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MS beats rap in private lawsuit – only 136 to go

Microsoft has beaten the rap in one of the stack of private lawsuits being brought against it. An Oregon judge's ruling that consumers couldn't sue Microsoft for overpricing Windows means that the number of lawsuits pending is now reduced to, er, 136.
John Lettice, 15 Jun 2000

US bids to ban spam

Consumers' groups, politicians and other decision-makers in Britain and Europe still dithering about their policy on unsolicited email should take heart.
Tim Richardson, 15 Jun 2000

Somerfield shuts up online shop

Somerfield has announced plans to scrap its online shopping business this month.
Team Register, 15 Jun 2000

Smile promises cash for a crash

The Co-op's Internet bank, Smile, is the first of the online bank to guarantee services, with an offer to pay out automatic compensation to customers who are let down.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Jun 2000

DoJ files, while MS plays double game on delays

MS on TrialThe euphoria yesterday that sent Microsoft's share price above $70 (but still seriously down from $130 in December) may be short-lived, as it resulted from Microsoft filing an appeal for a stay over the conduct remedies with the Court of Appeals. The DoJ filed a brief and cool Motion with the Court of Appeals asking that Microsoft's stay Motion be dismissed - or failing that, its consideration should be deferred.
Graham Lea, 15 Jun 2000

Jokes R' NT Us

Is your PC taking it upon itself to soothe you with the lilting strains of Beethoven? Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Your PC is about to die horribly.
Andrew Thomas, 15 Jun 2000

Corel warns of doubling loss in Q2

It just keeps getting worse for Corel. Having announced plans to sack 320 workers and deprive CEO Michael Cowpland of his salary - all in an attempt to save $40 million in operating expenses - the company now has to face narrowing revenues and a plummeting loss.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2000

Psion chief says deals with split MS possible

Psion CEO David Levin has been warning today that WAP is over-hyped and doesn't put "the Internet on your phone" as some over-enthusiastic promoters have been suggesting. This is refreshing, since the emerging generation of WAP devices is going to be a considerable disappointment for many users until there is a broader band network. Levin said in Hong Kong that there needs to be "less hype and more delivery".
Graham Lea, 15 Jun 2000

Digital signatures now worth the paper they're not printed on

Digital signatures are on their way to gaining the same legal weight in America as hand-written ones.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Jun 2000

PC builders – or garbage collectors?

The European Commission (EC) proposed a Directive yesterday aimed at making PC builders responsible for paying to recycle returned kit.
Linda Harrison, 15 Jun 2000

New surveys cited in Napster injunction request

When the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed for an injunction against Napster with the US District Court in San Francisco this week, they also submitted what they call 'statistical analyses' to bolster claims that Napster users are depressing music sales.
Thomas C Greene, 15 Jun 2000

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