19th June 2000 Archive

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  • Symbian accelerates IPO plans

    NASDAQ listing plan gives Psion a FTSE boost...

    Software 19 07:20

  • Ten years hard – Microsoft's long antitrust struggle

    And nothing bad happened till the other month - didn't they do well?

    Software 19 08:00

  • Intel's Timna has dead duck look'n'feel

    The system on a chip deal that's a canard

    Channel 19 08:14

  • HP driver saga: Get your own back

    HP doesn't support 80 min CDRs - but we know a man who does

    Business 19 08:52

  • Microsoft's Cairo reborn as killer eye-candy

    DesktopX - the OEMs best friend?

    Software 19 08:55

  • Linux beating Win64 to Itanium punch

    No wonder Intel has a Linux fetish

    Software 19 09:14

  • Microsoft buys Myth maker Bungie

    Acquisition to focus on X-Box work - so will the Mac developer's promised Mac support end?

    Software 19 10:13

  • Demon to offer ADSL next month

    It ain't cheap though

    Media 19 11:34

  • AMD Duron leaves Celery stuffed

    Dr Tom and the rest love it

    Channel 19 11:47

  • Enemies of MS in plot to burgle supporters. Not

    Trashgate moves a conspiracy too far

    Software 19 11:49

  • DoJ argues against splitting MS appeal

    Filings, we got filings...

    Software 19 12:20

  • Philip Crawford to head up InterX

    Shares leap as it posts £4 million loss

    Business 19 12:32

  • Euro Commission to investigate AOL Time Warner

    And other titbits from the virtual economy

    Business 19 13:00

  • Tougher sentences planned for Net child porn offenders

    Five years, £5000 fine

    Media 19 14:03

  • BT claims ownership of hyperlinks

    US to pay for British invention

    Media 19 15:08

  • First Intel 815E mobo hits the streets

    Easton's a modern girl, apparently

    Business 19 15:09

  • Intel confirms details of new mobiles

    Two SpeedSteps to heaven

    Channel 19 15:30

  • THUS squeals to watchdog about BT

    Handbags at dawn

    Media 19 16:17

  • AOL's secrets of spin revealed

    Post hack-attack advice

    Media 19 16:22

  • US appellate court rejects DoJ motion

    More 'process' in the offing

    Software 19 18:28