21st June 2000 Archive

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  • Burger King flame grills kids Web portal

    Kids see whoppers and large shakes when they shouldn't

    Media 21 05:56

  • MS judge opts for damage control with Supremes order

    Stay of final judgement gazumps appeal court

    Software 21 07:56

  • Corel Q2 loss widens, sales slump

    In line with predictions

    Software 21 10:04

  • 50p auction bid buys a lot of PR

    Holiday firm sells cheapo trip to neighbour

    Media 21 11:07

  • ‘Lifelong’ email addresses last under three years

    But that's a lifetime in e-biz world

    Media 21 11:24

  • Duchess ‘earns’ $1m to sing World Online praises

    Whatever happened to the Dutch Calvinist tradition?

    Business 21 11:28

  • Dell to hop on MP3 bandwagon

    Licenses S3's Rio player technology

    Business 21 11:32

  • Windows ME the last Win9x OS? Maybe not…

    Word leaks out about Tiger, which seems to be some kind of follow-up project

    Software 21 11:42

  • Fridges to be hit by Net viruses

    ILoveYou will turn your milk sour

    Media 21 11:42

  • Handspring IPOs, raised $200m

    Full public trading opens today

    Business 21 11:46

  • BT could face legal action over hyperlink claim

    Go on...make our day

    Media 21 12:10

  • DTI denies Boo probe

    Incompetence is no crime

    Media 21 12:18

  • Dell dubs Linux ‘strategic’

    Names Red Hat preferred distro

    Business 21 14:40

  • S3 licenses Dolby AAC ‘MP3 killer’

    Digital music format promises better sound quality, smaller files sizes

    Business 21 15:19

  • Compaq clobbered in home PC market

    Distribution and quality issues to blame

    Business 21 15:24

  • ADSL sweepstake could net more than a pony

    Off to the knacker's yard for the lot of ya

    Data Networking 21 15:30

  • Intel's Grove to receive IEEE's highest honour

    We knew there had to be some point to the dancing bunnies...

    Channel 21 15:38

  • Freaky plastic aids phone recycling

    Cook it and it keeps its shape

    Business 21 16:09

  • BBC short-changes online commitment

    Can only afford eight quid for new Web site

    Media 21 16:12

  • Intel's Barrett: I will retire

    But not yet Pat, Paul and Sean

    Channel 21 19:03

  • Nike Web site owned by hacktivists

    Hats off to a smooth DNS takeover

    Media 21 22:08

  • Mexican opposition party hires crackers

    Secret govt document could influence election

    Media 21 23:28