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Intel downplays PC-133, Screaming Cindy, on notebooks

Internal Intel roadmaps seen by The Register indicate that notebook chips which will be launched next Monday -- as exclusively revealed here last January -- are just the thin end of a DDR (double data rate) wedge from Chipzilla Central in Santa Clara.
Mike Magee, 17 Jun 2000

Online chat ends in knife attack

A Chinese man has been jailed for stabbing a fellow Net user after the pair argued in a chat room.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jun 2000
Broken CD with wrench

It's a fixed wireless auction thing

E-commerce Minister Patricia Hewitt has released details of the government's plans to auction radio spectrum for broadband fixed wireless access.
Linda Harrison, 17 Jun 2000

HW Roundup Via mobos, T'birds, Celery 2s

Two grade 'A' reviews to have a peek at on 3dHardware. The site has nothing much bad to say about either the 700MHz thunderbird Slot A or the the Athlon 850.
Lucy Sherriff, 17 Jun 2000

Intel mobile plans for next nine months unfold

Intel will introduce two SpeedStep based mobile Pentium IIIs in September at speeds of 800MHz and 850MHz, according to a roadmap we viewed at Computex last week.
Mike Magee, 17 Jun 2000

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