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Intel wants caviar, not cod roe, from IA-64

ColumnA stretch of water was all that separated the King of Sweden and the King of the Itanic, Craig Barrett last week. And, we were assured by an earnest cab driver in Stockholm, you can still catch big fat salmon in these waters -- a fact certain to delight Intel's "Ice Man", a lover of outdoor pursuits.
Mike Magee, 25 Jun 2000

T-Online bins Freeserve poker game

T-Online, the German ISP owned by Deutsche Telekom, has ended talks to buy Freeserve, Sunday Business reports.
Drew Cullen, 25 Jun 2000

Watch out cyberkids… the Feds will get you

WCIT 2000James S. Gilmore III, chairman of the US advisory committee on electronic commerce and governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia -- and whose title is almost as lengthy as this story will be -- issued a stern warning to cyberterrorists at the World Congress of IT this morning.
Mike Magee, 25 Jun 2000

Odigo fights back against AOL

Plucky little instant messaging outfit, Odigo.com, has re-established contact with AOL's monster IM system despite having access blocked over the weekend.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2000

Some like it Hotmail

There's no such thing as a free lunch, as 330,000 Hotmail users found out last week.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Jun 2000

Children-for-sex offered for sale on Net

The FBI has arrested a US man for attempting to buy two children on the Net for the purpose of engaging in sex.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2000

Oftel caves in to BT demands

Oftel has been accused of pandering to BT over technical guidelines for unbundling the local loop.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2000

AOL cans IM outfit

AOL has blocked users of its instant messaging(IM) software from mingling with those loyal to small-fry IM outfit, Odigo.com.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2000

UK in Internet success shock – Cisco

WCIT 2000Countries which don't take Internet technology seriously will fall behind others which do, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, said at a press conference here this morning.
Mike Magee, 25 Jun 2000

Anarchists and Thatcher unite over RIP

The government's Web monitoring bill may cost British industry £46 billion, a report warned yesterday.
Linda Harrison, 25 Jun 2000

Chase Manhattan bulldozes URL from IT minnow

Chase Manhattan Bank has forced a small IT consultancy to hand over its domain or face costly legal action.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2000

First Web site killer trial starts

A Kansas man known as "Slavemaster" in online sexual chat rooms is due to appear in court tomorrow, June 15, accused of killing five women.
Linda Harrison, 25 Jun 2000

Straw hits back at RIP Bill critics

Jack Straw, the home secretary, has hit back at critics of the RIP Bill.
Drew Cullen, 25 Jun 2000

Sub £200 Internet TV hits the streets

Computer-shy Brits can now get their own portable TV with built in Web access for under £200.
Linda Harrison, 25 Jun 2000

AltaVista exposed

The Free Internet Group's (TFIG) High Court claim has lifted the lid on AltaVista's delayed bid to offer unmetered access to the Net earlier this year.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2000

Spam filters don't work shock new survey

Spam filters designed to weed out unsolicited email don't work, according to the findings of a recent US study.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2000

Where the hell are… DDR chipsets?

UpdatedMany a weary trek around the three Computex halls failed to provide even one example of a motherboard based on double data rate (DDR) memory, despite the noise and fury of that contingent this year and last.
Mike Magee, 25 Jun 2000

Toshiba DDR Dramurai domino falls to Rambus

Anyone old enough to remember the fab TV footage from the 70s when a new type of fever gripped the Japanese, and we saw gazillions of DIMM size dominoes falling all in a row?
Mike Magee, 25 Jun 2000

Mentor attack on Cadence blown to bits

Normally, legal tussles in the wacky world of EDA are pretty dull fare, but when a judge accuses one of the CEOs involved of widespread fraud, fabricating evidence and staging break ins to their own property...
Andrew Thomas, 25 Jun 2000

AMD acts to save mobo makers' faces

Taiwanese major manufacturers who faced ending up with a million useless Via mobos using the KX-133 chipset have been saved by AMD largesse, it emerged today.
Mike Magee, 25 Jun 2000

BOFH: What the Microsoft break-up really means

Episode 21BOFH2000: Episode 21
Simon Travaglia, 25 Jun 2000

BOFH gets Blood on His Hands

Episode 22BOFH 2000: Episode 22
Simon Travaglia, 25 Jun 2000

Readers' Letters Euthanasia and the Blue Screen of Death

Where did all the flames go, WAP, BT Surftime, Euthanasia and the blue screen of death, advice for investors, good riddance to Atiq Raza, Don't be so horrid to Chile, poor people ain't the crooks, TLAs, Who really spreads the viruses, Web retailers, Cindy Margolis, some rare fan mail.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Jun 2000

Crackers use search engines to exploit weak sites

The recent proliferation of point-and-drool GUI utilities for brute-force password cracking has led many crackers and Script Kiddies to overlook a powerful and quite obvious tool available to all, the common search engine.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Jun 2000

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