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Info appliances main thrust of Computex

Computex 2000Everywhere you went in this year's bustling Computex show, the emphasis seemed to be on information appliances. Whether it was set top boxes you wanted or handheld devices, it seemed that the entire Taiwanese industry is gearing itself up for a convergence revolution.
Mike Magee, 10 Jun 2000

Acer takes Transmeta punt

Computex 2000Thanks once more to the editor of Mobile Linux for tipping us off about Acer's contribution to the Transmeta fest.
Mike Magee, 10 Jun 2000

Video Trojan hoax scares up publicity for security firm

UpdatedIt sounded so very exciting on Friday: a relatively unknown computer security firm called Network Security Technologies (NETSEC) was rushing to meet with the FBI to discuss a devastating new Trojan they had discovered joined to an .avi video file.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Jun 2000

British ISP sues AltaVista

The Free Internet Group has issued legal proceedings against AltaVista at the High Court in London.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jun 2000

HP Win2K OfficeJet drivers slip again

We were all eager with anticipation here at The Register - June the 19th was rapidly nearing. This was supposed to be the magic date when users of HP's all in one OfficeJet 500 (including us) would finally be able to download drivers to make them work under Windows 2000.
Andrew Thomas, 10 Jun 2000

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