13th June 2000 Archive

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  • Thunderbird re-marking starts in Taiwan

    Let the buyer beware

    Channel 13 00:52

  • Bill Gates says nothing… at great length

    But Michael Cowpland has plenty to say

    Software 13 02:11

  • Microsoft software ‘like heroin addiction’ – Red Hat

    Rob Young shows off red socks at Q&A

    Software 13 03:29

  • Dell dithers over Win2K driver

    Thousands stranded in NT4 wilderness

    Business 13 06:13

  • MPEG-4 progress prompts Apple, Real collaboration

    But streaming media still needs its Apache

    Business 13 06:13

  • DoJ, MS wrangle over road to appeal

    Gamesmanship still well to the fore...

    Software 13 09:01

  • Gates speaks out on Microsoft-DoJ case

    I won't ever have to decide which Microsoft I work for

    Software 13 09:22

  • ITN hacked in email raid

    Well, it's one way to hit the headlines

    Business 13 09:24

  • Computacenter issues profit warning

    Y2K dragging on...

    Business 13 09:50

  • Cahoot: Another online launch fails to anticipate customer interest

    The good news is, accounts with interest free overdrafts are still there for the taking...

    Media 13 10:10

  • Citrix takes a whack on Wall Street

    Truck hits stock after expectations lowered

    Software 13 12:00

  • Cableco cuts cable

    More gremlins at Blueyonder

    Data Networking 13 12:01

  • The-bullet.com runs out of ammo

    Staff get caught in the crossfire

    Bootnotes 13 13:10

  • RealNetworks licenses Apple's QuickTime

    Steve Jobs does the maths: wider QuickTime use + RealNetworks recognition - M$ = more Mac sales

    Media 13 14:30

  • Is Intel at end of the chipset road?

    PC-133 u-turn too little too late

    Channel 13 15:15

  • England loses, bookies win

    Euro 2000: online gambling companies must think it is Christmas.

    Media 13 15:18

  • SCO to enter Linux distro business

    Big announcement coming this week, apparently

    Software 13 15:25

  • Gates and Allen cash in shares

    Just in case...

    Business 13 16:10

  • Michael Dell takes The Register out to lunch

    Waxes lyrical on Win2K driver delays and who he wants to buy in Europe

    Business 13 16:21

  • Compaq gets new UK MD

    McNally could revert to sweeper position

    Business 13 16:29

  • Hard drives with nuke secrets vanish from Los Alamos

    With government security like this, who needs terrorists?

    Media 13 17:50

  • MS roadmaps Bluetooth into Whistler, Intel does work

    Didn't this happen with Windows 98?

    Software 13 18:16