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Luminaries tip up in Taipei for Congress

WCIT 2000The twelfth 2000 World Congress on Info Technology will officially open for business in one hour's time, with a cast of top luminaries preaching their views on IT, the internet and e-commerce.
Mike Magee, 12 Jun 2000

HP's Fiorina calls for governments to change policies

WCIT 2000Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett Packard, today described changes caused by the Internet as creating a new renaissance, but said that world governments needed to change their policies to create "boundary-less and "border-less" states.
Mike Magee, 12 Jun 2000

Napster use survey takes heat off college students

In spite of the recording-industry hype decrying the legions of spoilt college students rapaciously downloading MP3 content and thereby contriving to take food from the mouths of starving artists like Metallica and Dr. Dre, a recent survey funded by the Pew Charitable Trust finds that the majority of those illegally downloading music are actually males between the ages of thirty and forty-nine.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jun 2000

MS should keep browser with OS, says Netscape founder

MS on TrialNetscape co-founder Jim Clark is at it again; in an interview with CNET over the weekend he said that Microsoft should be allowed to keep the browser with the operating system. This isn't the first time Clark has made what the government might describe as an unhelpful contribution to the trial - a begging "let's make a deal" email from him the Microsoft's Brad Silverberg was one of Microsoft's few near triumphs during legal proceedings.
John Lettice, 12 Jun 2000

IBM plans Linux ThinkPads for Q3 – Transmeta?

IBM is due to put some muscle behind its oft-professed support for Linux and actually do something about it later today. The company is to announce that it will offer Caldera OpenLinux 2.4 on ThinkPads... from Q3.
John Lettice, 12 Jun 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

Ericsson's Stromhell seeks Taiwan band aid

WCIT 2000Although Kurt Stromhell's keynote speech wasn't exactly riveting here in Taipei this afternoon, things got a little racier during a Q&A session held soon afterwards.
Mike Magee, 12 Jun 2000

Dear Bill: Time to lay down your jobs for MSFT

Dear Bill, I'd like to explain why I think that the smartest thing you could do would be to settle the case with the government and resign from Microsoft. If you did that, it would be a win-win.
Graham Lea, 12 Jun 2000

Telia gets wired with new flat-fee ISP

British Web outfit, 24/7 Freecall, has teamed up with Telia to offer unlimited flat-fee Net access in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jun 2000

Apple UK marketshare up 46 per cent

Apple's success in the US is being replicated in the UK, according to the latest figures from IDC.
Tony Smith, 12 Jun 2000

FBI wiretaps increased on Y2K pretext

The US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), which restricts some government surveillance related to terrorist investigations, was massaged during the Y2K Millennium rollover to enable quick wiretaps of US residents who would otherwise have been beyond the FBI's authority, National Commission on Terrorism Chairman Paul Bremer revealed during testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jun 2000

Scoot nabs Loot

Scoot.com said today it had agreed to buy Loot, the UK consumer ad newspaper. Oxford-based Scoot will pay £178 million cash and give five million shares to Loot, as well as taking over two million pounds of its debts. The Loot brand name will be kept, with Scoot saying it expected the newspaper and Loot's online service to add £20 million to sales by 2003.
Linda Harrison, 12 Jun 2000

Jungle launches SME site

Etailer Jungle.com has launched a sister site aimed at SME customers.
Linda Harrison, 12 Jun 2000

BOFH skills test: How are you with Marketing Blurb?

Episode 20BOFH2000: Episode 20
Simon Travaglia, 12 Jun 2000

Egg flotation doesn't stink

Shares in internet bank Egg soared on its first day of trading but online private investors couldn't make a quick buck due to technical hitches.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Jun 2000

BOFH meets the Bitch Operator – match made in Hell

Episode 16BOFH 2000: Episode 16
Team Register, 12 Jun 2000
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The BOFH interpretation skills test – try it if you DARE

Episode 13BOFH 2000: Chapter 13 (THAT's unlucky...)
Team Register, 12 Jun 2000

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