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Symbian accelerates IPO plans

Symbian is stepping up its plans for an IPO.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jun 2000

Ten years hard – Microsoft's long antitrust struggle

MS on TrialHappy tenth anniversary, Microsoft: it's now ten years since news first broke that you were under antitrust investigation. It's been a long battle, and it's by no means over yet - but the point is not so much that Microsoft has been under investigation for over a decade, but that it's been able to hold off serious corrective action from the authorities for that long.
Graham Lea, 19 Jun 2000

Intel's Timna has dead duck look'n'feel

Behind the scenes at the Computex show a fortnight ago, some folk were shown Intel's not-so-up-and-coming Timna system on a chip device.
Mike Magee, 19 Jun 2000

HP driver saga: Get your own back

The Great Stan of Printers has decreed that its CD writers will not support 80-minute CDs. Lucky then, that the HP-8100i and HP-8110i are not manufactured by Hewlett-Packard at all, but come from Sony and are all but identical to its CRX100E product.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Jun 2000

Microsoft's Cairo reborn as killer eye-candy

Stardock has opened its kimono to give us a first glimpse of DesktopX, an attempt to recreate some of the features of Microsoft's abandoned - and now mythical - Cairo operating system.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Jun 2000

Linux beating Win64 to Itanium punch

Jamie Minnotto, who headed Tandon (remember them?) ten years back, had his own troubles with Intel, even in those days. But he was always reluctant to have a pop at the chip firm.
Mike Magee, 19 Jun 2000

Microsoft buys Myth maker Bungie

Microsoft has bought a Mac games developer to kickstart the development of games for its upcoming X-Box console.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2000

Demon to offer ADSL next month

Demon Internet is to start offering broadband ADSL Net access from next month, the company formally announced today.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2000

AMD Duron leaves Celery stuffed

There is only one topic up for discussion in Hardware Land today: the release of AMD's budget CPU, the Duron.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jun 2000

Enemies of MS in plot to burgle supporters. Not

Last week Ted Bridis of the Wall Street Journal broke a notably bizarre story about mysterious people attempting to bribe cleaners to give them the trash from pro-Microsoft lobbying group the Association for Competitive Technology. Today the story became even more bizarre - or possibly, slightly tragic - as the WSJ follows up with claims from a clutch of pro-MS organisations that they too have been targeted.
John Lettice, 19 Jun 2000

DoJ argues against splitting MS appeal

MS on TrialThe DoJ has suggested to the Court of Appeals (the posted document mistakenly says "District Court") that it should not go along with Microsoft's attempt to split the DoJ's and States' cases. Even if the Court of Appeals reads the terms of the Expediting Act to agree with Microsoft's contention that the States' case could not be certified to the Supreme Court, the DoJ says that there are reasons to act otherwise.
Graham Lea, 19 Jun 2000

Philip Crawford to head up InterX

InterX's share price shot up 170 pence this morning as it recorded its end-of-year results and announced plans to replace its CEO.
Linda Harrison, 19 Jun 2000

Euro Commission to investigate AOL Time Warner

The European Commission is set to investigate the proposed ¢80 billion merger between AOL and Time Warner, according to The Times. The four month antitrust investigation would examine the implications brought about by major deals between media and Internet companies. No one at the Commission was available for comment this morning.
Team Register, 19 Jun 2000

Tougher sentences planned for Net child porn offenders

Online kiddie fiddlers and pervs will receive longer sentences and increased fines if new Government legislation is introduced.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2000

BT claims ownership of hyperlinks

British Telecommunications (BT) claims it owns the patent to hyperlinks and wants ISPs in the US to cough up hard cash for the privilege of using them.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2000

First Intel 815E mobo hits the streets

Today's the day for the new Intel 815 and 815E chipsets as we predicted here. What we didn't predict (well, we have to leave 'em something to announce) was the arrival of Chipzilla's first mobo using the 815E.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Jun 2000

Intel confirms details of new mobiles

As predicted by The Register here, Intel today duly takes the wraps off two new mobile Pentium IIIs and a trio of mobile Celerons.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Jun 2000

THUS squeals to watchdog about BT

THUS - the telco parent of Demon Internet - has run to Oftel whinging that BT is cross-subsidising its ADSL products.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2000

AOL's secrets of spin revealed

While still trying to get over the embarrassment of last week's hack attack, AOL's secrets of spin have now been leaked online.
Linda Harrison, 19 Jun 2000

US appellate court rejects DoJ motion

The US Court of Appeals on Monday rejected a US Department of Justice (DoJ) motion to dismiss Microsoft's desired stay of Judge Jackson's order to split the company.
Thomas C Greene, 19 Jun 2000

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