25th June 2000 Archive

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  • Intel wants caviar, not cod roe, from IA-64

    Peregrinations of a roving Vulture

    Channel 25 10:34

  • T-Online bins Freeserve poker game

    High roller walks the walk

    Business 25 11:50

  • Watch out cyberkids… the Feds will get you

    Hey kids, leave the Web alone

    Software 25 12:00

  • Odigo fights back against AOL

    It's a little guy versus a big guy kinda thing

    Media 25 12:00

  • Some like it Hotmail

    So why are they complaining?

    Media 25 12:00

  • Children-for-sex offered for sale on Net

    FBI arrests man

    Media 25 12:00

  • Oftel caves in to BT demands

    Not as tough as it makes out

    Data Networking 25 12:00

  • AOL cans IM outfit

    Victims quite disappointed

    Media 25 12:00

  • UK in Internet success shock – Cisco

    Countries which don't get it have had it

    Data Networking 25 12:00

  • Anarchists and Thatcher unite over RIP

    The bill comes with a £46 billion price tag

    Media 25 12:00

  • Chase Manhattan bulldozes URL from IT minnow

    Bankers by name, bankers by nature

    Media 25 12:00

  • First Web site killer trial starts

    Chat room 'Slavemaster' in dock over five murders

    Media 25 12:00

  • Straw hits back at RIP Bill critics

    Confirms reputation for libertarian thinking

    Media 25 12:00

  • Sub £200 Internet TV hits the streets

    Fiddle with your knob while playing with your Bush

    Media 25 12:00

  • AltaVista exposed

    Questions, questions, questions...

    Media 25 12:00

  • Spam filters don't work shock new survey

    The truth always hurts

    Media 25 12:00

  • Where the hell are… DDR chipsets?

    Rambus puts Tom Pabst in memory sandwich

    Channel 25 12:02

  • Toshiba DDR Dramurai domino falls to Rambus

    All in all, it's just another brick in the wall

    Channel 25 12:02

  • Mentor attack on Cadence blown to bits

    Skullduggery left, right and centre

    Business 25 12:02

  • AMD acts to save mobo makers' faces

    Guarantees Slot As a-plenty after Via shift

    Channel 25 12:02

  • Wanted SysAdmin for Vulture Central

    Site News 25 12:09

  • BOFH: What the Microsoft break-up really means

    ***DUMMY MODE ON***

    BOFH 25 12:17

  • BOFH gets Blood on His Hands

    First aid tips for Bastard Operators

    BOFH 25 12:17

  • Site News The Register moves home, intros new design

    We make our mistakes in public

    Site News 25 12:18

  • Site Update Register readers have their say

    Your comments on the new-look site - and how we're addressing your concerns

    Site News 25 12:18

  • Readers' Letters Euthanasia and the Blue Screen of Death

    Flames ain't what they used to be - and much, much more

    Letters 25 12:19

  • Crackers use search engines to exploit weak sites

    People post some incredibly dumb things on the Web

    Media 25 12:19