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Burger King flame grills kids Web portal

UpdateBurger King has pulled a promotion handing out a million CDs containing software for kids ISP and portal kzuk.net over fears that it gives children access to pornography.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2000

MS judge opts for damage control with Supremes order

MS on TrialThe Gang of Seven judges in the Court of Appeals have been outflanked by Judge Jackson. Tucked away in his Order certifying the joint case to the Supremes is the news that his Final Judgement of 7 June be "stayed in its entirety" (meaning the conduct remedies as well as the breakup) until the appeal is heard and decided, unless the stay is vacated by an appellate court.
Graham Lea, 21 Jun 2000

Corel Q2 loss widens, sales slump

Corel's recent prediction of a widening Q2 loss and falling revenues proved pretty close to the mark yesterday when the Canadian software company announced its second quarter results.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2000

50p auction bid buys a lot of PR

Holiday company Airtours has made fantastic PR capital out of letting a 50p online auction bid buy a £500 holiday to Greece.
Robert Blincoe, 21 Jun 2000

‘Lifelong’ email addresses last under three years

How long is a lifetime on the Net? Shorter than you w'd think.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Jun 2000

Duchess ‘earns’ $1m to sing World Online praises

World Online paid Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York, $1 million to promote the company for 15 days, the FT says. Apparently, she was paid up front and only put in three or four days' worth of appearances, before her services were terminated by the new management.
Drew Cullen, 21 Jun 2000

Dell to hop on MP3 bandwagon

Dell will beat arch-rival Compaq to the MP3 music market when it launches the Dell Digital Audio Receiver (DAR) this week, based on the Rio player from S3, formerly known as Diamond Multimedia.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2000

Windows ME the last Win9x OS? Maybe not…

Just when you're getting used to the idea that Windows ME really is the last of the Win9x line of operating systems, you get a hint that maybe it's not, after all. Once upon a time Win98 was officially the last of the Win9x line, but since then Microsoft has put out two more upgrades, Win98 SE last year and now Windows ME - the latter is almost certainly definitely the last, but if it is, what's Tiger?
John Lettice, 21 Jun 2000

Fridges to be hit by Net viruses

Fridges and household appliances may be the future victims of PC-related bugs.
Linda Harrison, 21 Jun 2000

Handspring IPOs, raised $200m

Palm licensee Handspring raised $200 million yesterday when it launched itself as a publicly owned company.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2000

BT could face legal action over hyperlink claim

BT could face legal action if it pursues its claim over the ownership of hyperlinks.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2000

DTI denies Boo probe

The DTI has denied allegations that it is to rake failed e-tailer Boo.com over the coals.
Linda Harrison, 21 Jun 2000

Dell dubs Linux ‘strategic’

Dell yesterday reiterated its support for Linux, naming the open source operating system as one of its "strategic" OS products and Red Hat as its preferred Linux supplier.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2000

S3 licenses Dolby AAC ‘MP3 killer’

S3 is to support Dolby's Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) digital music format in future versions of its Rio MP3 player and the upcoming Rio 600.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2000

Compaq clobbered in home PC market

Compaq is losing out in the UK home PC market due to intense competition from direct sellers Tiny and Time.
Linda Harrison, 21 Jun 2000

ADSL sweepstake could net more than a pony

ADSLuk, the e-zine that follows British broadband issues with the tenacity of a bush tracker, believes BT won't roll out domestic ADSL services before mid-to-late September 2000.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2000

Intel's Grove to receive IEEE's highest honour

The IEEE will this week award Chipzilla chairman Andy Grove its highest accolade in recognition of pioneering semiconductor research and, well, helping the chip business shrug off its 'beards in white lab coats' image.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2000

Freaky plastic aids phone recycling

The reputation of computer and mobile phone industries for being environmentally unfriendly is about to change.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Jun 2000

BBC short-changes online commitment

BBC director general Greg Dyke is to inject an extra £58 million into public service broadcasting - but can only afford a paltry £8 (yes, eight pounds) for its revamped online sports service.
Tim Richardson, 21 Jun 2000

Intel's Barrett: I will retire

StockholmIn an unusually frank admission that he has other plans than to work for Intel forever, Craig Barrett, CEO of the semiconductor firm, told The Register he is looking for a successor, almost certainly from inside the company.
Mike Magee, 21 Jun 2000

Nike Web site owned by hacktivists

Hacktivists hijacked the Nike Web site, pointing surfers to another site announcing an event called S-11. The site is highly critical of globalism and its effects on the national economies, eco-systems and workers in third-world countries.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Jun 2000

Mexican opposition party hires crackers

Mexico's leftist Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) has commissioned computer hackers to crack a password protecting a list of those benefiting from a $100 billion bank bailout which followed the currency crisis of 1994 and 1995, Reuters reports.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Jun 2000

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