23rd June 2000 Archive

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  • Kiddie smut law shot down again

    Janet Reno's frustration mounts

    Media 23 04:30

  • MS and DoJ agree schedule for Supreme Court

    That takes care of the summer then...

    Software 23 07:40

  • Does MS get the net, or is it building its own again?

    The .NET project is a big pile of stuff, but where the structural beef?

    Software 23 07:47

  • Hitachi capitulates to Rambus

    Dramurai raise white flag: 'we surrender'

    Channel 23 08:16

  • Compaq to create 0.13 micron Intel killer

    Alpha sixpence is better than Alpha penny

    Channel 23 09:32

  • Handspring grabs quarter of US PDA market

    Palm Platform dominates retail sales with 92 per cent marketshare

    Business 23 09:35

  • Kenwood boffins crack MP3 quality block

    Technology gives your MP3s true CD quality

    Software 23 09:53

  • Windows ME gold code available for free

    All over the Net like a rash, apparently

    Software 23 10:23

  • Brits big on net porn and gambling

    We love the Dotcum revolution

    Media 23 10:38

  • BT to sell off Openworld

    Oh, yes it is... Oh, no it's not... Oh, yes it is... Oh, just shut up will ya

    Business 23 10:40

  • ATI stock tumbles on earnings fears

    It's not going to get any better any time soon

    Business 23 10:56

  • How much should I charge Intel?

    The bad Dr Spinola answers your questions

    Bootnotes 23 11:13

  • Napster tries to talk its way out of RIAA suit

    VC backer urging out-of-court settlement with music biz

    Media 23 11:25

  • Live online orgy promised

    Brit voyeurs chomping at the bit

    Media 23 12:09

  • Lastminute denies user collapse

    And other Dotcom doings

    Business 23 12:44

  • Ballmer on Whistler, UIs, services and Windows.NET

    More clues as to what the next generation will be about

    Software 23 12:52

  • Technical problems hit RedHotAnt

    Not our fault, guv, honest

    Media 23 13:32

  • Iacobucci out in Citrix top level reorg

    Fallout from profits warning spreads widely

    Software 23 14:22

  • Barrett: 'Microsoft breakup won't affect the industry'

    Et tu, brute?

    Business 23 14:23

  • Inkjet printed LEDs, anyone?

    Plastic Surgery From CDT's New-Look Management

    Business 23 14:35

  • DRAM 64Mb chips to hit $10 by year end

    Korea ups export forecast

    Business 23 14:45

  • 3dfx ‘frustrated’ by revenue shortfall

    Margins hammered by component shortages - and Voodoo 4/5 delays...

    Business 23 14:46

  • Oh to be a Modern Urbanist

    Any resemblance to Register journalists is at best fictional, at worst, miles wide of the mark

    Letters 23 14:50

  • Neuro boffins mimic brain action

    Get your spanner head on to read this

    Channel 23 15:08

  • breathe suffers asthma attack

    Warning: story can only be read by Modern Urbanists

    Media 23 15:15

  • Trading Standards check out RedHotAnt

    Hey, what's 50 complaints among friends

    Media 23 16:01

  • AMD Zone takes punt on AMD roadmap

    Plus reviews a gogo

    Business 23 16:01

  • NTL – another router falls over

    More trouble from the land of tamed technology

    Media 23 16:29

  • Readers' Letters Mad Maggie, Mad Mikey, Mad readers

    It's a kinda psychiatric special. But then what is sane, man?

    Letters 23 16:56

  • AT&T wins broadband access appeal, sort of

    On to Washington

    Media 23 21:03