,000 up for sale

    Media 27 Jun 14:04

  • Abit's Athlon mainboard gets raved on

    And more cheap chip weigh-ins

    Business 27 Jun 14:52

  • Modern Urbanists responsible for male menopause

    IT's a sorry tale that just gets worse and worse

    Bootnotes 27 Jun 14:54

  • 3Com buys Net radio supplier Kerbango

    To kickstart Web appliance biz

    Media 27 Jun 15:24

  • Transmeta CPU selected for Linux Net server family

    Rebel.com to use low-power Crusoe in upcoming server appliances

    Business 27 Jun 16:01

  • The Register hits Networks

    Read the paper Reg and buy our tat

    Business 27 Jun 16:31

  • Memory blaggers stoop to kidnap

    £55,000 worth of modules snatched

    Business 27 Jun 16:41