15th June 2000 Archive

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  • MS beats rap in private lawsuit – only 136 to go

    Jury still out (actually, not there at all) on Windows overpricing issue

    Software 15 06:39

  • US bids to ban spam

    oi! - Europe - take note

    Media 15 11:14

  • Somerfield shuts up online shop

    And other ebiz nuggets

    Business 15 12:46

  • Smile promises cash for a crash

    Online bank gets cocky about its service

    Business 15 13:02

  • DoJ files, while MS plays double game on delays

    They'll get seriously confused if they keep this up...

    Software 15 13:08

  • Jokes R' NT Us

    Not terribly convincing spoof found on Microsoft support site

    Bootnotes 15 15:43

  • Corel warns of doubling loss in Q2

    Revenues falling too...

    Software 15 15:54

  • Psion chief says deals with split MS possible

    Other chief pours cold water on WAP

    Software 15 16:58

  • Digital signatures now worth the paper they're not printed on

    Hand-delivered termination

    Business 15 19:54

  • PC builders – or garbage collectors?

    Binmen of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your margins

    Business 15 19:54

  • New surveys cited in Napster injunction request

    Statisticians get ready to rumble

    Media 15 23:14