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Thunderbird re-marking starts in Taiwan

TaipeiSources here said that re-marking of Athlon Thunderbirds has already started here in Taiwan, barely a week after AMD launched the products.
Mike Magee, 13 Jun 2000

Bill Gates says nothing… at great length

WCIT 2000His Billness lived up to his Register nickname today as he flew into Taipei International causing havoc in the airport and then breezed into the International Convention Centre to the sound of snapper's flash bulbs flashing and video cameras whirring furiously.
Mike Magee, 13 Jun 2000

Microsoft software ‘like heroin addiction’ – Red Hat

WCIT 2000After his keynote speech, Rob Young met the press and was perfectly happy to field questions about Microsoft and the industry, as the following questions and plangent answers show.
Mike Magee, 13 Jun 2000

Dell dithers over Win2K driver

Thousands of Dell customers are still waiting for their Windows 2000 upgrade - four months after Microsoft launched the operating system.
Linda Harrison, 13 Jun 2000

MPEG-4 progress prompts Apple, Real collaboration

With a blizzard of recent activity around the open MPEG-4 standard, Apple and Real took the stage at the Streaming Media East show in New York to announce closer co-operation.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jun 2000

DoJ, MS wrangle over road to appeal

MS on TrialMicrosoft's Motion for a stay in the Final Judgement has been robustly criticised by the DoJ on two main grounds: it "fails entirely to make any of the showings required to obtain such a stay"; and Microsoft's delay in filing its notice of appeal was "simply an attempt to manipulate the Court and thwart the operation of the Expediting Act". By not filing its appeal, which it had said it would do "promptly", Microsoft was knowingly delaying the DoJ's stated intention to invoke the Expediting Act, since the DoJ cannot file a Motion for certification of the case until Microsoft has appealed.
Graham Lea, 13 Jun 2000

Gates speaks out on Microsoft-DoJ case

TaipeiMicrosoft's Bill Gates held a press conference for the Taiwanese press this afternoon and was a lot more forthcoming than he had been earlier in the day (see separate story) at the World IT Congress on the implications of the US versus Microsoft.
Mike Magee, 13 Jun 2000

ITN hacked in email raid

ITN became the victim of a malicious hacker last weekend after someone broke into its email system and sent out an offensive communiqu.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jun 2000

Computacenter issues profit warning

Computacenter has issued a profit warning due to slower than expected recovery from Y2K.
Linda Harrison, 13 Jun 2000

Cahoot: Another online launch fails to anticipate customer interest

Cahoot, Abbey National's new online bank crashed only hours after yesterday's launch and was only accessible intermittently throughout the day.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jun 2000

Citrix takes a whack on Wall Street

Citrix' share price fell 46 per cent yesterday on fire-sale volume, after it lowered expectations for its quarter ending 30 June. Revenue is expected to be $105-110 for the quarter, compared with $94 million a year ago, but earnings per share are forecast at 9-11 cents, compared with 16 cents a year earlier.
Graham Lea, 13 Jun 2000

Cableco cuts cable

Blueyonder punters have endured further network problems after someone cut a major cable on Friday.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jun 2000

The-bullet.com runs out of ammo

The-bullet.com, the online mag for "new media people" , is ceasing day-to-day operations.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jun 2000

RealNetworks licenses Apple's QuickTime

RealNetworks yesterday said it has licensed Apple's rival QuickTime streaming technology,
Tony Smith, 13 Jun 2000

Is Intel at end of the chipset road?

Computex 2000While Intel's power over the mighty Taiwanese motherboard market is still mighty, many third parties are asking whether the firm has a future in the chipset business.
Mike Magee, 13 Jun 2000

England loses, bookies win

Betting site Betfair.com, which timed its launch to coincide with Euro 2000, got off to a better start than England.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jun 2000

SCO to enter Linux distro business

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - a maxim which almost certainly explains why veteran Unix-on-Intel provider SCO is about to offer its own Linux distribution.
Tony Smith, 13 Jun 2000

Gates and Allen cash in shares

Despite Bill Gates' assertion that Microsoft will never split, he has been offloading shares at quite a rate.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jun 2000

Michael Dell takes The Register out to lunch

Billionaire Michael Dell today labelled some of his component suppliers "irresponsible" over delays on Windows 2000 drivers.
Linda Harrison, 13 Jun 2000

Compaq gets new UK MD

Compaq today unveiled plans to promote its UK MD Joe McNally to chairman for the region. But his replacement won't report to him.
Linda Harrison, 13 Jun 2000

Hard drives with nuke secrets vanish from Los Alamos

In an earlier story we noted that the Clinton Administration, having buckled to an hysterical fear of terrorism, has initiated some of the most spectacular domestic and foreign snooping schemes in US history, easily putting to shame such notable neurotics as Richard Nixon.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Jun 2000

MS roadmaps Bluetooth into Whistler, Intel does work

The old Wintel team's talents for news management haven't dulled, as today's Bluetooth announcement makes clear. Intel and Microsoft have announced they'll be developing a roadmap for native Bluetooth support in Windows, and they use this as an opportunity to tell us stacks of stuff we already know - if we've been paying attention, that is; watch out for uncritical press release rewrites in Other Places.
John Lettice, 13 Jun 2000

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