14th June 2000 Archive

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  • UK minister claims cheapest access in world

    Who does she think she is kidding?

    Media 14 02:00

  • Appellate court will hear MS whinge

    'The trial sucked, and we're about innovation...'

    Software 14 05:30

  • Napalm charged 3dfx card hits town

    Voodoo Magic?

    Business 14 06:16

  • The cuckoos in the Net incubator nest

    A bit lax on the old regulation front

    Business 14 06:18

  • Adobe lashes out at Mac rumour site

    Seeks $10m damages, jury trial over AppleInsider's Photoshop 6 leak

    Media 14 08:07

  • Feds home in on AOL instant messaging

    The Unprovable chases the Unreadable. IRC, anyone?

    Software 14 08:09

  • IBM previews latest PowerPCs

    Could be even faster than Motorola's more advanced version

    Channel 14 08:39

  • Politics and the courts – will MS get an easier appeal ride?

    At least one judge seems touchy on the subject...

    Software 14 08:48

  • Sun takes the high ground against EMC

    And debuts new four letter acronym. Begins with 'J'. Bzzzzt...

    Software 14 08:53

  • Sega to license Dreamcast, form chip JV

    Sega apes Sony apes Palm - fears M$

    Business 14 10:52

  • Thieves nick 300 Axion monitors

    So keep 'em peeled

    Business 14 11:26

  • Gerstner slams clueless CEOs

    Our Net strategy? Sorry mate, you got me there

    Media 14 12:30

  • Oops, Britney Spears is ebusiness babe

    Woolies gets e-wonder and other e-trade tales

    Business 14 12:30

  • Lou Gerstner Memo

    LVG spills his guts

    Business 14 13:26

  • Win2K driver saga: HP staff not happy bunnies

    'Bill and Dave's lifeless bodies would be more inspiring than the current leadership'

    Business 14 13:32

  • Doctor Spinola's PC Clinic

    This week: The Microsoft breakup

    Business 14 13:40

  • Another day, another DoubleClick privacy PR disaster

    This time it's Web form data 'spillage'

    Media 14 13:49

  • MS begs court for longer sentences

    And more paragraphs...

    Software 14 14:00

  • Dotcom hacks found working for free

    Dangerous precedent set

    Business 14 14:24

  • Consumers' Association in spamfest

    Watchdog bites itself

    Media 14 14:58

  • Opto-tech boffins large it up on Govt. grants

    Well, you got to keep them out of mischief somehow

    Media 14 15:59

  • M'Soft anti-theft evening ends in robbery

    Levi jeans go walkabout

    Bootnotes 14 17:25