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RIP Bill needs ‘a very big knife taking to it’

The Government was today accused of damaging Britain's reputation overseas through its determination to gain snooping powers over the Net.
Linda Harrison, 22 Jun 2000

Andreessen snubs NGWS cheerleading cameo

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft tried to get Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen to appear at its Next Generation Windows Services launch in Seattle today. Andreessen now heads hosting company Loudcloud.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2000

BeOS goes mobile, announces Gassée (we think)

Be founder Jean-Louis Gassée - the self-styled "French farmer abducted by aliens and raised by VCs in Silicon Valley" - seems to have lost none of his Cantona-like talent for gnomic epigrams.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2000

Sun makes more appliance deals

Sun Microsystems says it will step into the consumer appliance business over the next couple of years as the bits and pieces of its various Internet initiatives fall into place.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2000

The Skinny on Skinning Whistler

BetaNews has reported fresh rumours that Microsoft will build skinning into future versions of Windows, in an attempt to give the OS the theme capabilities of Linux. Right now these are only available from third parties.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2000

White House stung by Web privacy stuff-up

The White House proudly announced Wednesday that its Web site will be among the first incorporating a new privacy gimmick called Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P), which will make any Web site's privacy policies instantly readable to browser software. Users will be able to configure its settings to block sites which do not conform to the standards they choose.
Thomas C Greene, 22 Jun 2000

Navy sends underwater emails

The Navy has developed a way of transmitting emails underwater, New Scientist reports.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Jun 2000

Intel says Rambus-Tosh deal not final word

The decision by Toshiba to license DDR (double data rate) memory and SDRAM from Rambus will not necessarily hedge in other memory companies, according to Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel.
Mike Magee, 22 Jun 2000

Waugh hits out at RIP

Those battling against the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) bill and the British Government's bid to limit people's privacy online have a new, literate ally.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jun 2000

Big Q denies W2k Alpha reports

Compaq will not port Windows 2000 to the Alpha processor, it confirmed today.
Mike Magee, 22 Jun 2000

Vocalis shouts about losses

Vocalis, the speech recognition software company waiting for mobile phone emailing to catch on, has seen sales for the year to 31 March drop from £4.8 million to £2.7 million. Pre-tax loss for the year had grown from £1.1 million to £4.5 million. It has formed a joint venture with BT to produce software for people to talk over the internet and listen to emails.
Team Register, 22 Jun 2000

Handspring stock leaps on IPO

Handspring's cautious debut as a public company yesterday saw the company's share price grow 34.69 per cent, which sounds good, but when you're only starting at $20, in fact leaves you only $6.93 up on the deal.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2000

BT pensioner coughs up to hyperlink invention

BT developed the whole idea of hyperlinks simply as a way to get people to use their telephones for longer.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jun 2000

Intel turns off microprocessor tap again

European OEMs have been told by chip giant Intel they will have to wait until the third week of July for supply of Coppermine processors.
Mike Magee, 22 Jun 2000

Action warns of £6 million loss

London-based Action Computer Supplies has warned investors to prepare for losses of £6 million for this financial year.
Linda Harrison, 22 Jun 2000

Apple splits stock

Apple yesterday went ahead with its two-for-one stock split. AAPL shares closed at 55.625 – the equivalent of 111.25 at pre-split levels.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2000

BT's WAP strategy whopped by Oftel

BT Cellnet has been slapped by Oftel for preventing customers from altering their homepages on their WAP phones.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jun 2000

Doctor Tom checks out embedded chips

Hardware land reveals a more commercial streak today with almost everyone talking about cash. From memory prices to the swings and roundabouts of the CPU market, we bring you the best bits.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Jun 2000

Dotcoms burn up cash less quickly

Heavyweight business mag Barron's has published its second Dotcom survival league table, based on how much cash ebusinesses have and how long it will last them.
Robert Blincoe, 22 Jun 2000

Government PC cock-up leaves teachers owed £9 million

A Government cock-up over a computer subsidy scheme has left British teachers up to £9 million out of pocket.
Linda Harrison, 22 Jun 2000

Demon issues ADSL ultimatum to trialists

Demon's ADSL trialists are up in arms after being told yesterday that they had three days to sign up to the full broadband service - at more than £1200 for the year - or face being disconnected.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jun 2000

Laptops get car immobiliser style security

Rainbow Technologies is bringing car immobiliser style security to workstations.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Jun 2000

NTL router down for 12 hours

Yesterday at 3pm, one of NTL's linx routers went offline. The network then plunged into chaos as the overloaded system ground to a halt under the weight of the redirected traffic.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Jun 2000

ilion sued over wrongful dismissal

Two former ilion execs are suing the networking distributor for more than £600,000 over wrongful dismissal.
Linda Harrison, 22 Jun 2000

Microsoft to ship long-awaited ‘Java killer’

Microsoft will finally launch a rival to Sun's Java next week, according to sources who've been blabbing to Cnet. Called C# - it's C 'sharp' not 'hash', using musical terminology – the language is essentially an easier to use version of C++. That sounds to us not a million miles away from Cool, the Microsoft internal project that surfaced a year or so back that was... well... a C++ based Java alternative.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2000

Brit faces decade in jail after arrest over UAE hacking

A British man faces ten years in a United Arab Emirates jail cell after being arrested for hacking into the country's Internet system.
Linda Harrison, 22 Jun 2000

Bill Gates, Windows, the Universe and everything: .NET

Microsoft has made no secret of its intention to dump the clunky Next Generation Windows Services title, and it has come to pass - the Next Big Thing is going to be called .NET, presumably meaning that Microsoft now proposes to take over the Internet in easy stages, following up later with .COM and - oh yes - .GOV and .MIL.
John Lettice, 22 Jun 2000

Duron shortages looming?

The hardware site cognoscenti are making much of the fact that AMD's Celeron basher, Duron, is a completely different beast from the high-end Athlons and Thunderbirds. And in a simplistic way, they're right.
Andrew Thomas, 22 Jun 2000

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