16th June 2000 Archive

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  • MPAA's Valenti testifies in 2600 suit, claims to know nothing

    No wonder they put him in charge

    Software 16 06:01

  • HP gives resellers chance to win £1 million

    Is this the same million from last year?

    Business 16 06:09

  • World IT jamboree in Taipei a wossat

    Just what was its purpose apart from puff'n'spin?

    Business 16 07:04

  • Sun steps up to the SAN trough

    But it's just too tasty to overturn

    Business 16 07:06

  • Cadence goes back to the future

    Tired old rockers given new life by EDA outfit

    Bootnotes 16 07:21

  • How the hell… do you overclock the AMD T'bird?

    The screwdrivers are out

    Channel 16 07:52

  • MS tries to cut States out of Supreme Court appeal

    Sometimes it's one case, sometimes two...

    Software 16 09:51

  • AOL makes arms-length messaging concession

    Talk amongst yourselves: we own the address book

    Media 16 09:56

  • AltaVista in High Court battle with British ISP

    We get to the nitty gritty

    Media 16 10:16

  • Beckham hits the Net

    Flogs gear online instead of running a wine bar

    Media 16 11:03

  • T-Online ain't buying Freeserve – not yet, anyway

    Yahoo! plans to buy everything else

    Business 16 11:52

  • Red Hat out of the red in 2001 – CEO

    Promise made on the back of major revenue growth

    Software 16 12:12

  • Maxtor go faster disks that aren't (any faster)

    It's all in the firmware

    Business 16 12:20

  • Roll-up for the Microsoft class action

    Feed the World's lawyers - all welcome

    Software 16 12:49

  • Motorola, JVC to co-operate on wireless home video LAN

    Not Bluetooth - but is it IEEE-1394?

    Data Networking 16 12:55

  • Get a £600 PC for £100… not quite

    If it sounds too good to be true...

    Business 16 14:54

  • Home Office kept busy defending RIP Bill

    No rest for the wicked

    Media 16 15:24

  • Gates has most wonga, says Forbes magazine

    But now that Larry is so rich, do we get to hate him too?

    Business 16 15:55

  • Sub7 vid Trojan can launch distributed attacks

    A terrible beauty is born

    Media 16 21:38