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Inept crackers stung by intended ‘victim’

A small group of inept crackers fell into a trap set by the Honeynet Project, also featured by SecurityFocus, in which the attackers' own clumsy exploit became an ironic means of eavesdropping on their entire plan.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Jun 2000

Is Microsoft.NET contempt of court?

MS on TrialThere is an intriguing possibilty in the Microsoft case that so far seems to have been overlooked - what if the Department of Justice viewed the Microsoft.NET announcement as a contempt of court, and asked the Supreme Court to act accordingly?
Graham Lea, 27 Jun 2000

Afternic sues ICANN over domain-name status

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (the US-based outfit that accredits domain name registrars), is being sued by privately-held NYC-based Afternic.com because ICANN will not grant it domain-name registrar status.
Graham Lea, 27 Jun 2000

MS browser share climbs to new high

If you've been conscientiously referring to Microsoft's near-monopoly of the browser market, you can now safely drop the prefix. Research indicates that IE is now the browser of choice (or no choice, depending on your point of view) for in excess of 80 per cent of the market.
John Lettice, 27 Jun 2000

Microsoft describes its Java killer

Microsoft has unveiled the specifications of its would-be Java-killer, C# - aka 'C Sharp'.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Jun 2000

BT takes a break

You got to hand it to BT - the telco's certainly got a big heart. This from someone who just couldn't keep their lip buttoned any more.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2000

Palm to support Secure Digital memory card format

Palm is to back the fledgling Secure Digital Memory Card (SDMC) 'solid state floppy' format, supporting the technology in the PalmOS and buidling handhelds with SDMC slots by next year.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2000

Apple forces Web site to drop Mac TV ads

Apple has forced a Web site devoted to lauding the art of the advertiser to pull copies of its Macintosh commercials under threat of legal action.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2000

RIAA counter-sues pernickety Web site over MP3 links

The dreaded Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed a copyright infringement suit in federal district court in New York against MP3Board.com, a site which provides http and ftp search services for, and direct links to, possibly pirated MP3 files.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Jun 2000

EU keeps MS antitrust enquiry pot boiling

MS on TenterhooksEuropean competition commissioner Mario Monti delivered a mixed set of hints on the subject of Microsoft and antritrust yesterday. He suggested that if Judge Jackson's conduct restrictions and a split of the company were put into action, that might be enough to satisfy European regulators.
John Lettice, 27 Jun 2000
Parliament in the clouds

Govt bows to RIP pressure

The Government is expected to table amendments to its email snooping bill today in a bid to ease mounting opposition to the draft legislation.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2000

Chip toolmakers grow fat on soaring CPU demand

The world+dog's demand for chips is having a knock-on effect of the health of chip-making equipment manufacturers. Sales of fabrication kit grew by over 100 per cent in April, according to the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ).
Team Register, 27 Jun 2000

Queen Liz to check out cool science stuff

This afternoon the Queen will open the new Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum in London. This is the largest project at the museum in its 150-year history. The new wing, arranged over four floors, is devoted to contemporary issues in science and technology.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jun 2000

Online dating agencies abuse old chat room gag

Online dating agency Sirius is merging with rivals Dateline and Elite. And to talk up the deal Sirius boss Chris Matthews is trotting out such an old urban myth about meeting someone on the Web that it beggars belief.
Team Register, 27 Jun 2000
Broken CD with wrench

Psion to add Bluetooth tech to Compaq kit

Psion Connect, formerly Psion's stricken modem subsidiary Psion Dacom, looks a lot healthier today after its second major Bluetooth deal, with Compaq this time. The company is to develop and supply Bluetooth technology for use in Compaq notebooks and desktops.
John Lettice, 27 Jun 2000

Multi-layer storage disks kick DVD's ass

A data storage technique has been developed by Constellation 3D that could wipe the floor with CD and DVD technology.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jun 2000

Belgian asks $1.5 billion for domain names

A Belgian doctor claims his collection of 100,000 domains could be worth a massive $1.5 billion - and he's ready to flog the lot.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2000

Abit's Athlon mainboard gets raved on

The Duron is still getting the better of the Celeron it seems, but that battle is not the only thing on the agenda today.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jun 2000

Modern Urbanists responsible for male menopause

Modern Urbanists are being blamed for the onset of the "male menopause" in middle-aged men.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2000

3Com buys Net radio supplier Kerbango

3Com is to buy Net radio hardware developer Kerbango for $80 million.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2000

Transmeta CPU selected for Linux Net server family

Rebel.com, the company that bought Corel's NetWinder Net server product line, has become Transmeta's latest customer.
Team Register, 27 Jun 2000

The Register hits Networks

If you're unlucky enough to be in the Birmingham area visiting the Networks Telecom 2000 show at the NEC, then help is at hand.
Team Register, 27 Jun 2000

Memory blaggers stoop to kidnap

Masked robbers kidnapped a driver and his van during a robbery of £55,000 worth of memory modules.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Jun 2000

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