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MPAA's Valenti testifies in 2600 suit, claims to know nothing

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Chairman Jack Valenti gave a deposition on Tuesday for the US District Court, in the MPAA lawsuit pending against 2600.com over linking to sites where the DeCSS utility, which cracks DVD encryption, can be found.
Thomas C Greene, 16 Jun 2000

HP gives resellers chance to win £1 million

Hewlett Packard is once more planning to make one of its resellers filthy rich.
Linda Harrison, 16 Jun 2000

World IT jamboree in Taipei a wossat

AnalysisThe World Conference on IT, a two yearly event, opened last Sunday night in Taiwan to dragon dancers, drummers, wicker baskets and rain that drenched anyone that peeked out of the all-over thunderstorm prophylactics supplied by the organisers.
Mike Magee, 16 Jun 2000

Sun steps up to the SAN trough

One of the most interesting tidbits we heard yesterday was that Sun is making more money from its storage business than it is from servers.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Jun 2000

Cadence goes back to the future

Semiconductor design is about as far out on the leading edge of technology as you can get (excluding the i820 chipset, naturally). And it even sounds pretty cool, too (until you get talking to the average chip designer, when that facade falls away all too quickly).
Andrew Thomas, 16 Jun 2000

How the hell… do you overclock the AMD T'bird?

Well that didn't take long: K7oc has successfully overclocked the new Athlon Thunderbird, cranking up the speed from 700MHz to 850MHz. You can read the review here.
Fuad Abazovic, 16 Jun 2000

MS tries to cut States out of Supreme Court appeal

MS on TrialWe can now reveal why Microsoft decided to split its appeal into separate actions against the DoJ and the Plaintiff States. In Microsoft's response filed yesterday with the Court of Appeals against the States' request that Microsoft's stay motion be dismissed or deferred, there is a note of triumph: "In their zeal to secure direct review in the Supreme Court, the States misstate the Expediting Act... [which] applies only to an action in which the United States is the complainant'". Microsoft is therefore claiming that the States' case may not be taken to the Supreme Court, but there are two possible problems with this view.
Graham Lea, 16 Jun 2000

AOL makes arms-length messaging concession

Here's an aside for the Ayn Rand-reading equity and buyout specialists who like to swagger around Silicon Valley these days: A Little Government can be a wonderful thing.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Jun 2000

AltaVista in High Court battle with British ISP

Further details have emerged concerning The Free Internet Group's (TFIG) High Court claim against AltaVista for alleged breach of contract.
Tim Richardson, 16 Jun 2000

Beckham hits the Net

Football ace David Beckham looks set to net more millions from a venture to flog sports gear online.
Linda Harrison, 16 Jun 2000

T-Online ain't buying Freeserve – not yet, anyway

Deutsche Telekom's Internet unit, T-Online, has dampened the bid frenzy for UK ISP Freeserve by announcing a joint UK venture with One2One, a fellow DT subsidiary.
Team Register, 16 Jun 2000

Red Hat out of the red in 2001 – CEO

Linux specialist Red Hat said it will start turning a profit sometime next year, following a sharp rise in the company's quarterly revenues.
Tony Smith, 16 Jun 2000

Maxtor go faster disks that aren't (any faster)

And what's this landing on our doorstep - a press release from Maxtor Europe trumpeting the shipment of Ultra ATA/100 drives. Dated June 6, the release arrived at The Register on June 15, showing a peculiar urgency on Maxtor's part.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Jun 2000

Roll-up for the Microsoft class action

Millions of Brits stand to get a refund from Microsoft if a £1 billion lawsuit due to be filed next week is successful.
Linda Harrison, 16 Jun 2000

Motorola, JVC to co-operate on wireless home video LAN

Motorola and Japanese consumer elecronics company JVC are to develop a wireless networking system for home entertainment kit.
Tony Smith, 16 Jun 2000

Get a £600 PC for £100… not quite

The site says "Click here for a free PC!!" and then the price starts rising.
Robert Blincoe, 16 Jun 2000

Home Office kept busy defending RIP Bill

Fielding opposition to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill is becoming a full-time job for the Home Office.
Linda Harrison, 16 Jun 2000

Gates has most wonga, says Forbes magazine

Bill Gates is still the best man to call if you are short of cash, despite tough competition from Larry Ellison.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Jun 2000

Sub7 vid Trojan can launch distributed attacks

Last week we expressed doubts about a report from security outfit NETSEC, claiming that they had found a new Trojan capable of launching DDoS attacks.
Thomas C Greene, 16 Jun 2000

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