22nd June 2000 Archive

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  • RIP Bill needs ‘a very big knife taking to it’

    Harming UK reputation claim

    Media 22 05:59

  • Andreessen snubs NGWS cheerleading cameo

    Stays home to tend air supply

    Software 22 06:02

  • BeOS goes mobile, announces Gassée (we think)

    Seagulls still following the trawler

    Software 22 06:05

  • Sun makes more appliance deals

    Blood pressure monitors and smoke alarms. So you say it works first time, right?

    Business 22 06:08

  • The Skinny on Skinning Whistler

    Whistler to look like... er... any version of Windows

    Software 22 06:12

  • White House stung by Web privacy stuff-up

    Nuts, just when they had it licked

    Media 22 07:37

  • Navy sends underwater emails

    But at 2.4Kbps, wouldn't it be quicker to swim?

    Data Networking 22 09:21

  • Intel says Rambus-Tosh deal not final word

    Semiconductor firms can still innovate

    Channel 22 09:25

  • Waugh hits out at RIP

    Literary duffer joins the opposition

    Media 22 10:38

  • Big Q denies W2k Alpha reports

    No u-turn in sight

    Software 22 11:04

  • Vocalis shouts about losses

    Plus a side serving of other ebiz snippets

    Business 22 11:15

  • Handspring stock leaps on IPO

    Hits Palm-level 28.25 in first day's trading

    Business 22 11:33

  • BT pensioner coughs up to hyperlink invention

    All he got was a quid

    Media 22 11:56

  • Intel turns off microprocessor tap again

    Ship direct customers will have to wait

    Channel 22 12:00

  • Action warns of £6 million loss

    MD jumps ship

    Business 22 12:01

  • Apple splits stock

    AAPL on the rise as next-gen iMac rumours emerge

    Business 22 12:22

  • BT's WAP strategy whopped by Oftel

    0000 - just how desperate is BT?

    Media 22 13:04

  • Doctor Tom checks out embedded chips

    And price comparisons rule among the usual hardware suspects

    Business 22 13:49

  • Dotcoms burn up cash less quickly

    But book the crematorium anyway

    Business 22 14:45

  • Government PC cock-up leaves teachers owed £9 million

    £15 sweetener offered

    Business 22 14:57

  • Demon issues ADSL ultimatum to trialists

    Misery reigns

    Media 22 15:41

  • Laptops get car immobiliser style security

    Recommended for MI5

    Business 22 16:12

  • NTL router down for 12 hours

    Users bogged down in rerouted traffic

    Data Networking 22 16:14

  • ilion sued over wrongful dismissal

    Legal wrangle could cost distie £600,000

    Business 22 16:17

  • Microsoft to ship long-awaited ‘Java killer’

    1998's Cool project becomes 2000's C Sharp

    Software 22 16:49

  • Brit faces decade in jail after arrest over UAE hacking

    Out on bail in Dubai

    Media 22 17:05

  • Bill Gates, Windows, the Universe and everything: .NET

    The Ultimate Windows project gets its first airing

    Software 22 18:25

  • Duron shortages looming?

    Chimpzilla could just have been too clever for its own good

    Channel 22 20:03