12th June 2000 Archive

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  • Luminaries tip up in Taipei for Congress

    Will Bill spill bile on Taiwan's soil?

    Business 12 00:03

  • HP's Fiorina calls for governments to change policies

    Describes a new renaissance caused by IT

    Business 12 04:53

  • Napster use survey takes heat off college students

    What's wrong with these damn adults nowadays?

    Media 12 06:33

  • MS should keep browser with OS, says Netscape founder

    They mount a two year trial, then he changes his mind?

    Software 12 07:21

  • IBM plans Linux ThinkPads for Q3 – Transmeta?

    Good news - syncs with Transmeta ThinkPads. Bad news - no drivers for current range?

    Software 12 07:21

  • Ericsson's Stromhell seeks Taiwan band aid

    Shipping something of a problem

    Data Networking 12 09:35

  • Dear Bill: Time to lay down your jobs for MSFT

    Throw it all in, cut a deal and concentrate on Good Deeds

    Software 12 09:41

  • Telia gets wired with new flat-fee ISP

    But it ain't cheap

    Media 12 11:19

  • Apple UK marketshare up 46 per cent

    But only has 3.5 per cent of the market...

    Business 12 11:46

  • FBI wiretaps increased on Y2K pretext

    The other Millennium 'Bug'

    Media 12 11:52

  • World Congress on Information Technology

    Full coverage from Mike Magee in Taipei

    Register Full Coverage 12 11:54

  • Scoot nabs Loot

    And other e-greedy snippets

    Business 12 12:39

  • Jungle launches SME site

    Bennett hires 20 more staff

    Business 12 13:41

  • BOFH skills test: How are you with Marketing Blurb?

    Trick questions. Lots of them

    BOFH 12 15:27

  • Egg flotation doesn't stink

    But online trading trouble stalls customer get rich quick plans.

    Media 12 15:36

  • BOFH meets the Bitch Operator – match made in Hell

    She steals his heart - and wallet too

    BOFH 12 15:46

  • The BOFH interpretation skills test – try it if you DARE

    Operator or Management - which are you, boy?

    BOFH 12 15:47

  • BOFH specs the Quake Box From Heaven

    Games Bastard Operators play

    BOFH 12 15:48